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fuckbook dating scam

Fuckbook is a site designed to help adults find some casual fun in their area. But is it a scam site or not? Let's find it We've often wondered what effect social networks have on dating sites, and whether there is a place in our lives for both. Fuckbook dating websites are a convenient way to find hookups. I got scammed because I signed up to sites that asked me to pay before I could use their. It's another in a long line of small adult dating sites that pull profiles from other sites and pretends to be a sure thing for getting you laid. You are better off on a bigger site like Adult Friend Finder, but it's also good to know how to do it (Meeting Women On Adult Friend.

We see this often on bad sites that we review for our rankings of the top sites for meeting single cougars. It happened to me like this: After I clicked away from that payment page, I began to notice all kinds of other suspicious things on this site.

Third Party Advertisements and Links One of the biggest red flags that I noticed on the site was the advertisements and links to other services. They try to entice you with women who live a thousand miles away and who will do things for you on a camera.

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Real dating sites try to link you up with women who you might actually like, who you actually have a chance of meeting. Lots of Fake Photos on FuckBook. Well, I clicked on one of them and it brought me to another well-designed page. This one was a profile page for a beautiful woman. She had a concise and convincing self-description and a really great profile picture. But I decided to double check its authenticity by doing a reverse Google search of the image.

What I found was not good. The image was featured on all kinds of other websites, and most of them were very NSFW. I repeated the search with a few other profile pictures and got similar results. There was no picture, no self-description. Why would these beautiful women be interested in me?

And since when were there so many local women who posted scandalous photos on a public website? I decided to read through the user agreement to see what I could find. They make their own profiles. But why would they do that?

fuckbook dating scam

They want your photos, too. I found this out by reading through the fine print, where it says: That means they can make whole new profiles with your picture on this site or another one. The answer is either you're very good looking, rich or the site is a scam.

This site is operating a well organized scam that sends emails to people shortly after they have registered with a free account on FuckBook.

We received 23 email's in just under 1 day of being on the site, even though our profile for this investigation was completely empty.

This FuckBook.com Review Explains How They Run Their Scam

We have no photographs and very little information. This means there is absolutely no reason why any local women would be interested in contacting us. If we try to read the email messages we were told "get a premium account to read this message".

And that is the end goal, they want you to get a premium account so they can make money off of you, it's all a scam. Fictitious Friends Requests We have received 23 "friends requests" from attractive looking supposedly local girls. If you look at the at the evidence below all the girls are either naked or very attractive or both.

These "friends requests" are not real.

fuckbook dating scam

These "friend requests" are all automated just like the emails that we have received. You can have these women as friends, however if you do try to initiate a conversation with him by email you are automatically asked to upgrade and purchase a membership. No one is actually sending us any friends request.

It's all a scam to trick us into purchasing a paid monthly subscription. The scam is always about money and nothing else. They want to trick you into upgrading so they can make millions of dollars off of gullible people who have no clue how these scam operations are run.

In fact, they actually admit to the practice and actively describe how they use phony profiles.

The Rank Of Fuckbook.com In Consumer’s Market Tells You Nothing About Its Scam

It is all written on their terms and conditions page. All the emails we received were sent from so-called "company provided profiles" marked with the letter. We have included evidence below, all the profiles have the letter circled in red.