Dna 2 dating sim

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dna 2 dating sim

Dating Simulation featuring nice Japanese anime. Sim Girls: DNA2 - game. Overall rating: Advertisement: Your game is loading 10 (click here to skip). Sim Girls DNA 2. 52 % - Votes. Dating simulator with lots of girls to seduce and a complete adventure that you will surely enjoy playing. Upgdade, customize . Sim Girls: DNA2 Fullscreen - Sim Girls: DNA2 Fullscreen version! Dating Simulation featuring nice Japanese anime.

Junta's father died when he was young, so he was raised only by his Apron Matron mother Chiyo. Tomoko's dad works outside of Japan. Before Karin actually intervenes and is merely observing Junta, she sees how he overhears Tomoko admitting to Ryuuji that she wasn't cheating on him, but merely picked up a loser to tease.

Karin wonders whether being made fun of by pretty women was the reason for Junta to turn into a Mega Playboy. According to Mori, though, the Mega Playboy would have awoken inside Junta at the age of 21, regardless of what happened, so it's unlikely that this was the reason. Tomoko, to her Jerkass boyfriend Ryuuji. Karin is introduced by stepping out of her time ship, her face obscured by her clothes and surrounded by mist, says a Blasphemous Boast and proceeds to squee over her own awesomeness.

Beat That was so cool! There's a scene of Ryuji with the body of Tomoko, wearing girls' underwear, in front of a mirror and talking about how much he loves and misses Tomoko There's an earlier scene of Ryuji with Tomoko's face and groping his ass, saying he knew Tomoko had a nice one, proceeds to undress to "take in the view" and realizes it's his own body, though the naughty bits are covered with a mosaic filter.

She farts when she gets nervous, and since she's a gym practitioner It should be noted that her farts in the manga seem to venture more toward Fartillery territory than the anime; in the anime, her farts are average sounding but in the manga they're often drawn like explosions to emphasize their volume.

As mentioned above, poor Kotomi's disorder turns her into this when she gets nervous which happens quite frequently making her one of the rare female gassholes in fiction.

dna 2 dating sim

Kotomi has Girlish Pigtailswhich she later trades for a cute pageboy style. Junta Momonari begins to refer to his playboy personalities via nicknames.

The one full of BishieSparkles but with no ability to fight is referred to as "Twinkle Junta" and the proper Mega Playboy with fighting capabilities is the Mega Playboy himself.

When the Mega Playboy is forcefully brought out in the final chapters and is a huge asshole, Junta calls him a devil and Mori says, "Very fitting.

Sim Girls - DNA 2 - Games to Play for Free

We'll call him Devil Junta", though the Mega Playboy does not like that. Even more after he gets shot by Karin by mistake, too, and gains powers from that.

Okay, so Ryuuji ends up in the hospital and then gets Brainwashed and Crazy Last Minute Hook Up: All the other potential rivals are taken care of since Tomoko has forgiven Ryuuji for his constant cheating and stalker attitude and is taking him back, Kotomi has been Put on a Bus to Germany and Karin removes Junta's memories of her and returns to the future.

Law of Chromatic Superiority: Junta Momonari has pretty dark hair, often depicted with red for highlights, where as Twinkle Junta has slightly spikier and lighter hair. Both are outdone by the Mega Playboy, who can charm women much faster and easier and is a much better physical and telekinetic fighter than either of them, and he's shown to have much brighter hair than either of them, going into a neon-magenta color.

Not only her dad is a very rich businessman who spends more time abroad than with his only daughter, but her mom is dead. Junta sports some after he lands a huge punch onto Ryuuji and thinks he won the duel. When Junta actually Ryuji who took on the appearance of Junta tries to force Ami to sleep with him, she demands to know if he wants to sleep with her or just wants to have sex.

Saying it could be any girl, Ami stops resisting and tells him that their friendship is over then It does lead Ryuji to discover that he can simply absorb a person's DNA by touch and be capable of taking on their full-body appearance then.

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No Badass to His Valet: Why Ami is the only known female actually immune to Junta's Mega Playboy persona. Tomoko once asked Junta to go out with her to make Ryuuji jealous after a big fight. And it's right after the horrible and hilarious consequences that Karin comes in Rurara's existence is both this and a time paradox.

First, Karin tells Junta that Mega Playboy only fathered sons and the trend continued down the line of only sons. Then, after the Mega Playboy gene is removed from Junta, Rurara doesn't disappear. The only logical explanation for this is that she was either his descendant through Ami or that being descended from Mega Playboy was a bluff. Adverted in the manga, where she does disappear. Due to overpopulation in the future, there's a strict law that permits people to only have one child.

Since Junta was a Mega Playboy and fathered children, who all have the same, charming and potent DNA, the plot begins by sending someone back in time to change his DNA so that he won't father those children as a simple and fast way to control the issue. Junta is supposed to grow into this and the Mega Playboy is one. Ami realizes that this is Junta's class and feels concerned. Later, while in a restaurant, Kotomi embarrasses herself in front of Junta and Ami and runs out crying. Later Ami explains Kotomi's problem, she farts when she gets excited or nervous.

When Junta finds Kotomi, they stroll about the hotel district, and Junta then tells Kotomi that he'll help cure her. Meanwhile Karin looks frantically for them in the local love-hotels. Junta and Kotomi spend time together at the gym trying to cure each other of their problems.

Kotomi tries to seduce Junta which causes the Mega-playboy persona to reappear.

Sim Girls: DNA2 - game

Kotomi realizes that Junta was never serious about going out with her. She tells Ami that she has broken up with Junta and that Ami shouldn't hold back for her sake. Meanwhile Karin has received the correct DCM bullet from the future. Karin sends a note to Junta to meet her on the school roof, she intends to snipe him from an adjacent building.

dna 2 dating sim

He uses this to get revenge on Junta by ruining his reputation with Ami and Tomoko. Karin believes that as long as Ami stays with Junta, he will never turn into the Mega-Playboy again. Karin flies off in her time ship only to return shortly afterwards saying her mission got extended.