Ever ready razor dating services

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ever ready razor dating services

Some razor makers put serial numbers on their razors, but we don't always have the key to how the serial numbers fit to dates of manufacture. "Gillette Safety Razor Company" twined around all 3 holes. .. restored and sanitized razors that have been adjusted, photographed in high-resolution and arrive Shave-Ready. Jun 14, information on vintage safety razors, identification, stats and photos for the vintage razor which dates it to . given away with a box advertising a customers company. Ever Ready single edge safety razor Mar 1, (ER) "" Marked "American Safety Razor Company New York" Patent Pending (ER) "" Marked "Ever Ready".

Lift the razor head by pushing down on the lever at the rear of the head. Drop in the blade ensuring that the blade fits behind the two hook like teeth at each end of the comb. For a better idea take a look at the video below.

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As I mentioned above I posted images over on BadgerandBlade and they informed me that there were more than just a few handle types made for this razor and finding a match may be difficult. Identifying it aside the handle is short, if you have used a Merkur Classic it should give you an idea. Unlike the however this handle is more narrow.

The Cutting Head A closer look at the cutting head.

ever ready razor dating services

Aggressiveness A look at the blade exposure. One thing I love about using this razor is that you can hear the hair on your face being sliced off, almost like a straight razor. I know I sound like a weirdo but it makes the shave feel like I am really accomplishing something. The sound makes it seem like the razor should be aggressive and it is. Performance A look at the profile. As I mentioned above this razor seems to be a workhorse. A couple of passes, perhaps even one depending on your stubble, and you are good to go.

The razor glides across the face with ease and next to no pressure. Shaving did feel a little different. There is a bit of a flex in the head which for the first could of strokes was awkward but quickly became comfortable.

Dating an Ever Ready razor | Badger & Blade

You really need to try it to appreciate what I am trying to describe. This design should be resurrected because I would put this razor up against any razor to come after it. This one has date code of L-2 This one has a date code of O-2 Came out in Razor is TTO, uses regular double edge blades.

Nice brushed aluminum handle with grooved grip. Uses regular Atra refills. The blade cartridge contained a band which by turning a key the edge moved forward. Made from until Black plastic handle with a ribbed design on grip.

ever ready razor dating services

The cartridges sometimes show up online. Was used as an advertising promotion, given away with a box advertising a customers company.

ever ready razor dating services

Not sure what type blade fit but researching as you read. Comb guard has edge ribs to align blade. Another odd razor for your collection. Curvfit Lady's Safety Razor Vintage Curvfit, 'miladys personal razor', small gold plated lady's safety razor. Uses a special Curvfit single edge blade.

Ever-Ready 1912, 1914 and 1924 razors

Originally came out in the 's. Clix Safety Razor Clix safety razor, three piece razor, plastic handle with metal head. Was also made in an all plastic model. Manufacturer Enders Razor Co. Patent information TM filed 17 Feb Uses an Ender's blade. Cream body with gold ribbed metal removeable head cover. Uses regular injector blades.

Flip top head with short hexagon handle. Marked inside Ever-Ready, Bklyn, N. I believe this model came out about Uses standard single edge blades. Short square ribbed black handle, Hydro-Magic lever and gold head.

Gillette Date Codes

The Hydro-Magic lever allowed loosening of the cap and guard to rinse the blade without removing or touching it. Two piece handle, bottom blade holder is marked "Feather". On top of case there is "Feather" logo.

Ever Ready 1930's SE Razor

Case has blue diagonial lines. Uses regular single edge blades. Gem Single Edge Safety Razor Featherweight Gem Featherweight single edge safety razor silver colored with ivory colored plastic handle. Flip open top, marked Gem Razor inside. Has 'G' in circle on handle. Gem was made by American Safety Razor Corp.

Uses single edge blades.

American Safety Razor Company - Wikipedia

Made by Gem Cutlery Co. Thick aluminum handle, patent No. Uses standard double edge blades. Not a commonly found razor. Distributed by Morton B. One and a half inch razor has one blade in razor. Made by Lapin Products Inc.

ever ready razor dating services

Similar to the Schick Injector and can use Schick blades. Made by the American Safety Razor Company. Probak Safety Razor Probak safety razor, open comb type. They were bought up by Gillette around this time. Round spring with flaps, spring moved left to open the blade clamp for washing.

Schick Injector on spring washer.

ever ready razor dating services

Black bakelite box with a "wax seal" type logo on top. Made by Magazine Repeating Razor Co. Eversharp Schick '66' Injector Razor Matte Eversharp Schick '66' injector razor with dark blue handle and matte finish silver head. These were made in Eversharp Schick on the spring washer. Square fully ribbed handle in cream plastic with gold triangular streamlined head. Bar Guard with parallel grooves.