Flash vs luther brainiac dating

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flash vs luther brainiac dating

Luthor/Brainiac knocks them all out except for the Flash, which he intends to kill definitely needs the Justice League, whether with or without the main seven. Scenario 1: Luthor-Brainiac kills Flash and proceeds with his plans to digitise Date|User Scenario 2: Flash destroys Brainiac, disarming Luthor, but is Superman decides either to turn himself in to the US Government or. Luthor/Brainiac creates guards out of nano-tech and prepares to kill Flash in a . This is still slower than the speed of light (approximately , km/s, or.

Grodd and fellow gorilla Solovar also developed telepathic and telekinetic powers. Led by the alien, the gorillas constructed the super-advanced Gorilla City. The gorillas lived in peace until their home was discovered by explorers.

Grodd forced one of the explorers to kill the alien and took over Gorilla City, planning to conquer the world next. Solovar telepathically contacted Barry Allen to warn of the evil gorilla's plans, and Grodd was defeated. The villain manages to return again and again to plague the Flash and the hero's allies. Grodd probed Solovar's mind to find the secret of mind control so he could control Gorilla City, using its inhabitants to take over the world.

Solovar breaks out of the cage and tells the Flash. The Flash defeats Grodd and temporarily removes his telepathy. When his power returns, he escapes and builds a machine to strip his fellow gorillas of their intelligence. The Flash finds out from Solovar where Grodd has escaped to and destroys the machine. Grodd is again imprisoned, but uses a burrowing machine he built earlier to escape. Assuming human form, he creates a drug to strengthen his abilities. After easily stopping the Flash, Grodd experiences a side effect that removes his new powers.

The Flash arrests Grodd and takes him back to Gorilla City. Grodd fakes his death by transferring his mind into a man in Central City, but is caught and arrested. Later, he instigates the Flash's Rogues Gallery, breaking them out of jail to distract the Flash after transferring his mind to that of Freddy, a gorilla in a zoo.

Thanks to Solovar, the Flash learns of Grodd's escape. Ironically, Grodd, despite using radiation to negate the Flash's speed, is defeated by the gorilla's mate when she hears him mention another gorilla.

He and Freddy are restored to their normal bodies. In a confrontation with Wally WestGrodd increases most of the animals' brain power in Central City. He hopes to endanger all the humans' lives, but this plan backfires because some of the pets are too loyal to their humans.

Immortal villain Vandal Savage kidnaps Titans member Omen to form the perfect team of adversaries for the Teen Titans. Savage approaches Grodd, offering him membership in this new anti-Titans group known as Tartarus and promises of power and immortality. Grodd joins Tartarus on their mission to synthesize the immortal blood of the H.

Mistress Addie Kane as Savage seeks to create a serum that will grant immortality. Their schemes are thwarted when the Titans intervene.

Gorilla Grodd

Tempest later leads a rescue mission to save Omen from Savage. During the rescue attempt, Tartarus collapses upon itself due to each member having a different agenda, because Omen had purposely chosen members who would not work well together.

When Siren switches alliances during the battle and aids Tempest in escaping, the Tartarus members go their separate ways. Grodd has made no fewer than eighteen attempts to eliminate all traces of humanity from the face of the Earth.

In Son of Ambush Bug 5 Novemberhe travels to the Late Cretaceous "to wipe out all traces of human evolution from the time stream" despite the fact that the ancestors of humanity would be his own ancestors as well. His plans are shattered by the sudden appearance of Titano and Ambush Bug waking from a nightmare. Whether or not Grodd's plan is a failure is disputable. During the Final NightGrodd attempted to use a mystical talisman called the Heart of Darkness normally effective only in eclipses that brought out the 'inner beast' of humans, turning the population of the town of Leesburg into feral monsters, including Supergirl.

However, Supergirl was eventually able to fight off Grodd's influence, allowing her to oppose Grodd until the sun was restored. Grodd is assumed killed when an icicle fell into him.

In the course of this, Grodd absorbs too much neural energy from his fellow apes, leaving him with the intelligence of a normal gorilla.

