Game dev story combos sim rpg dating

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game dev story combos sim rpg dating

Dec 30, Odd combos: Music + Dating = Creative Amazing: RPG with: Fantasy Simulation with: Romance - Movies - Game Co. - Architecture Action. Game Dev Story Genre, Type & Combination Guide By Aaron M. Ma level is hired) RPG (A, Writer & Level 5) Simulation (A, Coder & Level 4) Sim RPG (A, . Dating & Audio Novel Sumo & Action Sumo & Trivia F1 Racing & Simulation F1. Hints, tips and cheats for Kairosoft Game Dev Story. All the Combos Audio Novel, Dating, Amazing. Audio Novel Card Game, Comics, Amazing. Educational.

I still get two points every time I get a genre or a theme to level 5, but I also sometimes get points for any level up. Apparently, the more points in a category I accumulated, the better the boost. Right now, most of my games seem to have a lot of points in fun, with a moderate amount of points in Graphics and Sound.

game dev story combos sim rpg dating

Creativity used to be low, but it started to get higher now that I have Polish maxed out and started putting points into Innovation. Some of the guesses include: Direction points affect level up chance for genre and theme Direction points affect the spread of the four game stats during development Direction points affect the amount of points in each game stat during development Direction points need to fit the genre and theme for the game to be more popular More direction points in total seem to provide better game scores I bought the Game Kid License With the Senga Exodus getting close to the end of its life, I ended up buying a Game Kid license, since it was the most popular console on the market.

Genres and types (Game Dev Story)

It was worth it because once I started making games for that one, I started making millions. My Dating Life game was developed for the Game Kid.

Robot Shooters and Animal Life games — it works so why change it? Game Dev Story might seem like a simple game, but I have plenty to discover yet.

So basically you can level up a coder, change his job description, level him up as a designer and so on. After you leveled up one team member in all job titles, Hardware Engineer becomes available. You will need a Hardware Engineer to develop your own console. Hackers can only be hired but not trained.

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The salesman might come by, you might to have to pay salary or invest in advertisement. Also reserve some cash to pay for external experts on game development. It requires a certain timing skill. Always use one main licence on which you develop your games. But once your console becomes old or loses market share you should consider a change and save up the money to buy the licence.

The high impact and high sales choices are more expensive, of course. Here is an incomplete list I copied from this forum: Works just like design and audio: Pick a staff member or an outside expert with a high skill in the relevant aspect. Boosts come in two types: However, unlike most iPhone games which tend to be of the pick-up-and-play variety, this actually has a bit of a learning curve to it albeit not a very steep one.

So here is some advice for the people out there who are looking to take the pixellated, pocket-sized games industry by storm!

game dev story combos sim rpg dating

Getting started Fill out your office with staff as quickly as possible, making sure you have someone specialised in each aspect of game development: Sound Engineer for Sound; Designer for Graphics; Writer for initial proposals; Coder for general game improvement and debugging. Contract work is a great way in the early game to bring in a bit of extra cash for your projects and earn some easy development points. So be ambitious and go for the jobs that offer you the biggest money.

Your team can handle it!

game dev story combos sim rpg dating