Excel 2010 data menu disabled dating

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excel 2010 data menu disabled dating

Excel for Office Excel Excel Excel Excel Excel When this option is selected, you can also drag the fill handle to copy data and to fill Allow editing directly in cells Select this check box to enable editing inside a cell Group dates in the AutoFilter menu Changes the hierarchical grouping of. Here's how you can undo or prevent grouped dates in Excel AutoFilters Remove the check mark from Group Dates in the AutoFilter menu. Pivot Table Date Groups vs Source Data Date Groups in Excel After we create the groups on the Grouping menu, new fields are added to the pivot table field Here's how to disable automatic date grouping for pivot tables.

Information, Warning, and Stop. Figure shows the three different styles of error alert boxes.

excel 2010 data menu disabled dating

The type of error alert box you create determines whether a user can ignore your criteria. Information This box offers the user two choices: OK, which closes the dialog box, enters the invalid data, and moves the cell pointer to the next cell; and Cancel, which deletes the entry and keeps the pointer in the same cell. Unless you make the Title and Error Message text very specific, an information box can simply confuse the user more. Clicking Cancel will delete the entry and let you try again.

excel 2010 data menu disabled dating

The box has three buttons: As with the Information box, providing a helpful text message is a must. Stop This type of error alert box makes it impossible for the user to leave the cell while it contains invalid data see Figure The Stop box has two buttons: As in the two preceding examples, providing a helpful text message is a must. Error alert boxes appear only after someone enters invalid data. The Other Rules The Rules: Right, is alternately praised as a key to successful dating for women and maligned as a manual for manipulating men.

In either case, Amazon.

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Comedy Writing Secrets by Mel Helitzer. To create an error alert box, follow these steps: From the Style drop down, select the type of alert you want to create, enter text for the title and error message in the fields provided, and click OK. I provide IT support for a building supply company, and one of my prime responsibilities is maintaining a spreadsheet with lots of customer information, including credit limits.

I added a validation rule to every cell in the column, requiring a number 1, or higher, hoping Excel would display all the cells with invalid data, but nothing happened. On the Auditing toolbar, click the Circle Invalid Data button to draw a red circle around any cell that contains invalid data as shown in Figure In Excel and the menu items have changed a bit, but the process is basically the same: On the Formula Auditing toolbar, click the Circle Invalid Data button to draw a red circle around any cells that contain invalid data.

I use Excel to track the hours volunteers work at a hospital. I created a named range that contains all their names, and I use that range as the source for my List validation rule. The problem is that I want to copy the validation rule, and just the validation rule, to another cell in my worksheet instead of having to re-create it.

To copy the validation rule from one cell to another, follow these steps: Select Validation and click OK. Pick what you want to paste in the Paste Special dialog box. How do I keep Excel from going turbo? Clear this check box to multiply by all of the numbers that you enter in cells that are formatted in the Percentage format, including numbers equal to or greater than 1. If the first few letters that you type match an existing entry in that column, Excel fills in the remaining text for you.

If more cells than the maximum number of cells are affected, you are notified. Clear to enter alternate separators. Enter the number of workbooks that you want to display in the Show this number of Recent Documents box. Enter or select a positive number between 0 and The formula bar appears at the top of the worksheet.

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Comments are displayed only when you rest a pointer over a cell that has a comment. Worksheet tabs appear at the bottom of the worksheet window. For example, you can filter for just two-digit years by manually selecting two-digit years from a nonhierarchical list. Hidden objects are not printed. Outline symbols are not displayed unless the worksheet contains an outline.

Excel 2010 tab issue, everything on my data tab is grayed out and doesn't work

We can use VBA for this. You can unshare the cache by changing the source data range, but this can get messy if you have a lot of pivot tables. My PivotPal Add-in also has a feature that shows a list of all the pivot tables in the workbook and the associated pivot cache. So the main advantage of using the pivot table group field feature is that it is quick and easy.

excel 2010 data menu disabled dating

If you just need a quick pivot table report by year, quarter, or month, then this is an easy solution. I explained this in more detail in my article on grouping times in Excel. This means that the grouped fields will actually be columns in the source data, and just stored in the pivot cache.

Why is this important? Well it gives us more flexibility to make changes to our groups. If you use the grouping feature of the pivot table, then ungrouping or adding new groupings can cause unexpected results to other pivot tables that share the cache.

If we add a new date grouping to the source data of the pivot, then the pivot tables that use that source data won't necessarily be impacted or changed. Another advantage of grouping dates in the source data is when your company reports on a fiscal year that is different from the calendar year.


We can add this formula as a new column in the source data, then add that field to the pivot table. One big disadvantage here is sorting. Power Pivot helps with this sorting and grouping issue through the use of calendar tables.

Calendar tables are tables that contain a list of dates for the entire time period of our data. They also contain additional columns for the date groupings. We can then use Power Pivot to create relationships between our data set s and the calendar table to group the dates.

The calendar table approach is not adding any columns to the original source data table, and it is not applying the grouping in the pivot cache. Instead, it uses the relationships join created in Power Pivot to perform the grouping on the fly. I consider this to be a bit of a hybrid approach that is more inline with grouping dates in the source data.

excel 2010 data menu disabled dating

However, Power Pivot has a Sort by Column feature that allows you to sort your calendar table for fiscal quarters, months, weeks, etc. And then use lookup formulas to pull the field groupings into our source data.

How to Prevent Grouped Dates in Excel

Or use the merge feature of Power Query to do the lookups. Checkout my article on the The Calendar Table Explained for more details. Here is article by my friend Ken Puls on how to create a dynamic calendar table in Power Query. That is a lot of options!