Grodd had been trapped inside the human body of an overweight street bum. Brainiac confronts Luthor in the ruins of the ship and is furious that Lex sabotaged his ship. Luthor mocks him and spits in his eye before Brainiac angrily snaps Luthor's neck, killing him. Now deprived of his ship and technology, and seemingly depowered by his ship's destruction, Brainiac finds himself faced by an entire city of angry, solar-powered Kryptonians.

Zod is eager for a final showdown with Brainiac, who calls Zod a coward for confronting Brainiac with his powers intact and an army of super-powered Kryptonians at his back.

In response, Zod fires the red sun radiation from an Archer rifle at himself, to remove his powers and thus supposedly level the playing field as he prepares to take Brainiac down. Brainiac 5 gives Superman a transfusion of Conner's blood and exposes him to a very large dose of concentrated synthesized yellow sun rays.

Using these techniques, Brainiac 5 is able to revive Superman. Despite the loss of his powers, Zod is able to get the upper hand on the similarly-powerless Brainiac and force him to his knees.

Zod is about to shoot Brainiac when Superman intervenes. This causes a heated argument between Superman and Zod. Zod commands his soldiers to restrain Kal-El so Zod can proceed with the execution of Brainiac.

Brainiac 5, sensing that this is his moment of destiny, steps in and teleports himself and Brainiac off of New Krypton. It is revealed that Lex used a Luthor robot, supplied by the Toymanto accomplish his mission on New Krypton, and that Brainiac killed the robot instead.

Lex is very much alive and discussing with General Lane how his objective, to bring chaos to New Krypton, was achieved. Lex has been working as an agent of General Lane all along. The disarray that Lex caused provides Lane with a window of opportunity as he prepares for the impending war with New Krypton.

Lex receives a Presidential pardon for his efforts. The story ends with Zod rallying his people as he declares war on the planet Earth. The story concludes in the next miniseries, Superman: War of the Supermen. Mon-El plants the many bottled cities that Brainiac has captured over the years on various planets across the galaxy. These cities will one day become the United Planets by the 31st century, the same planets that will produce the members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Vril Dox happily turns his "father" over to his people for his crimes. However Lyrl Doxa. Brainiac 3, releases his "grandfather" with a weapon called Pulsar Stargrave. What then occurs is an all-out battle for Colu between all three present-day Brainiacs. Vril Dox even calls in Lobo for help. Brainac breaks out of his prison and, after causing much damage on Colu, escapes with Pulsar Stargrave in tow for parts unknown.

Vril Dox was acknowledged as the greatest scientist on his homeworld, Yod-Colu, given his advances in force field technology and miniaturization. He developed an artificial intelligence, C. Dox discovered the fifth dimension was in a state of war, and a group of its inhabitants, the Multitude, had entered their dimension and destroyed over a hundred planets.

Realizing Yod-Colu was next in the Multitude's path, Dox tried to find a way to save his planet, even performing experiments on his son. Copying the planet's database, Dox constructed an army of robot servants called Terminauts and miniaturized the city his wife and son lived on and bottled it in a force field, while the rest of Yod-Colu was destroyed by the Multitude.

After the destruction of Yod-Colu, Dox constructed an army of starships and distributed his consciousness across a series of robots that would each travel the universe in order to preserve planets from the Multitude, becoming known as the Collector of Worlds.

One of these robots attacked Krypton. Dox became fascinated by Jor-El, a Kryptonian scientist who actually saved his homeworld from the Multitude. Upon returning to Krypton, however, Brainiac discovered Krypton had been destroyed. Later, while Clark conducts an interview in a robotic factory, the same harvester robots appear.

John Corben the soon-to-be supervillain Metallo is suddenly possessed by the artificial intelligence. Superman fights the possessed Corben with the help of John Henry Irons. Although they managed to defeat him, the alien sentience had already miniaturized and bottled the city of Metropolis and took it to his ship in space.

The alien identifies himself as a being from the planet Colu where he was known as C. O and on Krypton he was called Brainiac 1. He claims that, without Superman and the ship that brought him to Earth, his Kryptonian collection is incomplete. The alien intelligence demands Superman make a choice: Superman decides on neither and wears the armor which changes instantly into the current Superman costume design.

Brainiac sends Metallo to attack Superman, but due to Superman reasoning with him over his feelings for Lois Lane, he breaks free of Brainiac's control and joins Superman in his attack.

