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death note dating game walkthrough

L or Raito? Who are you going to follow? It's a dating game! Just follow whoever you like better and try to interact with them nicely by clicking the better. Murder Script - A Death Note Fan Game, an indie game made with RPG Maker VX Ace. Essentially this game is a Social Sim, very similar to the Persona series, but Date Added 05/07/ PM; Date Updated 10/22/ AM. Another example of a relatively common Dating Sim Guide Dang It! would be . D Nd Poisoned, a Death Note fangame, is known for being pretty frustrating.

Answering "no" leads to Rin congratulating you on your wise choice to not remove it so easily. Answering "yes" has Rin say that you shouldn't be so keen to sacrifice yourself. They decide not to remove it either way, no matter what you choose. Later in the route the player is given a choice of "Kill Sakura" and " I can't do that. Then the choice point is skipped altogether and Shirou automaticly tries to stab Sakura, but is killed by Rider. Another fairly bad one is near the end of Heaven's Feel where Rider is having a difficult battle against Alter Saber and you are given the option to assist her with your projections.

Doing so will block you out of the best ending as you won't have enough projections to reach it by the end. The reason this one stands out is that Shirou has a very specific plan for that fight that if you follow will work perfectly and lead you to the good ending Since you are playing AS Shirou, it's like he's hidden his own plan from himself.

Obtaining Misae's Light Orb. This is because you actually obtain her light orb in Tomoyo's route if and only if you play Tomoyo's route right after clearing Misae's.

In order to get Kyou's good end, there are a number of choices you have to make correctly, not all of which are obvious, and some of which are downright unintuitive; for example, you have to start dating her sister, Ryou, and then effectively cheat on Ryou with Kyou, while still keeping up appearances by kissing Ryou at a crucial point.

Whether or not you have made these choices correctly, you then have to sit through many pages of non-interactive reading before you find out whether you get the good end or the bad end one such bad end actually being Ryou's good end which you'll automatically get if you remain faithful to her, meaning you'll actually get to see the credits roll even if you weren't able to lock on to the right sister. Furthermore, any choice in which Tomoya decides he ultimately doesn't want to date Ryou until the plot-required moment will result in Kyou becoming angry, Tomoya explaining himself, Kyou admitting he's right, then Tomoya leaving and the player getting a bad ending.

That's right, the plot outright requires you to continue dating a character you might have no interest in just to get the correct sister. Clannad's ultimate sin in route design is that Fuko and Kotomi's routes require you to take Nagisa's route to different points. As such, Kotomi's route requires you to help her start the club, but not necessarily continue the plot, while Fuko's plot has a heavy emphasis on Nagisa's route, requiring a lot of time investment into the plot of another character before finishing.

If you don't do Nagisa's route, Tomoya will unceremoniously return to his house and you'll get a bad ending while you seemingly did nothing wrong. It's easy to see the characters' events. However, the game does not state the requirements for a good ending. If the player gets the default somewhat sad ending, there is a generic message encouraging the player to try harder. Good luck not hitting any of the 3 bad endings.

In Tsugumi's route, there are not many more affection points available than are required, and a few of the choices are counterintuitive or unclear in how they relate to Tsugumi, resulting in many perhaps most people getting the bad ending the first time.

Remember11 is also loaded with seemingly innocent choices that lead to one of the game's 30 bad endings, but it's more justified in this case. You also need to see most of them to completely understand the story.

Endless Summer has this happen at the end of the first book, providing you went and found each of the files on the group through paying diamonds. Solving it leads to a Wham Moment of finding Everett Rourke in a tube. Book 2 has it happen again providing you find the Catalyst Idols, the puzzle now being to determine which idol translates which letter on the wall. Doing so leads to an even whammier moment in the series.

One of the most common complaints about Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is that you blindly stumble through the game, without knowing what choices are correct or incorrect.

Furthermore, if the four story checks on the True Ending Path are not cleared, the game will default to a Bad End as well. To top it all off, the original release of did not have the Flow Chart system, forcing the player to play from the very beginning every single time. Nicole the game gives you hints, called Tip Of The Day, that can help you, but things are still impossible to figure out, unless one attempts things through several trial and error playthroughs or has a guide. Which parameter goes with which guy.

