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dutch dating in ukraine

But until this week's Dutch referendum, we hadn't seen a good example agreement with Ukraine—the same treaty that Ukrainians fought for, and died 4 Online Dating Sites that Actually Work for FreeTop US Dating Sites|. On 6th April the Dutch rejected the Association Agreement between the The Association Treaty between the EU and Ukraine[1], signed in March . "A referendum on the exit of the EU has not been possible to date, this is. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to he Kingdom of the Netherlands. Address: Zeestraat, 78 AD The Hague. View on map. Phone.

dutch dating in ukraine

Results[ edit ] Referendums under the Advisory Referendum Act are not binding. As long as the Approval Act has not entered into force, the instrument of ratification cannot be deposited by the Netherlands, as a result of which the agreement as a whole cannot enter into force.

dutch dating in ukraine

Amongst other things, the organisation investigated the opponents' motives for voting against. According to the report, for the largest group of "against" voters For the second-largest group, it was the 'fear of Ukraine membership of the EU '.

The leader of the coalition Labour PartyDiederik Samsomalso felt that they could not ratify the treaty in this fashion. Rutte said that it is good for the European Union and the Netherlands and not to be seen as a first step to Ukraine's EU membershipsaying: We live by free trade agreements and Ukraine is another example of this [ It has nothing to do with accession.

Polls also indicate that when informed about the actual substance of the agreement, respondents tend to favour it.

dutch dating in ukraine

NRC HandelsbladDe Dagelijkse Standaard and De Groene Amsterdammer raised questions about the political motives of van Houwelingen, since, according to them, the book romanticized fascismrepression and nationalism. Brussels want too much and too fast Citizens have to be able to weigh up what is happening in Brussels," said Bart Nijman, a member of GeenPeil, one of the three Eurosceptic organisations which instigated the referendum.

For some of the Dutch this referendum is the first step towards the "Nederexit", ie the exit of the Netherlands from the European Union.

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The final results of the referendum have been announced by the central electoral commission on 12th April [3]. However since it has already been implemented for example in terms of reducing customs duties between the EU and Ukraine and also in terms of energy and sustainable development cooperation, hence it will continue to be applied - at least temporarily - since the referendum does not imply the agreement's suspension.

And this can go on for several years. But the issues raised by this unique event in terms of ratification by an EU member does not allow for any obvious solution in the immediate future. It might take some time yet. This is all I can say at the moment," he said during his weekly press conference.

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But consultation within Parliament alone will not be enough. In a quirk fate the country - which is presently presiding over the Council of the European Union until 30th June next - must also negotiate with its European partners, which have all ratified the agreement. The Dutch Prime Minister could undoubtedly negotiate the addition of a protocol stipulating that this agreement does not comprise the first step towards Ukraine's accession to the EU or that the fight to counter corruption is a priority.

He might suggest adding an "opt-out" clause for his country.

dutch dating in ukraine

He could also ask Brussels, with the agreement of the European Parliament, for amendments to be made, with the addition of specific clauses: The Netherlands might try to retain the commercial aspects of the Agreement whilst relinquishing the strengthening of political dialogue.

All of this will take time since, in all likelihood, this will have to be negotiated with its 27 European partners and with Ukraine.

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko deemed on 7th April that this vote raised a domestic issue for the Netherlands and that it did not challenge the EU-Ukraine agreement. Any convoluted legal considerations are politically dangerous. Four months after the Danish "no" to their country's participation in the European security programmes by But for the Netherlands the present political situation is also dangerous, as it comes just months before general elections that absolutely have to take place before mid-March

dutch dating in ukraine