Godly dating books women

Christian Dating's Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions

godly dating books women

Susan's rocky, real, raw, HONEST relationship with God was . I feel like so many books out there for single women only touch on one area of. If you aspire to be a godly husband or wife someday, what have you done and what are you doing to prepare for that ministry?. The best book any young woman could read is her Bible. . for God which will result in a deeper and more personal relationship with God.

A godly woman will not settle for anything less! She wants a man that could be a spiritual leader for her, a man that she can respect 1 Peter 3: If you are seeking your validity or worth in a woman, you will not find a godly woman, because you will be looking for qualities that the world esteems rather than the qualities that God esteems.

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Seek the Lord in prayer and ask him to bring you a godly woman. It is OK to do that. Also, pray for wisdom and discernment. God is more than willing to give that to you as well if you will ask him for it James 1: Also, start praying for your future wife. Pray for her protection and her own growth in godliness. You will read passages like Proverbs 31 and Titus 2and you will see and learn about what God considers to be a godly woman.

A vision for what type of woman God is leading you to will begin to form in your mind as you listen to the Word of God. And by joining a church, I mean a church where the Word is taught as the inerrant and infallible Word of God, where the Word is taught and preached, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is cherished, and where people are on mission to bring the Gospel to the world.

Also, this should be obvious, but church is where the godly women are!

godly dating books women

If you want to see a football game, you go to the football stadium. If you want to find a godly girl, go to a church. She wants to join a man on mission that is doing something with his life.

She wants to be a part of something special. It is your job to figure out what this is. What are you to do with your life? Where are you to go? How are you going to invest in building the kingdom of God? She wants to marry a hard worker whom she can respect. He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.

Great Books for Christian Single Women

Take ownership and pride in your work and work hard. Strive to become the best at what you do. Instead, develop appropriate friendships with Christian women in the context of service in the church. However, I got so much out of this book when I read it at the age of eighteen I read it when I was a pre-teen and did not enjoy it.

Any young woman who wants to glean practical and biblical advice for her earlier years will enjoy this book! Knowing God is key and this book will inspire you to learn more about your God.

I would recommend this book to any woman who wants to learn more about her God and grow in her knowledge of Him. So many mistakes are made in the early years that we must learn how to make wise choices and walk in the unique path and plan God has for us. I would recommend this book to any young woman desiring to make biblical choices in her early adult years. Any young woman who wants to passionately embrace adulthood should read this book!

Tozer described as a man who knew and walked with God. For that reason, I believe that reading this book will inspire you to pursue God and know Him as well.

Woman of God by James Patterson

So many of us lack the desire to have a close and intimate relationship with God. In this book, Tozer shares how we as Christians can cultivate a thirst for God which will result in a deeper and more personal relationship with God.

godly dating books women

I would recommend this book to any young woman who wants to have a closer walk with God. Any young woman who wants to become more like Christ should read this book! Each one stands out in my mind for a special reason. Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall — A great read for single young women although many married women have read and greatly appreciated this book. Please share it with your friends!