Different eye shapes asian dating

different eye shapes asian dating

Do Native Americans and Asians both have almond shaped eyes? The eyes of East Asian people look particularly different when you compare them to .. Still, that doesn't explain why Bantus, with fairly flat noses (my girlfriend is Bantu, and. Ideal or perfect eyes: Evenly spaced almond-shaped eyes. (14 different types of Asian eyes) Evolutionary Science & Asian Dating. Sharon Lu, a year-old college graduate in Beijing, says it was “out of a sudden impulse” that she decided to make her eyes look bigger and.

What type of eye do you have? (14 different types of Asian eyes)

When I started experimenting with makeup and watching YouTube tutorials, I rarely found any makeup gurus with monolids like mine. So growing up, I was never the only Asian person in my classroom. That being said, I was made aware of my Asian eyes every time I left the confines of my town.

I specifically recall an incident where I was visiting family in Pittsburgh.

different eye shapes asian dating

A group of boys around my age pointed at my sister and me and stretched their eyes with their fingers to mimic ours. I never thought much about my eyes until I started exploring my gender identity. Too often, we see European beauty models who have the perfect canvases for eyeshadow. Yet, the Eurocentrism of beauty standards has both undermined and exoticized Asian beauty for far too long.

different eye shapes asian dating

Plus, I think smoky eyes look dopest on Asian eyes. I was the one Asian kid in my class and I felt a sense of self-hatred because I was different than what guys thought girls should be like. In college, I became more open to other viewpoints, and it helped how I saw myself. When it comes to looks and acceptance, it all goes back to intersectional feminism and messaging to women that there are so many types of beauty and ways to be you.

Women get more criticism for not being as light or having smaller eyes. When I got to the U.

10 Types of ASIAN Eyes, Which One Do You Have?

Guys can skim by without looking great. They have the weird pressure of getting your eyelids done.

Why Do We Describe Asian Eyes As 'Almond-Shaped'?

Korean people like pretty-looking guys versus American macho guys. It made me feel a bit more self conscious about my appearance.

different eye shapes asian dating

I also have two different eyelids. My optometrist asked if I wanted to fix it. If she had asked me way back then, in high school, maybe I would have considered it. My eyes are large by Korean standards, although now they are much smaller as my eyelids droop with age. They just really think big eyes are attractive, as people in many countries do, I suppose. When our second daughter was born, I was struck daily by the beauty of her eyes.

They were hooded and narrow, but black and unbelievably bright and shiny. They were shaped like apple seeds or tiny fish.

However, I do remember other Asian kids getting teased because of their narrow eyes. Other kids would pull their eyes back to the narrowest possible position and stick their tongues out at the Asian kids. I regrettably did not stand up for them, but in retrospect, I wish I did, because they were getting discriminated against for something they had absolutely no control over. My eyes aren't even shaped like these things.

And comparing the eyes of Asian folks to almonds isn't even really accurate, according to blogger Claire Light.

Why Do We Describe Asian Eyes As 'Almond-Shaped'? : Code Switch : NPR

She superimposed almonds over the eyes of Asian and white people. East Asians don't have almond shaped eyes. Back in the late s, dudes most of whom were whitepenned odes to the beautiful, exotic Asian women they stumbled upon in their adventures in the Far East.

The Oxford English Dictionary cites the first reference of "almond eyes" as appearing in a issue of The Asiatic Journal, a hodgepodge collection of essays about all things Asia. The journal shares a letter that the "Persian of Abul Casim" wrote to a buddy about his ideal woman. He lists the qualities he wants: I have learnt there is a fair abounding with innumerable goods of the choice kind, some of which I have a great desire for, and request you to purchase for me.

different eye shapes asian dating

The following is a list of what I request. The shape of the cypress, of a becoming height, The nutty flattery goes on and on and on. Inanother traveler wrote for The Asiatic Journal about the beauty of women from Kashmir: He spoke so quickly, with a queer accent, that the girls could not always understand him, and then they burst out laughing.

He laughed too, good-humouredly, and his almond eyes almost closed as he did so. Today, we find the phrase hanging out in the sales description of the American Girl Dolls ' Asian-American character, Ivy, aka "Julie's best friend.

She has straight black hair that can be brushed and styled to show her earrings. If you were an Asian-American kid like me, you probably wanted to be like Claudiawho was one of the only, if not few, cool almond-shaped eyed gals in popular culture.

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different eye shapes asian dating