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afrocolombianidad.info: Fujifilm FinePix S 14 MP Digital Camera with Fujinon 26x Wide Angle Optical Date first listed on Amazon, January 6, Read about our customers' top-rated cameras on our review page: Point-and-Shoot Cameras . Shop Fujifilm FinePix S Digital Camera - Red (14MP, 30x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD Screen. Also check our best rated Camera reviews . model number: S Red; ASIN: BB35W4; Date first available at afrocolombianidad.info: 5 Jan. The FinePix S and S are the highlight models of the 4 new There's even the option to Date Stamp images to ensure users never.

Despite its dSLR-like design, the S is a point-and-shoot camera and a fairly low-end one at that.

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You get what you pay for. What you do get is a megazoom lens, AA batteries for power, an electronic viewfinder something that's typically dropped by other manufacturers at this pricefull auto to full manual shooting modes rare in this classand decent photo, video, and shooting performance outdoors in good lighting. For those on a budget who simply must have a long zoom lens, it's one of the better options available.

Picture quality Overall, the S's photo quality is good as long as you're willing to work within its limitations. But, if you're the type to never leave auto or use a tripod, you might not be percent happy with its photos. Basically, like most lower-end to midrange compacts, the S can take some nice photos below ISO that can be used at reasonably large sizes. The more you have to go above ISOhowever -- whether for shooting indoors, using the zoom lens, or both -- the less satisfied you might be with the results.

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However, increasing the ISO also increases noise and noise reduction that, in turn, softens details. Once the S hits ISOthough, it will start to use slower shutter speeds to get the correct exposure. Depending on how slow it gets, if you're not on a tripod and your subject isn't still, you'll end up with soft, blurry photos. This is common with this class of camera, not just the S This may not be a feature you use every day, but it's incredibly fun - even if the results are tiny.

Build quality and handling A little larger than its predecessor, the Fuji S retains much of the same design, with near-identical top layouts and little changed on the rear of the camera either.

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That isn't to say that there are no differences, however. Gone is the directional pad, replaced with a rotational dial, which serves double duty, both giving quick access to the usual macro, flash and timer settings, while also enabling you to change, depending on mode, the aperture, shutter speed or brightness with a flick of the thumb.

Unfortunately the camera's overall diminutive stature means that the dial is still in a position that may require a little bit of thumb contortion if your hands are fairly large. Otherwise, the body fits perfectly in even a ham-sized grip, with the useful addition of a dedicated video recording button on the rear and a secondary zoom selector where the left thumb sits.

The Fuji S's body feels well constructed and solid overall, despite being a fully plastic casing. Gone is the fully textured body, leaving just a small section on the rear thumb rest.

While some features are right where you want them, we found that some settings were either buried too far under the menus or required far too many key presses. Deleting an image is a slightly drawn out process, for example, and it is a little bit of an annoyance when the camera toggles out of whatever timer setting you have it at after each frame.

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Accessing AF modes also takes a little more time than you'd expect, with area selection needing to be accessed via the main menu every time you want to shift the focus point. Overall though, most features are where you'd expect to find them and it doesn't take long to familiarise yourself with the Fuji S's system.

Performance For the most part, the Fuji FinePix S offers pretty consistent performance in terms of exposure and balance. Images lean a little towards the over-exposed side for some subjects, particularly at the far end of the zoom range. Detailed Review Fujifilm has made quite a name for itself in the recent past with its X-series of cameras.

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So, when we got our hands on the S, we were pretty eager to see what the super-zoom could do. The Fujifilm S is almost exact in specs with the S, save for the lens. The focal length of the lens on the S is mm whereas the S only does mm. We spent a considerable time with the Fujifilm FinePix S and here is the breakdown of what we feel about this camera: The rubber grip is nice, but the plastic nature of the camera is quite apparent.

We did, in our use, accidentally press the wrong button though, due to close proximity. While the camera does feel a little plasticky, it does not feel flimsy.