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Get an example and create your perfect CV in Germany. history; -Skills; - Hobbies, personal interests; -Venue, Date and Signature (this is German standard). India has a broad ethnic and linguistic diversity. Persons entering India must have a passport valid for six months beyond the date of intended departure a business visa and an employment visa (afrocolombianidad.info). your CV may specify personal details such as your date of birth, your status ( single/ married), number of kids and nationality. In the UK, it is.

Foreigners who overstay their permits may be subject to fines and prosecution. You should carry a copy of your passport at all times. Exit requirements Upon departure from India, registered residents must have an exit permit and a re-entry permit if applicable. Disembarkation and embarkation cards Both upon arrival to and departure from India, all travellers are required to fill out Arrival cards disembarkation and departure embarkation.

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These cards require you to give information about your stay, including passport and visa details, flight details, the address where you will be staying, and the purpose of your visit. Visas All foreigners except those from Nepal and Bhutan require a visa to enter India. A few citizens are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival http: Depending on the purpose of your visit, there are multiple visa categories.

Visas are issued by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. A change of a visa category is not permitted once you have arrived in India. Business visa A business visa is valid for six months, or one or more years with multiple entries, with each visit limited to six months. A business visa valid for ten years, with multiple entries, is available to foreign business people who have set up or intend to set up joint ventures in India.

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Spouses and children will be issued an X-visa with the same expiration date as the employment visa. Entry visa X-visa Family members of foreign nationals taking up in employment in India are issued a version of an entry visa, called an X-visa.

The X-visa is valid for six months to five years stay, with multiple entries for legitimate purposes only. A spouse or family member is required to return to the country of origin to obtain an employment visa, to change his or her visa category, if he or she wishes and take up employment in India.

Residence visa Those who plan a long stay and want to establish residence in India for business purposes should begin application proceedings through their sponsoring company at least three months in advance.

Contact the nearest Indian consulate office for application forms and requirements. Other visas Specific visas are also required for students, travellers in transit, missionaries, journalists, and conference attendees. Children below the age of 16 are exempt from this requirement. Required documents include three copies of the registration form, four passport-size photos, copy of the passport with visa stamp, and a copy of employment contract.

When you register, you will receive a Registration Certificate.

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Only include content that might be interesting for the role and that shows skills, expertise or knowledge you gained which may add value to your potential employer. So include all personal details that might help your next employer to contact you quickly and to understand who you are.

If you decide to include a picture it must be a professional headshot. It is not common and you will never get that job! Include the name of your employing company, the dates you worked for them month and year! Clearly and truthfully state your work status: Have you been employed, a freelancer, an intern?

Did you work Full-Time, Part-Time or were you hired just for one project? Many candidates, however, do it without even knowing. This suggests to the reader that the applicant worked in the USA. Instead, the person worked in another location in their home country. Be careful about your working locations.

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State clearly that you developed your career path starting with a junior job up to the most senior position with the same employer. This shows that you can grow in a company. Action words are not as passive as simple tasks. Mention your achievements that are relevant for the job you are applying for. Use bullet points rather than full sentences — it is easier to have a glance -Your career history cannot show gaps.

Have you been serving Military Service or did you take care of your grandma for a while? You need to state this info. You may also include extra information such as reasons for a career change or reason for leaving the previous company.