You need to increase that parameter to get the guy, but nothing in the game actually tells you which parameter the guy is associated with. This isn't so bad, as there are only four guys and four parameters, so you can figure it out with a bit of logic; like the hardworking, serious Ted liking Diligence. Gets more complicated with Jeff and Darren, both rather academic guys, so which one of them prefers Wit? How to properly get a guy. The in-game tips tell you that you need to get the guy's associated parameter above to get a good ending with them, aside from having a good relationship with them, of course.

This can seem difficult, but is impossible to do in one playthrough, unless the player knows that the game needs to be played with DumpStats and by Min-Maxing. Speaking of increasing the guy's affection - getting their affection to Just some scenes, pick the correct answer and done, right? Even if one unlocks all the scenes with the guys, their affection maxes out at The rest needs to be obtained by giving them gifts And the gifts themselves are guide-dang-its, too.

You have several items to choose from, but each guy only likes five of the items and nothing really hints at what item they like. Getting the True endings for each guy. It's an absolute balance game you play at this point, since you need to increase the guy's parameter, pick the correct options, give them the right gifts and proceed to investigate the disappearances.

And the mystery scenes take some time to unlock, so you must make sure to increase your Clues parameter with ample amount of time, before the end of the game.

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And then you find out that you can't even unlock the True ending, unless you got the regular ending firstwhich is nowhere mentioned in the game. The route you decide to take in Divi-Dead mostly hinges on where you decide to go next rather than what you chose to say to people, so in a first play through you'll end up accidently deciding which route you're going down even if you have no idea what that means.

The choices are so few between and seemingly random that it's incredibly difficult not to end up with the "bad" ending where nothing is explained to you. It doesn't help that the few guides on the internet are actually incorrect so just working out what you need to do from the guides alone is a puzzle. D Nd Poisoneda Death Note fangame, is known for being pretty frustrating.

Not only what you say affects the resulting ending, but also Mello's thoughts, even going to a specific place, at an specific time and the previous place you visited before going to that place affects directly the ending, and probably you got the "Unreachable" ending the first time you played it. Thankfully, the creator made a guide to get all the endings.

For Frozen Essencethe path that gives players the most trouble is Aurelius's because while it's relatively easy to unlock his path, one of the requirements to getting his good ending is having a high enough relationship with Aysel, which means that unlike for all other paths where the ending is determined solely by the choices you make when you get on that path, it's fully possible to unknowingly lock yourself into Aurelius's bad ending even before you open his path by simply not being nice enough to Aysel at the very beginning of the game, and the most obvious "be nice to Aysel" option letting her spend time with Aurelius renders you unable to open Aurelius's path.

And even if you get Aysel's affection for you as high as possible in the first half of the game, you still have to say the right things to her on Aurelius's path and the choices involving her are misleadingly vague at times who'd have thought that asking Aysel about Rune would make her like you more, but that apologizing to her wouldn't? And even if you do everything right with Aysel, you can still wind up with a Bad End anyway by not reminding Aurelius about Cascade's letter even though it doesn't seem to make a real difference at first!

Death Note

Requiem of the Abyssgetting a good ending with Cain is obtusely hard and hinges largely on you buying the right item during the shopping section.

The book about demons seems like the most logical choice for Cain's path, considering that Cain is a demon and has confided to you earlier that he wanted to know more about the life cycle of his kind to avoid becoming a mindless Hellbeast, but in fact locks you into getting a bad ending for him no matter what you do after that point.

The Curse Removal book isn't much better, either. So what's the item you should buy if you want to get a semi-decent ending for Cain? Yes, that's right, a painting kit. It makes better sense when you see what happens after your purchase, but there's no indication before this that Cain would like painting or that a painting kit would be more useful than a book about demons or curses in the long run, and the one hint you do get about this occurs long after you've made your purchase.

