Gdi dating a frat guy fashion

Total Frat Move | 40 Things GDIs Should Know About Greeks

gdi dating a frat guy fashion

So that's where my “date a GDI, marry a sorority girl” slogan derived Plus, this group of girls will be her go-to for any and all fashion/“Am I fat?. I was dating a girl for a couple months and then she joined a sorority and began She had found a guy in one of the fraternities that her sorority associates with. . "not-in-college" is a much bigger divide than Greek vs. GDI. This is why fraternity men tend to date sorority girls. My boyfriend is in a fraternity & I'm a gdi. Frat guys are almost always dating more than one chick. 0 |0.

gdi dating a frat guy fashion

The most I was involved with Greek life occurred on random Saturday nights when my friends and I would innocently stroll into a frat party, where we were greeted with kegs and jungle juice. The frat guys seemed like total tools, and the sorority girls looked like wannabe Urban Outfitter models.

Frat Guys vs. GDIs

I had a lot of assumptions about frats, sororities, and Greek life as a whole. I thought the frat guys would sleep with anything with legs, and the sorority girls looked catty and inclusive. That was until sophomore year, where I started dating a frat guy and all of my assumptions about Greek life totally changed. I met him in the middle of freshman year, and our friendship blossomed into a relationship after our first week as sophomores.

Yes, he seemed like a total douche of a frat guy in the beginning. After all, most of the time we spent together before we dated he was drunk or high. After a relentless seven months of constant texts, and me switching off between complaining about him to actually enjoying our conversations, I decided to give him a try.

Dating a frat guy when you have no relation to Greek life is an experience in itself. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's the truth. Like someone said before, I have a hard time finding things in common with friends who didn't go to school let alone a gf. This happens all to often. Fixed your post for you. She's not your sleep around kind of girl though. She's not the type to have one night stands or anything. I think, as was mentioned by others, she found someone who has more in common with where she is in life.

We were compatible in the long term. We agreed on just about all social issues and how things should be.

gdi dating a frat guy fashion

But, she's young and wants to live like the college girl she is I suppose. You're right, if the relationship had meant enough to her, she would have been more acomadating.

gdi dating a frat guy fashion

She sure put on a good front for me though. Not hard to imagine if that user name means what it looks like. Time to let it go. However, I wouldn't put too much stock in the comment about still being together if she hadn't joined a sorority. The sorority was most likely a symptom and not the cause of your relationship problems.

gdi dating a frat guy fashion

Either way, she's moved on and it's time for you to do the same. As an aside, my husband did not go to college - in fact, in his culture kids were expected at around age 13 to get a full time job and help support the family - and it can be difficult to share a similar viewpoint on things, namely social activities.

God Damn Independent Girlfriends

Even as an adult, in general I see a very different set of social activities in those who went college and those who didn't. I am not a creep. I do have a new girlfriend now but I'm just trying to get a better understanding of Greek life at this point since I didn't join a frat in college. I did go to college but the job I chose is unusual and doesn't require a major college or a 4 year degree. Do you think that when two people, who are dating, and are in the same college and Greek life circle, tire of each other from seeing each other all the time?

Okay people on here have attempted to be very nice and accommodating to you. But I'm just going to tell it how it is: She is your ex.

Gdi Dating A Frat Guy

She did NOT want to be with you. So get over it! I feel sorry for whatever girl is dating you now.

gdi dating a frat guy fashion

Does she know that you're still obsessing over this ex? And people in Greek life have the same range of emotions and reactions as those not in Greek life. So stop asking stupid questions, stop being creepy and obsessive, and go live your own damn life.

I feel sorry for anyone who ever gets involved with you with a clam that tightly packed with sand. Again, I'm just trying to get a better understanding of Greek life. It's something I've been interested in since I was in college but I didn't have the opportunity to explore it. That was incredibly rude. No, you're not trying to get a better understanding of Greek life. You are obsessing about why your girlfriend broke up with you, and the only change that you acknowledge is that she joined a sorority.

I would be willing to assert that joining the sorority didn't cause her to want to break up with you, despite her agreeing with you that it was the reason. People who are doing the dumping will often agree with almost anything just to get the upset dumpee to leave them alone. I am happily married to a non-Greek man. I know several Greek men and women who are in relationships with non-Greek people. When the relationship is right for both people involved, that kind of stuff really doesn't matter.

While it may have been right for you, it wasn't right for her. Focus on your new GF and call it a day. We broke up shortly into my new member period. I said it was because I joined the sorority and I didn't have time for him. That wasn't the truth - I just didn't want to be with him anymore, but it was easier to lie at age You need to move on.

What It’s Like Dating a Frat Boy

She's just not that into you. I'm sorry if you think I was rude, but this guy is getting really creepy. And it needs to stop. I never dated another greek. When I started dating the man who would become my husband he had a 2 year associates degree, but worked a full time 40 hour job when we metthe most problems always arose from us being at different points in our lives. It took a while to find a median place where we were both happy, and accepted that I wouldn't be in college for ever.

She just wasn't that into you. Is your new girlfriend a college student who is in greek life, or wants to be? If not, then don't bother trying to find answers to those questions. Just let it go, and focus your time, energy, love and attention on what is in front of you.

But the rudeness was funny. Yes, the OP is creepy. But, you correcting someone is rather ironic. He was my first boyfriend. I thought this would be like the HS relationships I'd seen - date a few months, then move on and call it a day. This dude wanted to get married. All his friends who were among my only friends were in couples and it was a very tight knit group.

The autumn after he graduated I pledged my sorority. We broke up the December after I pledged. I'm sure he told everyone "she went Greek and dumped me" but as Maggie said, it was the symptom, not the cause. I didn't have any other friends and needed to find some. My chapter was THE most accomodating as far as non-Greek and non-college boyfriends were concerned.

I just didn't want to date him anymore. He did not understand that I wasn't ready to cut myself off from all other men in the world at age