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Scrapbook secondly your crush saga begins this. It is produced by Neil Young and Henry Lewy. On these tracks Young employs a new backing band, The Stray Gators, consisting of: The prevailing mood is a gentle mix of folk, country and acoustic singer-songwriter confessionals.

In truth, Neil Young is in considerable pain at the time. The pining loneliness is typical of the singer-songwriter movement of the early s. Neil Young finds himself in tune with the general tone of the times. This captures his acoustic side to perfection. However, his response is — typically — divided. I could probably make another one.

Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch. The incident weighs heavy on Neil Young and works its way into some of his later recordings. The couple split up in He continues to act as a co-producer through to This is cut short on 13 October when Neil Young has to have surgery on his vocal chords. Young regularly sides with the indigenous peoples.

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This is a blast of electric guitar over a throaty organ gust. The couple have two children: Ben has severe cerebral palsy. He is quadriplegic and unable to speak. Ian Tyson and Sylvia Fricker, whom Tyson went on to marry in In the mids the established rock aristocracy is challenged by the proletarian punk revolutionaries.

As punk gives way to its quirkier successor, new wave, Neil Young jams with Devo, an American new wave act. The jam sparks the next Neil Young album. The album is divided between acoustic delicacy and hard rock brutalism. The album title comes from an advertising slogan printed on t-shirts for Rustoleum, an anti-rust product made in Akron, Ohio.

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Young takes it as an admonition to beware complacency. Elvis Presley also upset the status quo. The whole thing is sequenced so that it flows from Young performing solo with the quietest, most intimate acoustic songs from the show to the full-blown Crazy Horse experience. The songs seem to get progressively longer too as the album unfurls. Beyond that, the songs are all well performed with Neil Young And Crazy Horse at the height of their powers. It is also his last for Reprise, concluding a long association with that record label.

David Geffen founded the Asylum record label in the early s and it became the home to country rock artists like The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt. Due to his power and influence, he assembles a superstar roster including John Lennon and Elton John. When Neil Young is also signed to Geffen, it seems like another jewel in the crown. They had no idea of what the future held. His voice is turned into an electronic mask via a vocoder while synclaviers are used to allow the guitarist to effectively play keyboards instead.

It is as though Neil Young has jumped in a time machine for a trip back to the mids. Half of the album consists of cover versions of old songs of that era e.

Neil Young institutes another one-off band to promote the album. The disc is co-produced by Niko Bolas who frequently co-produces with Neil Young for the next twenty years. Accordingly, he adopts another one-time backing group, The Bluenotes. However, Neil Young has resisted requests for him to join them…until now. The title is taken form a fabled city of gold supposedly located in Central America. Pencil notations indicate costume costs and measurements. Ink and graphite on paper. Lot Fleur Thiemeyer [Ozzy Osborne].

Costume designer Thiemeyer is best known for the flamboyant designs created for rocker Ozzy Osborne, and was featured in a "Theater Crafts" article on her Osborne creations.

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Six sketches of costumes created for Ozzy Osborne by Fleur Thiemeyer. Designed for his tour, each piece depicts a different flamboyant look for the ex-Black Sabbath lead singer. Each costume features Ozzy's signature draping coat richly accented with feathers, fringe, and metallic fabrics. All sketches are in colored with ink and graphite on paperboard, but for one simple pencil drawing.

Each measures 18 x 12". A few are lightly soiled at edges, one with a pinhole at upper center. Overall, in very good condition. Lot Four Flashy Costume Sketches. John Baur sketch of a Vegas style show-girl. Dripping with sparkling gems, the curvaceous blonde wears a dazzling sequined outfit with feathered tail and headdress. Signed at the lower right, and dated Ink, and graphite on paperboard.

Measuring 14 x 18". Doucette costume sketch for "Carol Burnette on Ice". The red-headed comedienne wears a sequined red costume with a feathered headdress and elaborate sleeves. Signed at the lower right. Ink and graphite on paperboard. Unidentified costume sketch of a pair of dancers, dressed as lobsters complete with sectional abdomens and claws. Indistinctly signed at the lower left with costumer's additional pencil notations in margins. Measuring 12 x 16". A few pinholes, with toning at edges.

Elaborate costume sketch identified as the "Dandelion Girl".

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Appearing as a dandelion blossom among leaves, the costume features a headdress of a white blossom and a bright green and yellow colored skirt adorned by leaf shaped accents. Indistinctly signed at the lower right. Ink, and pencil on paperboard. Lot Marjorie Best Costume Sketches Best, an academy award winning costume designer, was nominated for the award four times and won her Oscar for 's The Adventures of Don Juan.

Three costume sketches designed by Majorie Best. The first is labeled "Feathers" and features a raven haired actress in an elaborate pink and black beaded dancers costume. The next, also labeled "Feathers" is a sketch of a red, 19th century period dress with striped underskirt.

The final drawing, identified as the costume for David Street's dance number in "The Tenor", pictures the actor wearing a crimson turtleneck and slacks with a pink vest.

Best has added notations in pencil that his buttons should be "shocking pink rhinestones". Each sketch is signed at the lower right. Sketches are colored pencil, graphite, and watercolor. One is slightly soiled, one buckled at the lower edge.

Overall in very good condition. Four costume sketches by Michael Shields, featuring Diana Ross in a sparkling floor length pumpkin colored dress with golden accents; Catherine Deneuvre stylishly presented in a modern brown suit with pastel blue blouse adorned by a golden belt; a sleek Liza Minelli in navy pinstriped pantsuit; and finally, Helen Reddy in bright green wide-legged pants with a vintage printed top -- complete with open toed platform sandals.

Each signed at the lower right, Shields also dated and inscribed the Deneuvre drawing. Sketches measure 14 x 20", and 14 x 18". All are ink and watercolor on paperboard. The Reddy sketch is slightly water damaged at lower edge, Deneuvre has a pinhole and light soiling, and Minelli has a pinhole. In good to very good condition overall. Lot Riley Thorne Costume Sketches. Group of four costume sketches designed by Riley Throne. Featuring images of a dapper man wearing a red and blue plaid dinner jacket; a 19th century gentleman wearing a heavy taupe coat, scarf, hat, and boots; a plump 17th century cavalier wearing a brown lace-up shirt, green pants, heavy brown boots, with his sword at his side, and cap in hand; and finally a stylish late 18th century lady wearing a blue, bustled dress.

A fabric swatch of the cavalier's jacket is included. All ink and graphite on paperboard. Each signed at the lower right.