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Leichliter feels that the audience will love the ending. Eugene admits Arnold is right and is ashamed of himself for going along with it, but Arnold tells him that's. eugene horowitz is a fictional character in the hey arnold tv series a somewhat socially inept but optimistic boy eugene is the class jinx despite his name. Move it, football head wannabes, because this Hey Arnold! group costume can't be Helga, Phoebe, Arnold, Gerald, Eugene, Harold ✨.

Hey Arnold S05E34 'Eugene, Eugene!' EPISODE 175✔

Hands down the most entertaining "Hey Arnold! AnnaSophia Robb would do incredible justice to the lovelorn bully with a secret lust for Arnold. Robb could channel her competitive, bratty Violet Beauregarde role for Pataki tomboy inspiration "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," anyone?

Plus, Violet loved chomping gum and Helga had a secret Arnold shrine made of the sticky stuff. Hailee Steinfeld emulates the mature-beyond-her-years vibe akin to Phoebe. Better known as Helga's often-ignored sidekick, Phoebe is small but mighty. Oscar nominee Steinfeld has the range to pack a powerful punch at only 16 years old. Don't forget that Phoebe crushed on Gerald. Jaden and Hailee would be SO cute together. More talk than walk, Harold is the second toughest bully of the group.

He bosses kids around with backup from Sid and Stinky, though he is a self-proclaimed Mama's boy. Heck, Helga usually left Harold cowering in the streets. Jonah Hill captures the nagging, self-absorbed teen read "Superbad" and has childish whining down pat.

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His Southern drawl made him a ladies' man, dating the likes of Helga, Gloria and Lila. The pumpkin growing, lemon pudding lover occasionally weirded us out, which is why Kodi Smit-McPhee is our Peterson pick. He took some years off after college to work in poor communities in Mississippi. Demoralized from feeling like he could not change the world fast enough, he decided to go to law school at Georgetown.

He met a wonderful lady named Imani in law school. His dream is to enact education reform one day, especially for the most vulnerable populations.

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Imani thinks he could be the president some day, though, which makes Gerald laugh. The two are to be married next year.

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Gerald still visits Hillwood a few times a year, and every so often Arnold visits him in D. Their friendship is as strong as ever.

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She spent the summer after her graduation dancing her way through South America when she met a man named Caesar in Colombia who she fell madly in love with, in a way she had never experienced.

Phoebe seriously considered never coming back to the United States, but Caesar told her that she would never accomplish all she was meant to do if she stayed with him. She would reunite with her old pal Gerald in D. Phoebe also never gave up dancing and still does it three times a week. Harold Daniella Urdinlaiz Between junior year and senior year of high school, Harold had an encounter that changed his life forever.

B Grandpa and his old friend Jimmy Kafka compete on a triathlon. Now Helga must get it back before Arnold figures out who wrote the Arnold tries to cheer his mate up.

Reluctantly, she goes, and tells this psychologist about her life and how she behaved this Eugene is gutted when he finds out that his favourite movie star doesn't do his own stunts. When Helga loses her pink book, full of love poems about Arnold on the bus, it ends up in Arnold's hands. Helga wins a ticket for a free dinner for four a Chez Pierre, and wants to prove to Arnold that she is sophisticated. The list you're viewing contains episodes like "Stood Kid" and "Arnold's Christmas.

Helga drinks a potion to lose all feelings for Arnold. Premiering in the 90's, Hey Arnold was one of the most popular Nickelodeon shows the network has ever aired. Snow hits the city and Arnold can't wait to get out and That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is. Arnold attempts to do something that no other kid has done before - completing the entire list of a kid's perfect Saturday!