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My first Fraiser fic! When Roz gets injured in a random attack, Frasier is there for his producer in an instant. However, will their friendship be in jeopardy when he. Are you a fan of NBC's Frasier with Kelsey Grammer? Take this test to see if you know Question True or False, Roz and Frasier are dating. Alice's father is getting remarried, an ex girlfriend of Niles' wants him back, and is After Niles and Daphne get engaged at Christmas, Roz, Frasier and Martin.

No Frasier, I went into a coffeeshop and ordered a big cup of juice. Roz turns around and sees Buddy Roz: Well - get him over here. Frasier waves at him Frasier: Come and sit with us. Hello Frasier - I can't stay I only got here to pick up a muffin. And here I am. She takes his hand Frasier: And this is my brother Niles. Hello sees Niles and smiles - Hello Nilesy. Sorry - You remind me of my ex-boyfriend. Oh look at the time, I gotta run. Looks at Frasier with eyes to kill.

Frasier Mimes "I'm sorry" Roz leaves Buddy: So Niles, you're single? No, I'm married - to a girl. Well it's true - the good men are either married or straight. Indeed - now off you go. So Buddy - you like Seattle so far?

Sure, it's a lovely city. Where are you from?

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You know if you need someone to be your tourguide. Thank you Frasier, unless. I have an appointment with Frasier - a squash- game - planned for months. Oh I just remembered, Nilesy - I've a date with Jasmine tomorrow. You are free to show Buddy your favourite places - wherever they might be.

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Niles makes an effort to smile. Yes well - lucky me. Well that is a date. I gotta hurry now - I'm late for a meeting with Kenny. Meet me here tomorrow afternoon around three? What do you think you're doing? It was your own fault. Besides, if you have had an appointment tomorrow he would have asked you about the day after that and so on.

You might as well get it over with. Punish a man for being good-looking - Now he's going to hit on me. He is not, you're not that attractive your weird, little man.

As you know, men find me irresistible - remember Billy - Daphne's brother - he made a move at me once. Oh yes we talked about your sex with Roz and JAsmine. I refuse to discuss it with you. Oh come on, you can share it with me. It is absolutely none of your business. Martin is in his chair, reading the newspaper, Daphne's watching TV. Daphne turns off the TV.

Hi Frase, you've got a couple of calls today - a woman named Jasmine. Great, now maybe you'll all believe me when I say I'm not single? Of Course, but you got to try to understand us - you've made up girlfriends before.

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Daphne, don't you have some water to boil? What time is it anyway? It is half past seven. Roz wanders off to meet the new guy. Derrick returns from the bathroom. Well, she's sort of busy at the moment. Well, maybe I should leave then. I mean, stay, I'm sure she'll be right back.

Besides we can chat. Before they can really talk much at all Niles comes running into Cafe Nervosa. What are you doing here? I thought you and your brother were going to play squash. Daphne leans over and whispers in Niles' ear: I was just about to have a conversation with Derrick.

But, I thought I could talk to you. Niles looks a little dejected. He goes over to Roz. Roz, what are you doing? You're supposed to be with Derrick. Daphne can have him. But, he's all wrong for her! Because Daphne is a goddess. She deserves to be treated to the finest things in life and be with a wonderful, intelligent, caring man who adores her.

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You act like you want her. I'm going to set you two up. Roz rushes over to Daphne. Daphne you can't go out with Derrick. And why bloody not? Because you should go out with Niles. I want to go out with Roz. Daphne looks both hurt and shocked. Roz goes gets Niles and brings him over to Daphne Roz: Don't be shy tell her. Want something to drink?

He gave her a slightly disappointed look. She sighed as she realized that Frasier still had that look on his face. This place creeps me out. He walked until he came to a place where he could choose one of two hallways, neither one of them looking entirely promising.

She tucked a lock of light brown curly hair behind her ear as she approached Frasier. Sure enough, he did find that machine. He scanned his choices, noting that there were no diet sodas of any kind. He smiled slightly finding something he hoped Roz would appreciate.

After purchasing the drink, Frasier walked back over to where he had left Roz. He stopped in mild confusion before sighing at the realization that someone had taken his seat.

Especially over the radio," she reminded him. It's my show for a reason and that reason is because I give the advice. If you want to give advice, start The Roz Doyle Show. You can replace Bulldog. She held a small clipboard in her hand, which she gave to Frasier. You've already done so much. But you're my friend and I'm going to help you as much as I can. First name," he began. He then continued to fill out as much of the information as he knew, which was not that much after her last name.

She glanced at the seat on her left, noting that it was now vacant. Frasier nodded and sat down. I know it's May 5th, but I'm fairly certain they want the year. There's a cute guy over there who looks younger than that. I don't want him turned off by my age. It's not that bad, honest," Frasier assured her.