And that's just for Cain's second-best ending. To get his true ending, you have to know something that you're highly unlikely to figure out without a walkthrough: Of course, if you tried buying the Curse Removal book before you got Cain's second-best ending and saw that it led to a normal ending at best, you almost certainly won't have any idea that doing the same thing after seeing a specific ending leads to an entirely different result.

In Katawa Shoujomost of the endings are pretty easy to get - if you get it wrong the first time it's generally not that hard to figure out where you went wrong. Even Rin's route, which is much more fiddly and experimental regarding choices than the others, isn't too hard. Again, not too hard, except for one specific scene in Act 1 which very few people are likely to get by chance. It's called 'Slow Recovery' and requires you to get as close to Misha and Shizune as you can while still going at it hard in Emi's training.

Given that choosing to run faster during practice with Emi is well-known to be the one thing necessary to do to get her ending, it's quite unlikely that someone going for Shizune would choose to do it, and vice versa.

Even then, pursuing Rin's route in the first place can be a case of Guide Dang It! You may have noticed that there seem to be three pairs of girls; Shizune and Misha, Hanako and Lilly, and Emi and Rin.

death note dating game walkthrough

A lot of the unlocks for Lilly and Hanako are the same, and Misha is Shizune's bad ending, so you would assume that Rin and Emi's paths would cross over in Act 1, right?

Turns out you have to give Lilly the cold shoulder as much as possible, until she and Shizune begin to argue. Then you have to be honest with her about your heart condition when with her and Rin, which is unintuitive as Rin already knows. And as stated above, Rin's route is hardly the easiest One factor that makes this harder is that Shizune and Lilly build up "points" during critical conversation moments during the first act. These points reset at a certain moment in the story, and Emi's training activates a value that sets her route.

So in order to get to Rin, you have to essentially have zero points after the reset and not train with Emi, and at this point you'll be given the option of going with Rin to the mural, at which point you have to express interest, otherwise the game hard-slams you into the bad ending. It's arguably simpler to simply choose to read your book during lunch, at which point it doesn't matter who you support in the argument.

Then again, that is hardly obvious at the beginning especially since it's before you even meet Rinand it should be pointed out that none of the choices critical to unlocking Rin's route are made in Rin's presence except for the question about the heart condition, which is only necessary to avoid the bad endingnor are they obviously related to anything Rin is interested in or any qualities Rin respects.

One of the development ideas was for Hanako's good ending to be that. In order to reach it, the player would have had to finish Hanako's route once and then play Lilly's route, which would now have the ability to switch to Hanako halfway through. Elements of this actually made it into the final game - Hanako develops remarkably well during Lilly's route, and arguably has a healthier relationship with Hisao there than when they're trying to be close, but the reasons why aren't obvious to Hisao or the player without going through Hanako's route.

Hanako's route contains a moment at which a player must choose to either head into the city and hang out with Hanako, or choose to retire to the dorms with her. Choosing the latter railroads you into, at best, the neutral ending, as no matter what decision is made during the phone conversation, Hisao won't listen although you won't get the bad ending for at least choosing the right decisionhowever the good ending is only obtained for choosing the former option.

While this is an easily rectified mistake, a first-time run can suddenly end in confusion over a decision that seems benign. For Yo-Jin-Boit's fairly obvious which choices get you on which paths. What probably won't be nearly as obvious at first is that the two choices you make before getting into the main part of the game, in spite of appearing to be unimportant But Thou Must!

Did you take the pendant instead of trying to leave it alone and then being forced to do so anyway?

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Better not go after Yo or Monmon, or you'll get a very sudden Game Over for absolutely no reason that could be remotely connected to that fateful first decision! During the bonus case of the first game, Damon Gant's first testimony takes the cake for being probably the most confusing testimony in the entire franchise.

For starters, it's the last testimony of the first day, and it happens after some quite hard to crack testimonies from Angel Starr, which means you'll probably not have a lot of spare exclamations. About the testimony itself, at first you may think it follows a not-uncommon pattern in the main games of "pressing a statement, getting new information, present evidence against the fresh statement".

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death note dating game walkthrough

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death note dating game walkthrough

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