Dating start turnabout sisters

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dating start turnabout sisters

Mayoi Ayasato ~ Turnabout Sisters' Theme ; Takuya Uchikado; Turnabout Skeleton Brothers (Dating Start!); insaneintherainmusic; Live. appreciating how much the dating music in Undertale sounds like Ace Attorney Dating Start! is pretty much the upbeat version of Turnabout Sisters and Dating. The similarities of "Dating Start" and "Turnabout Sisters" have been pointed out a lot by Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters' Theme - Gyakuten Saiban Music.

After choosing the evidence, to show the evidence on that statement. This will help you memorize the controls much easier. There was a voice saying the time… It was probably coming from the television. Oh, but it was three hours off, wasn't it? I guess the victim must have been watching a video of a taped program! That's why I thought it was 1: Terribly sorry about the misunderstanding.

Cross-examination[ edit ] In this revised testimony, you can press his second statement, to which Mia will step in and say that it sounds fishy. The answer lies in a piece of evidence that Payne presented at the beginning of the trial. Present the Blackout Record against any of Sahwit's statements but the last statement about being sorry. The television could not have been on, due to the blackout that affected the victim's apartment. Sahwit will testify once more to try and back out of his lies.

dating start turnabout sisters

There was a table clock in the apartment, wasn't there! Yeah, the murder weapon! The killer used it to hit the victim!

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That must have been what I saw. Cross-examination[ edit ] You have to figure out which statement is wrong by yourself this time, but it is pretty obvious.

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He is now saying that the murder weapon is a clock, but you already know what it is. Present the Statue to the court against statements 2, 3 or 4.

dating start turnabout sisters

The weapon is the Statue of "The Thinker", yet Sahwit is sure that it is a clock. Payne will soon confirm this to be the case, as simply tilting the neck on it cause it to say the current time aloud, revealing how the witness heard the time that day.

The Statue will be updated in the Court Record. At this point, the judge will ask you if you have any problems with the witness' testimony. There is one problem indeed - the question of how Sahwit actually knew the murder weapon was a clock and not a statue, as initially believed.

The answer is quite obvious, so choose "Yes" to the judge's question. Phoenix explains that for Sahwit to know it was a clock, he would have needed to hold it in his hands to realize that fact, yet he claimed he never entered the apartment.

The only solution to the problem of how he knew that, when asked, is that he "Went into the apartment. He knew the time because he hit the victim with the clock, and when he did so, it said the time out loud, making him believe it was 1: It seems he's defeated, but it's not the case, as the judge suddenly wants to see some proof of these claims.

You will be faced with three options. Choose "Try sounding the clock. Remember, there was a three-hour gap between the time Sahwit claimed to have found the body, and the time of death on the Autopsy Report. Solving the case[ edit ] You almost have him now, since you know he must have been in the apartment on the day of the murder. Mia isn't willing to give up just yet, and advises you think "out of the box" - don't try to figure out when the clock was slow, but why it was slow to begin with.

When she asks if you can prove it, choose "Yes".

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The question to solving this is why Cindy would need a clock that didn't display the correct time. The answer maybe that it was set to the correct time.

Remember earlier in the trial that Cindy had recently come back from Paris before her murder? She must have taken the clock with her and had it set to show the correct time in that time zone. The number of hours between the courtroom and Paris is nine hours. This proves that the clock wasn't really three hours slow, but actually nine hours fast, now and on the day of the murder. Sit back and watch as you win the first case! Larry Butz is found What really happened[ edit ] Frank Sahwit was actually a common thief disguised as a newspaper salesman.

On the day of the murder, Sahwit was looking for somewhere to rob, and upon seeing Larry leaving Cindy's apartment, broke in and found it deserted.

Unfortunately, he was unaware that Cindy was on her way back, and the moment she entered her apartment, she witnessed him in the act of robbing her.

Dating Start!

Panicking upon being caught and seeking to avoid being exposed as a thief, Sahwit grabbed "The Thinker" and struck her with it quickly, killing her instantly.

The blow he dealt activated the clock, causing him to hear it say 1: Having no idea that Cindy hadn't changed it back to the correct time after her vacation in Paris, Sahwit was fooled into thinking it was the "true" time. Knowing he would be the main suspect in her murder, Sahwit decided to pin the blame on Larry, knowing he had been the only one in the apartment before he left, and thus had no alibi for the time of the crime.

Just then, the power went out, forcing him to look for a phone to call the police. Upon being taken in for questioning, Sahwit implicated Larry for Cindy's murder. Unfortunately, his plan was undone by two simple mistakes - the first being his knowledge of what the murder weapon was, and the second being the time that he stated during his testimony - both of which effectively exposed him as the real culprit. Ending[ edit ] Though Larry is found Not Guilty, he looks terribly sad and disappointed.

Like Turnabout Sisters, where Maya had no motive. What cases like that usually do, to make it a bit more understandable, is include things like witnesses claiming they saw the defendant commit the crime, or an easy to use and obtain murder weapon, such as a blunt object that was at the scene anyway like 's The Thinker clock.

Turnabout Serenade has none of this. No witness wanting to throw suspicion onto the defendant from the get-go, the murder weapon is a powerful. Also, even if we jump to conclusions and make a big assumption that Machi might have experience with firing weapons, where would he get a. He can't have gotten it in the country, so where? How would he have gotten a massive revolver through customs?

It's eventually revealed that the weapon was LeTouse's, so we're then supposed to believe a boy of 14 managed to wrestle a heavy-duty weapon away from a trained undercover Interpol Agent, then perfectly shoot him in the shoulder without injuring himself at all?

Dating Start! (JP Version) - Undertale

And even though Serenade appears important for the final case with corruption and the terrible Judicial System being a big theme in Apollo Justicenone of that is actually addressed in Serenade until the final trial's recess, as a means to segue into the final case.

If Apollo spent the whole case complaining about how unfair the system is, it would actually make sense.

dating start turnabout sisters

It's not so much a flaw that the defendant was arrested because the police are dumbit's that Apollo just lets it slide and the game acts as if Gavin's case is perfect and airtight. All in all, it's not that Serenade has contradictions in the Prosecution's case 'cause It forces the player to fill in the holes themself by making massive assumptions like the above example I gave. A few lines of dialogue at least discussing these things would have been better than simply glossing over it entirely.

And it's not just one particular thing that makes people question Serenade, like most cases. It's that it's all over the place. Apollo Justice is definitely one of the weaker entries. It has things going for it, of course, like the amazing music and huge leap in sprite quality, but executive meddling, a story where the main character isn't even emotionally involved and simply gets overshadowed by Phoenix at timesand what many people consider to be one of the worst cases in the series really hold it back.

Basically, it's very low-tier in many people's eyes, as far as the series goes.