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elf sim dating game

Get exclusive Elf Girl Sim Date 2 trainers at Cheat Happens While playing the game, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat. A free online games date elf sim. Global context of the blooming period of the Sundance Film Festival, the largest golf course opened in October free online. Dating games for boys These dating games for boys will put your seduction skills to the Pico Sim Date is the third of the "pico sim" series. Elf Sim Game 2.

This simulation requires me to balance the demands of my four elven superiors okay, I don't actually know if they're elves or not, but they look like elves with my stress level, which rises every time I do the work I'm given. I'm also trying to increase the disposition of the elf lawyers or are they lawyer elves? I work for in hopes of achieving a little romance with one of them.

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On top of all that, I'm also supposed to be investigating a mysterious note I find in my desk related to a long-forgotten legal case. Naturally, this being a simulation, there are only so many hours in the day to get all my work done, find time to relieve stress, solve the mystery of the case file, and try to seduce one of my bosses.

Prioritizing is the name of the game, so I focus on what's most important: Ross, my boss, is right out, because the only work he has for me is to organize all the offices in the building, a task I seem to repeatedly fail, even in the case of a conference room that a only contains chairs, and b appears to be pretty organized already.

Another boss, Jonathan, irritates me because he immediately hits on me and then proceeds to call me "Sweetheart" every time we talk. Look, I'm not a woman except in video games sometimes and I don't want to speak for women, but here's my personal list of who should be allowed to call a woman "Sweetheart.

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A parent or grandparent A middle-aged diner waitress named Dottie or Muriel Humphrey Bogart deceased A brash, ruggedly handsome outlaw spaceship captain who hides his true feelings behind cocky swagger and sarcasm until eventually revealing he really does love you Your actual sweetheart I eventually settle on a lawyer named Pierre, because he seems nice, and if you like pointy chins and giant eyeballs you simply won't find a pointier, eyeballier face than his.

Most importantly, I haven't screwed up any of his tasks yet. Once I've filled his Like-Me Meter with Fondness Blood or whatever the hell the red stuff is that fills video game disposition metersI ask him out and we meet for a drink at the pub. The game immediately scolds me for showing up in my work clothes I guess I'm supposed to sex myself upbut otherwise, the date goes well, and he quickly asks me out again.

That's great, though I can't help but notice he doesn't exactly give me a chance to turn him down. Meanwhile, the office simulation portion of the game is, like, actually pretty darn difficult.

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I routinely have multiple tasks to complete for multiple people in a tight time-frame. Most of these tasks are one-click affairs, like making copies or proofreading documents. Lowering my stress level requires free time to enjoy activities such as going to the movies or eating out, but having free time means leaving work at a reasonable hour, which means having less time to get work done as well as earning less money since working late pays overtime, meaning I earn less money to spend on stress-relieving activities.

It's a genuinely pretty tricky thing to keep everything in balance, and I wind up getting fired several times and having to reload. And, while a few work screw-ups are not fatal, the way my character deals with them is immensely irritating.

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elf sim dating game

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elf sim dating game

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elf sim dating game

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