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dating spheres

The spheres were dated by pottery styles and radiocarbon dates associated with archeological deposits found with the stone spheres. Hundreds of elaborately carved stone balls dating from Prehistoric Scotland have been discovered over the centuries, but their purpose. Spheres found in the mines of South Africa have piqued the curiosity of researchers for decades. According to Michael Cremo and other.

Finally, they knew the power of geometrical shapes, because the sphere is one of the most powerful shapes along with pyramidal and conical shapes. No wonder, that pyramids and tumulus phenomena can also be found in Bosnia.

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If the huge stone in Bosnia is found to be hewn by human hands, it would be the largest man-made stone ball ever found - twice as heavy as the Costa Rican ones, said MailOnline. Do other experts see the rock formation as proof of an ancient civilization which thrived there? Voice of America reported that some scientists said the rock was likely a natural formation and not a human construct. Experts were quoted in MailOnline as saying they believed the boulder was not man made.

dating spheres

A lecturer at the University of Manchester School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences told MailOnline that the spherical stone may be an example of concretion. The Mohs scale of hardness is named after Friedrich Mohs, who chose ten minerals as references points for comparative hardness, with talc the softest and diamond the hardest.

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Were They Naturally Formed? Some say the spheres were formed by a natural process of concretion. Concretions are masses of hardened mineral matter.

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Some of the so-called Klerksdorp spheres are elliptical in shape with rough ridges around the center. But some are so balanced in shape and proportion, and the grooves around them look so straight and hand-carved, it seems unlikely they were naturally formed, say proponents of the theory that these spheres were made by intelligent beings.

Heinrichand the letter was later removed. Moqui Marbles of Utah In Utah, similar spheres were found. They are about 2 million years old, and they are known as Moqui marbles or Moqui balls.

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Legend holds that the departed ancestors of the Hopi Native Americans would play games with the marbles and leave them as messages to their relatives that they are happy and well.

They might have been used to weigh down fishing nets, or as bearings to move bigger rocks, but then why would they be carved so elaborately? Australian author Lynne Kelly has proposed that the stone balls served as "memory devices" that could have been used as mnemonic aids to the oral history of the times, much like Australian Aboriginal cultures used rock art and their surroundings.

dating spheres

Some suggest the carved stone balls were used as weapons. Others have suggested they were used as weapons -- either fixed to a wooden handle or simply thrown. But most of the stones show no signs of the kind of damage you'd expect to see on a weapon.

FBI cracks the case of the 4,year-old mummy's head Prehistoric stone balls in 3D In an effort to gain more understanding, and make the stones more accessible to the public, Anderson-Whymark has created 3D images of the balls.

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Using a technique called photogrammetry, Anderson-Whymark took hundreds of 2D images from every angle to create very detailed 3D renderings of 60 carved stone balls. The images, which have been uploaded online for anyone to seerevealed details of the stone balls that had not previously been visible.

dating spheres

It's still unclear what that could mean, but Anderson-Whymark said that at the very least it opens the door to other possibilities about the balls' purpose and significance to people of that era.

It's allowing us to explore that bigger story of how they were made and how they developed, which is potentially going to tell us more about that bigger theory of how they were used," Anderson-Whymark said. Some of the 3D images of the carved stone balls revealed previously unknown details about their design. While a few of the balls have been found in Ireland and northern England one even traveled to Norwayall the others have been found in Scotland, mostly in Aberdeenshire.

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Five were found at the remarkably preserved Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae, in the Orkney Islands, off the northern coast of Scotland. National Museums Scotland, in Edinburgh, has the world's largest collection of these carved stone balls at around including 60 casts.

dating spheres

Perhaps most famous among them is the Towie ball. Found in Aberdeenshire in the 19th century, it features neatly carved circles, spirals and lines on four knobs.