Fiat 500 twin air review uk dating

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fiat 500 twin air review uk dating

Key test, though: what does my girlfriend think of the car? "Get me one," Fiat TwinAir Photograph: Simon Stuart-Miller. Price From £ Festival passes are now on sale at Buy your pass. The Fiat is a deserved success story for the brand, offering bags of style, a fine Fiat TwinAir 85 Lounge review Fiat TwinAir UK review. The Italian carmaker has been clever enough not to mess with a recipe that has helped the firm shift million dinky s in eight years.

fiat 500 twin air review uk dating

Under the bonnet, all of the four available engines are carried over from the previous version with a few tweaks to bring them up to date. The engine line-up begins with the 69bhp 1. If you do more than average miles it might be worth waiting for the revised 1. We would now consider splashing out on the more powerful cc turbo models.

  • On the road: Fiat 500 TwinAir – review
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If you are downsizing, the turbo might be a bit of a shock at first. The little two-cylinder TwinAir engine is lumpy at idle and sounds rough around the edges, but bear with it because it is an enthusiastic little lump.

fiat 500 twin air review uk dating

It is fast, too, with the bhp version taking Until the diesel arrives, the 85bhp 0. The steering feels far too lifeless for that and there is more roll than you would expect. Fiat says it has retuned the suspension for the facelift and the ride does feel calmer than before, but the is still upset by the odd bump when sporting the biggest inch wheels.

Find some corners and it is agile, but not a natural entertainer and certainly nowhere near as involving as a Mini.

Fiat 500 review – a cheerful runabout for the style-conscious

Sadly, despite being new, the system feels slow to react and has graphics that look a generation old. Another new option is an Audi-style virtual dash that replaces the conventional speedo with a sharper TFT display. We would spend the cash on the optional decals instead.

fiat 500 twin air review uk dating

There are only two cylinders for a start, like on the original The air flows into the engine not through the throttle valve but through inlet valves, controlled by a new electro-hydraulic management system… Oh, never mind. What it means is that though the car has a tiny two-cylinder engine, it pulls surprisingly well.

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And its consumption and emission figures are excellent — the cleanest, greenest petrol engine in the world, Fiat claims. The only downside is the funny noise it makes. But no, not a downside.

To hear his recording of the car, click here.

Fiat review – a cheerful runabout for the style-conscious

The first clip is from the front by the engine, the next one from the back, by the exhaust. See what I mean? There's zero chance of that happening. It does suit her, but still, there's not a lot of "Ciao bella"-ing going on.

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Possibly because she's got me with her. Or because she's in Dollis Hill, not Milan. Or maybe even because she's making a funny, loose, airy, fluttery, old-lady-farty noise, from behind. Festival passes are now on sale at guardian.