Superman then uses his rocket from Krypton that had also been miniaturized with Metropolis to attack Brainiac's mind, which the rocket was able to do since its primary mission was to protect Kal-El. In doing so, Metropolis was returned to Earth and Superman took possession of Brainiac's ship and made it his new super citadel. Striking a deal with Lady Styxoverlord of the Tenebrian Dominion, he bottles a portion of the Sh'diki Borough of Tolerance to add to his collection.

Ultimately, Brainiac abandons his plans with the Sh'diki Borough and ejects Caul and the bottled city before leaving for parts unknown. His minion Cyborg-Superman a reconstructed Zor-Elfather of Supergirl [51] constructs a portal to allow Brainiac's command ship and "daughter ships" to travel to Earth from throughout the galaxy.

The Coluan appears still-humanoid, and explains his reasoning for stealing minds from throughout the universe: His motivation for this appears a desire to right the wrongs he feels responsible for: His plan is undone when Superman drags him, mothership and all, into a black hole. But then, Vril Dox is snatched away to safety, it seems, by a being who appears to be the true Brainiac: Brainiac's attempt to do this to a future timeline of Earth-0 was narrowly averted by the heroes in the story The New Futures End ; Brainiac was contained in a T-sphere, leaving Telos stranded without his master, prompting the events of Convergence in which the planets are bid to fight each other.

When the events of Convergence nearly end in an irreversible destruction of the Multiverse, the time traveller Waveriderformerly the pre-Flashpoint Booster Gold, frees Brainiac, who reveals he is sick from his mutations and only wishes to return to normal, to being Brainiac of Colu.

He sends most of the heroes home, and with help from the Zero Hour Parallax and the pre-Flashpoint Superman, averts the collapse of the Multiverse from Crisis on Infinite Earthsand is returned to the normal Brainiac. His actions also allows various parallel universes and alternate timelines to exist as the new Multiverse. The entirety of the Green and Yellow Lanterns including Hal JordanGuy Gardnerand John Stewartalong with Starro the Conquerorare lured into a trap and subsequently hit with a shrink ray while on the planet Xudar, leaving them tiny and helpless.

In the next issue, they are trapped in a bottle, and their jailer is revealed to be a robot claiming to run on "Brainiac 2. The robot heavily resembles both Brainiac's skeleton-esque incarnation and the robotic drones utilized by the post version of Brainiac.

It has a collection of shrunken bottled planets, and travels in a ship resembling Brainiac's skullship. At the time it was not clear if this was the true Brainiac after Rebirth or yet another one of his drones.

Larfleeze is impressed that the machine was able to capture the Green Lanterns and Starro, and even more impressed with the machine's shrinking technology, and plans to hijack its technology to put together his own collection.

He takes the ship and collection to his homeworld of Okaara.

The Flash's True Power

However, upon being informed that the Yellow and Green Lanterns are still fighting inside the bottle and trying to kill each other, Larfleeze's own greed for having everything gets the best of him and he ends up breaking the container.

With everyone fighting together, the Orange Lantern Corps are quickly overwhelmed. Larfleeze accuses the robot of playing him; when it responds that it simply did what he programmed it to do, Larfleeze destroys it in a rage. Thus, the robot that defeated Starro, the Green Lantern Corps, and the Yellow Lantern Corps before subsequently being dispatched by Larfleeze was, in fact, one of his drones.

However, he did not come to destroy the Earth, but to deliver a warning: Brainiac thinks he can defeat the threat, but it means teaming up with Superman and the Justice League and combining members of the League with some of the most dangerous supervillains in the DC Universe and sending them into battle against this extinction-level menace. Four teams outfitted with Brainiac's technology are formed including among other members, Lex Luthor, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Sinestrowith Brainiac himself working directly alongside his nemesis, Superman.

Brainiac claims to have developed a plan to defeat the Omega Titans and the superheroes only need to follow his orders to win, but Amanda Waller uses the hidden Protocol XI, which involves kidnapping the world's most dangerous psychics, to probe Brainiac's mind and find out what he knows. The strain of the psychic attack causes Brainiac's head to explode, apparently killing him.

