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The Chile earthquake (Spanish: Terremoto del 27F) occurred off the coast of central Chile .. The capital Santiago experienced a displacement of almost 24 centimetres ( in) west .. A witness in Chillán asserted that he had been robbed by prisoners with a machine gun who had also forced his girlfriend to kiss them. Photo: A map shows the epicentre of the Chilean earthquake. buildings and causing blackouts in parts of the capital Santiago, "Sea level readings indicate a tsunami was generated," the centre said on its website. In , Chile was hit by the world's biggest earthquake since records dating back. Cinna Lomnitz at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México . Source of the Chilean earthquake from historical records: Implications for the future . The uplift and subsidence observed near coastal sites reported in the chronicles The orphan Sanriku tsunami of new evidence from coral dating on Kaua'i.

Communication breakdown Concepcion, home to overpeople, lies less than kilometres south of the epicentre of the quake.

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While images of the destruction have begun filtering in, there is no clear picture of the scale of the disaster in the city. The damage caused by the earthquake may have been compounded by the tsunami, with reports emerging of a huge wave measuring 2.

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Talcahuano was among about 11 coastal towns that were hit by a tsunami wave, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said in a statement. So probably the worst has already happened in Chile," Victor Sardina, geophysicist at the centre, said.

We reported some places around 8 feet. And it's quite possible it would be higher in other areas. Radio stations reported serious damage on the archipelago, where Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was marooned in the 18th Century inspiring the novel Robinson Crusoe.

Ms Bachelet, who flew over the worst-affected area, said residents were also being evacuated from coastal areas of Chile's remote Easter Island, a popular tourist destination in the Pacific famous for its towering Moai stone statues.

Tremendous damage An earthquake of magnitude 8 or over is classified as a "great" earthquake that can cause "tremendous damage," according to the US Geological Survey website. The earthquake that devastated Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince on January 12 was rated at magnitude 7. CNN weather presenter Ivan Cabrera says the Chilean quake was 1, times stronger than the quake which rocked Haiti last month, virtually flattening the capital.

He says 3 million people would have felt severe shaking, and another 9 million strong to very strong shaking.

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Unit VII also yielded consistent ages ranging from In addition, two soil profiles Fig. From profile 2, we infer that the ground surface above the colluvial wedge has been relatively stable for several thousands of years.

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Individual coseismic slip is estimated by restoring units into their initial geometry Fig. The slip resulting from E2 is estimated to be 4. We correlate the units identified as VII that yielded similar ages and have similar characteristics on both sides of the fault. This implies a larger uncertainty on E1 coseismic offset, which ranges between 4.

The cumulative displacement in two earthquakes on the SRF is estimated with confidence as 8. Seismic moment can also be estimated with a fixed rupture width of 30 km, consistent with the structure of the SRF at depth Armijo et al.

In that case, assuming that the fault scarp is either 15 km long, according to the most emergent part of the scarp, or 35 km long if considering the entire well-recognized SRF Armijo et al. However, all those values should be considered as lower estimates because they do not incorporate possible effects of basin topography or earthquake directivity. The timing of events E1 and E2 is well constrained; both occurred in the past 17—20 k.

Consequently, we interpret event E2 to have occurred soon after deposition of unit III, ca. We conclude that the SRF has remained unbroken by large earthquakes comparable with E1 and E2 since ca.

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Therefore, dating suggests that the SRF might be due for another large rupture similar to those documented in the trench. A change in stress regime on Andean crustal structures Scott et al. Generalizing further, despite long return times that might give a false sense of security, our study suggests that thrust faults at fronts of any active orogeny should be regarded as potential sources of large destructive earthquakes.

We described two pedons profiles 1 and 2; Fig. Profile 2 is developed only in the colluvial wedge that formed after the most recent event, and is therefore younger than 9 ka. Pedon 1 exhibits stronger expression of soil development, with a moderately developed argillic horizon with many secondary clay films, well-developed structure, but no significant reddening.

Pedon 2 exhibits soil development similar to, but slightly less than, that of pedon 1. The presence of a moderately developed argillic horizon associated with pedon 2 indicates that the surface has been stable for many thousands of years. We conclude that nearly all of the time locked up in the colluvial wedge that resulted from the most recent event appears to be expressed in the surface soil at pedon 2, with additional time evidenced by the slightly stronger soil profile at pedon 1.