Eventualities dating

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eventualities dating

It might take the form of a set of functions that assign objective probabilities to dates and important “eventualities;” for example, one of these functions might. eventualities: Plural form of eventuality. Support. Help support Wordnik (and make this page ad-free) by adopting the word eventualities here. Definition of eventuality - a possible event or outcome. Stay up to date with our latest news and receive new words updates, blog posts, and more. Sign up.

We spoke to Kerry Loukakis from Kerry Loukakis Attorneys to find out more about the ins and outs of dealing with an estate: What is the difference between transfer duty and transfer fees, and are both due by an heir who inherits immovable property?

It is payable by the purchaser prior to taking transfer of the property. Generally the transfer fees are paid by the estate, unless the will states otherwise.

eventualities dating

The rent would be payable to the estate and should then be used to pay the rates and other property-related expenses. Can the heir cancel the lease agreement?

Involve all members in financial, investment planning to prepare for any eventuality

If the lease agreement is binding then the heir will not be able to cancel unless the tenants agree to cancel. The heir could pay any cash shortfall into the estate to ensure that he or she could take transfer of the property. Again this would depend on how the will is structured and the heir would have to consult with the Executor as to his or her options.

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With regards to policies the following could apply: When the deceased registered the bond the bank could have required that the deceased obtained and ceded a life insurance policy to the bank to secure payment of the outstanding amount of the bond in the event of his death. The deceased had a life policy that was not ceded to the bank.

This policy would then pay to the nominated beneficiary or possibly to the estate if the estate was nominated or if payment to the beneficiary cannot be effected for example the beneficiary is deceased. In this case the bond repayments would have to be kept up.

The first is to focus on things that matter the most to us and plan accordingly. The second is to remember the basics of investing. Trying to invest in any other way will lead to confusion and will need sorting out at a later stage, which might turn out to be expensive. Families can have varied composition, dependencies, goals and resources.

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Hence, the pattern of investing has to be customised. There is no one solution that can fit all. The basic idea is to have sufficient strategies in place to ensure protection, growth and distribution of assets in a convenient manner.

eventualities dating

The first step would be to plug all possible sources that can deplete wealth by transferring the risks. This would mean having sufficient health and life insurance in place. Then we can look at creating more assets through investments.

Letter: With Brexit we must prepare for all eventualities

Keeping things simple helps. While all short-term goals should be aligned with investments which are debt-oriented fixed deposits, recurring deposits and debt mutual fundsall long-term investments should be aligned with growth assets equity and real estate. Indians love to buy gold. But this is more of a personal-use asset and not an investment.

It will not create significant wealth unless bought in large quantities and traded.

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Each asset class and product has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Asset allocation becomes important as an overload of any particular asset can impede the chances of real wealth creation. Different asset classes perform at different times and it is not possible to predict timings.

In terms of investments for various family members, each can invest as per their own income and goals. While living expenses can usually be borne out of regular income in the form of salaries, professional or business income, the other goals may need to be planned and provided for from investments over a longer period of time.

This could be in various baskets.