Fender vibro king serial number dating

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fender vibro king serial number dating

Chassis serial number indicated , tube chart also. a blackface Super Reverb, a pre-CBS AB model labeled Fender Electrical Instruments and dated Jan .. The Vibro-King is a dual 6L6 amp that produces 60w at 2 ohms. My first blonde one was bought in May , serial number , date code EE, but I needed to sell it during the 'great recession' of '09 and. How can i tell what year my Vibro King amp is? "While dating Fender amps made before by serial number is all but impossible (as.

Yes, there are sometimes scratchy pots and microphonic tubes, but everyone struggles with that in all amps no matter when they are made and of what materials. The 12ax7 phase inverter and pull V1 is a must-have tube mod for me. You have probably owned and played a few hundred Fender amps during the years.

fender vibro king serial number dating

Is there anyone particular that you would mention to our readers? In the last twenty years there are just two amps that I regret selling, both very nice looking and with a tone to die for.

One is a silverface Princeton Reverb that I experimented a lot with after reading on forums that many people modified them to sound bigger, better and louder. Back then, I believed more of what I read on the Internet than I do now and I did not reflect that much on why people modified their amps to sound different. And so did I. However, if you own just one amp, a Princeton Reverb, it is understandable that someone wants more from it. Can you describe the tone of that Princeton Reverb?

If someone is looking for a quacky strat tone with the in-between pickup positions think Robert Cray, early Mark Knopflerthe Jensen C12n is a winner in the PR.

I also implemented the Stokes mod and Paul C to get more clean headroom and a smoother distortion without noticing as much change as I hoped.

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When cranked, this amp was enormously loud. I also changed a resistor in the tremolo circuit to get a deeper tremolo effect, a common thing to do in silverface Princeton Reverbs. A colder 6V6 bias will also increase the tremolo effect because of how the bias-based tremolo works.

The clean sound with a strat was incredible; almost as good as a 6L6 Deluxe Reverb with EVM12L, but what the PR really excelled in was a telecaster in bridge pickup position with the mids turned all the way up on the amp.

Many players and musicians I have met were impressed by the tone of this small amp. I also installed a pre-CBS black faceplate. When there was nothing more experiments to do, I eventually sold it to a guy who paid well enough for it. One year after I regretted and got myself another Princeton Reverb, this time a 66 blackface Princeton Reverb with an original Jensen C10n that sounded so well I could not believe it was possible.

Need help identifying Custom Shop amp model (Vibro-King)

It did not need any modifications at all. The Jensen C10n speaker was just as good as its bigger brother C12n.

fender vibro king serial number dating

Very few speakers are better than the Jensen C12n and C10n. What was the other amp you regretted letting go?

fender vibro king serial number dating

Man did this amp have a clean tone from heaven. I bought it a long time ago for approx. I just wanted to learn what the legendary 85w quad 6L6 Twin Reverb was all about. When I got this amp, I was not familiar with the Jensen C12n in these amps. After having played and serviced lot of amps, I think the American-made Jensen C12n are the best sounding speakers that ever came in any Fender amp.

There is no better tone using either factory-original or upgrade speakers, IMHO.

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It is pure vintage Fender with a slightly scooped EQ profile. They were robust too. It is a shame that the Deluxe Reverb never came out with Jensen C12n. Secondly, maybe it is a good thing. A Jensen C12n would have made the Deluxe Reverbs even more popular and harder to find than they already are.

Back to the 66 Twin Reverb. I sold this amp quite suddenly when a customer came in my basement looking for an amp that could deliver a decent clean sound with his nr 1 guitar, a newer strat with Eric Clapton Lace sensor pickups.

These pickups give a very strong signal. On top of that, they were adjusted close to the strings, which increases the signal strength even more. The customer was chasing a specific tone and not only did he bring his own jack cable, he even had his own power cable that lifted the ground and had several homemade magnetic rings surrounding the cable that removed noise. Whenever I touched the chassis of my amps he played in the basement, I got a V shock.

He still was not satisfied. He then noticed the stellar blackface Twin Reverb standing in a different corner than the other amps who were for sale.

I told him the Twin was not for sale but that he could try it. He turned on the amp and plugged in his guitar that was far out of tune, either because of bad intonation, magnetic pull from pickups, or simply out of tune. I seized the moment and told him that I could only let this amp go for a price that would get me another Twin Reverb with collector looks.

Gladly he paid me This was inI think. Sadly, I have not been able to locate a similar amp afterwards. Having that said, I have an equally nice Pro Reverb with Jensen C12n that brings the smile from me and anybody else that plays it.

Where the Twin Reverb stays evil clean above on the volume knob, the Pro will gradually give you sag, compression and tube distortion. After that the foreman would add the tubes, turn 'em on and set the bias.

Dating Fender amps by Chassis Serial Number

One has to wonder where all those factory original export back panels are! Another interesting tidbit is that a lot of Fenders were imported into Australia in the late s and early s that were stock volt domestic US units. The Australian Fender Distributor then installed V - V stepdown transformers in the bottom of the cabinets.

fender vibro king serial number dating

Note the removal of the voltage selector switch and hard-wiring. Also note the vertical black lines on the control panel found on earliest silverface amps and the large ceramic power resistors coming off the power tube sockets which indicates the AB circuit. I just discovered that the silverface Bandmaster speaker cabinet the big, tall one without tilt-back legs is ported see photo. I thought they were completely sealed units. One thing we know for sure is that production codes can help date an amp to a particular month within a given model run.

Greg and I also disagree about determining production from serial numbers.

fender vibro king serial number dating

I will present my hypothesis here and let Greg present his side of the story in a future article. Unlike serial numbers used for most Fender guitars and basses, we know that serial number sequences are unique to a particular model or a family of models of amplifiers. Because the serial numbers are for a particular model and that chassis were stamped sequentially, is reasonable to assume that the serial number infers the Nth unit manufactured. Some caution is advised since it is likely that not all chassis were used due to defects or that duplicate serial numbers may have been stamped.

There is no way to separate out production for these models, but with enough data, we might be able to do some frequency distribution and such to determine a rough estimate. For the uniquely serialized models, the production estimates using my hypothesis, can be determined from the serial number tables. For example, the serial numbers for 5F6 and 5F6-A Bassman amps run from BM to BM therefore we can conclude that there were about 4, units made.

How about those rarebird Vibroverbs? The brown Deluxe is less common at about 4, units made serial numbers run from D to D Anyway, you get the idea. For instance, the serial numbers for tweed Bandmaster 3x10 run from S to S Remember, this model shares a chassis with the narrow panel tweed Pro and Super. Therefore, the only thing we can infer is that there were 3, tweed Bandmasters, Pros, and Supers made in total. DATING The tables are pretty much self-explanatory, but here are some guidelines to keep in mind when using the tables to date your amp.

First, the tables should be used as a guide only. Large overlaps in years may be due to lack of sufficient data late s to mid s or simply that the stamped chassis were used way out sequence mid s to early s.