Brainiac 6[ edit ] He is the gang version of Brainiac and first appears in Adventures of the Super Sons 1. Powers and abilities[ edit ] Brainiac's most consistent power endemic to all versions is his "twelfth-level intellect", allowing calculation abilities, enhanced memory and advanced understanding of mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, physicsand other theoretical and applied sciences, as well as extensive knowledge of various alien technologies.

For comparison, the population of 20th century Earth as a whole constitutes a sixth-level intelligence and the population of 31st century Earth as a whole is a ninth-level intelligence.

flash vs luther brainiac dating

The character has created devices such as a force field belt capable of withstanding Superman's most powerful blows, [3] and a shrinking ray capable of reducing cities. Brainiac's advanced mental powers have shown him capable of possessing others, absorbing information from other beings, transferring his consciousness, [61] creating and manipulating computer systems, replicating multiple versions of himself, and exerting powers to traverse or control space and time.

Among organic beings, Brainiac views only his frequent partner Lex Luthor as a peer intellect. Brainiac is usually depicted with an incredibly high degree of superstrength and durability; the exact level varies, but usually hovers at around Superman's strength. Brainiac's exact abilities vary drastically throughout his various incarnations. Pre-Crisis[ edit ] Originally, Brainiac was a scientist with no superhuman abilities aside from his intellect.

He fought Superman via the use of his advanced technology and cunning, similar to Lex Luthor. His cybernetic headpiece let him interface with technology and project energy blasts from his head, which were powerful enough to significantly harm Superman. Superman described the blasts as "blindingly painful His technopathic abilities extend to control of his ship, with which he shares a symbiotic relationship.

The android version of Brainiac was capable of downloading his consciousness to spare, robotic bodies in the event that his original was destroyed or damaged. He could also possess organic beings in certain circumstances, as he did to Luthor during Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? The final body utilized by the Pre-Crisis Brainiac resembling a robotic skeleton was technopathic, had superstrength and durability, could discharge energy blasts capable of hurting Superman, and knew of how to "spin" the psychokinetic energies he generated into a web-like net which could hold Superman at bay.

Among the knowledge he absorbed was extensive information on hand-to-hand combat techniques, making him a very skilled combatant. Despite this, he saw physical confrontation as beneath him, and preferred to defeat foes with his mind. He was an alien consciousness who had possessed the body of a powerful human psychic and awakened his powers, further augmenting them with an implanted electrode head-piece.

His vast psychic powers allowed him to seriously challenge Superman, and defeat multiple members of the New Gods including Orion with a single psionic energy blast, [65] but the body's lack of Superman-level durability was a major liability and eventually led to it being rendered useless in a gasoline explosion.

After this organic body was destroyed, Brainiac's consciousness built and possessed various robotic bodies and occasionally hijacked other organic bodies such as Doomsday's.

His abilities were dependent on the body he was inhabiting at the time, which could vary from as weak as a normal human to far stronger than Superman. His nanoswarm incarnation, for instance, could shapeshift, regenerate, project energy blasts and force fields, and match Superman blow for blow; Superman stated Brainiac to have physical strength on par with Doomsday's in this form.

By contrast, Brainiac was easily able to kill Superman, and would have done so in a short time had he not been devoted to torturing the Man of Steel. The true Brainiac lacked psychic powers, but still possessed super physical attributes, intelligence, and technopathy.

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He possesses a level of strength vastly surpassing that of a full-powered Superman; capable of easily overpowering the Kryptonian in a grapple and flooring him with a single punch, breaking his near-invulnerable skin by squeezing Superman's head with his fingers, [68] and catching one of Superman's punches and crushing his hand until it bled, forcing Superman to his knees.

Like the Pre-Crisis Brainiac, he is mentally connected to his ship in such a way that he can be disabled for a short period if separated without warning. Initially, he had the weakness of being disabled by his mysophobia and sensory overload when dumped into Earth's atmosphere, [73] though he does not seem to have this defect in his later battles on Earth, such as when he defeated Superboy[74] suggesting that he had fixed it, or that he is only overloaded in particularly dirty environments.

Finally, being separated from his ship for prolonged periods causes him to physically deteriorate and become far less powerful, as Lex Luthor observed while studying his unconscious body over the course of several days when it was in the custody of the U. This Brainiac is an incredibly powerful physical fighter, but like his Pre-Crisis counterpart is most dangerous due to the advanced technology he wields, much of it of his own invention.

These include his classic shrinking ray and force fields, as well as other gadgets such as missiles capable of causing stars to go supernova. These probes are strong enough to draw blood from Superman [77] and tough enough to survive some of his powerful blows.

During the New Krypton story arc, Brainiac upgraded his probes with red-sun ray guns for the purpose of fighting Kryptonians. When Brainiac orders these drones to attack New Krypton, they quickly kill over eleven thousand solar-powered Kryptonians. With his ship, his vast knowledge, and his powerful technology, Brainiac has captured thousands of cities and has assimilated and destroyed just as many civilizations, making him the worst mass murderer in the history of the Milky Way [78] and one of the most feared beings in the known universe.

flash vs luther brainiac dating

He is considered one of the most powerful villains Superman has ever faced. The New 52[ edit ] Brainiac, in The New 52seems to have kept most of the powers and equipment of his Post-Crisis incarnation including his shrinking ray, force fields, and robot armywith notable additions.

He still appears to possess the physical strength and near-invulnerability of his Post-Crisis counterpart, as shown when he easily defeats the Cyborg Superman. Doomed story arc, Brainiac has used his twelfth-level intellect to become an enormously powerful psychic and telepath, augmented by the minds that he has stolen and digitized from across the galaxy, and capable of taking control of all seven billion minds on Earth at the same time.

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He also demonstrates considerable reality warping abilities; he claims that the combined psionic power of all the minds he has captured throughout the universe can allow him to change reality to his will, and plans to use this power to remake the universe in his image. However, this plan is prematurely ended when Superman battles him telepathically and crashes his ship into a black hole. Following the Doomed story arc, it is further revealed that the Pre-Crisis Brainiac somehow escaped the Crisis on Infinite Earths itself, and mutated from the various crises since, becoming a godly being.

This version of Brainiac is nigh-omnipotent and omniscientwith the ability to warp universes and time travel. Using this newfound power he either recreated or interacted with all the different iterations of himself throughout the multiverse, using his New 52 incarnation as yet another one of his many probes. He has grown so much in power that now he can collect cities from other universes at will. Red Son[83] JLA: Red Son[ edit ] In the Superman: Red Son graphic novel, Brainiac here depicted as an alien AI serves as the main antagonist.

Justice League Unlimited (TV Series) Episode: Divided We Fall

He first appears working with Luthor to undermine Superman, eventually shrinking and bottling the city of Stalingrad. Superman defeats Brainiac soon after, but his failure to restore Stalingrad becomes his one failure and a recurring source of guilt. After his defeat, Superman has Brainiac reprogrammed in order to serve him and the Earth, and help run Superman's Global Soviet Union, a task he takes to for the next four decades.

While serving Superman, Brainiac repeatedly advises him to take more drastic courses of action to resolve his problems, such as suggesting he merely invade Luthor's United States, though Superman always rebuffs his most extreme suggestions. At the climax of the story, Superman eventually does decide to attack the United States, and Luthor deploys a futuristic U.

Pacific Fleet and an army of superbeings including Wonder Woman and Doomsday in an attempt to stop him. They are either incapacitated by Superman or cut to shreds by Brainiac's ship, and Luthor himself is yanked down deep into the recesses of the Fortress by Brainiac to be converted surgically into a Superman robot. Brainiac and Superman storm the White House after defeating all the U. They are greeted by Lois Luthor with the last weapon, a small note written by President Lex Luthor that reads, "Why don't you just put the whole world in a bottle, Superman?

Superman, realizing the error of his ways, is horrified by the revelation that he has essentially become another Brainiac- "an alien bullying a less-developed species. He attacks Superman with a kryptonite beam weapon, nearly killing him while boasting about how he will conquer the entire universe after finishing off all his foes on Earth.

However, he is finally defeated when Luthor having escaped surgery through undisclosed means hacks and shuts off Brainiac from the inside.

His body is promptly destroyed by Superman. In one last act of spite, Brainiac's death automatically triggers his ship's self-destruct, which, according to Luthor, would eradicate the entire Earth and everything within a 15, mile radius.