Gold digger dating jemima boone


gold digger dating jemima boone

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Text is clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages. Folks, this is a rare title. I do my best to bring these special items to auction whenever possible, but the only way I can continue to offer gems like this in auction format is if you bid on them.

gold digger dating jemima boone

Every bid is important to me, and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest in my books. If there are no bids on this item and you don't want to wait for the auction to end, feel free to make me an offer.

I would be happy to add a Buy It Now price to the auction as long as there are no bids. This is an exciting and accurate description of the westward movement and the numerous historic, heroic and colorful figures who beat back the wilderness and blazed the trails that a tide of emigrants would follow, first to the Ohio Valley, then beyond the Mississippi, over the Rockies and on to the promise of land and riches in California.

The book was written by Colonel Frank Triplett, who was descended from the pioneer Triplett who went to Kentucky in The Colonel was an intimate of the Boone family from whom he no doubt gathered the information he includes in his two chapters about their legendary ancestor, Daniel Boone.

The result is a series of adventuresome, picturesque, and sometimes bloody accounts of their successes and hardships. They paid dearly, these intrepid souls who sojourned into the untamed wilderness. Sometimes with their own lives, sometimes the lives of their family and friends. Every achievement was hard won and came dear, the true cost incalculable to modern minds which have no idea what it was like to face the prospect of Indian horrors on a daily basis.

These are not bedtime stories, nor flights of fancy. They are not for the faint of heart. These are chronicles of life and death in an unforgiving wilderness. While there were occasions for humor and good fellowship on the frontier, survival remained the driving force. Often it came down to kill or be killed as Indians and white settlers fought to lay claim to the same territory. In American history there are no more interesting figures than the Heroes and Heroines of the border.

Bold, dashing, adventurous and patriotic; loyal to friends, to country and to the interests of society, their work was singularly effective in the advancement of American civilization.

Distilled and bottled by: Stitzel-Weller Distillery, Louisville, Kentucky. The other side of the label says: The old style sour mash bourbon in this whimsical Hill Billy bottle is identical in quality to our world famous brand in its conventional package. Like I said, I'd be happy to send along a picture, but I didn't want to send an attachment with this e-mail. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you for your time and attention. The ceramic bottle you have is common.

The day I checked on Ebay, I found 8 listed and few that had a bid on them despite a low beginning bidding price. I would say there are more of these around than the demand for them.

They appear to have been made in the s possibly in the s as well? The Old Cabin Still whiskey made by Weller Distillery, Louisville seems to have made a number of different variants of the hillbilly decanter. I found several glazes and designs. The original was inspired by the Mountain Boy character in Esquire Magazine. Digger Our house is about years old. We turned the small garage into a bedroom and while doing that something dropped out of the attic. It was, I think, a very old baby bottle.

It is flat with a small curved neck and it says "The Seaside Nurser". Have you ever heard of it? Much appreciation, Cindi Y You have what one might call a turtle nurser. It was originally fitted with a tube and nipple. The Seaside Nurser comes in both clear and aqua and the earliest ones date to Inthey were advertised as selling for 60 cents a dozen. I have plans to do an article on nursers on the website in future and will go into more detail at that time. Digger Ryan Zerby, I was wondering if you could tell me a possible type of bottle I have.

The lip is very slightly larger than the neck, it has squared edges. It is seamed on each side. On the bottom there are what I think look like two crosses but could and probably are Xs. I am afraid I can't help much.

It could be a chemical bottle or a scent bottle or cologne. Digger, I have spent weeks researching a bottle of gin that I have and have been unable to find out anything about it. The bottle of Gin was acquired years ago in Germany by my father. There is a label on the back stating "Notice R. When my dad purchased it, he was told that it was gin that had been captured from a Nazi controlled distillery and had been relabeled for sale to allied military personnel.

I have included two pictures of the bottle. The gin is still intact however, the cork is showing signs of deteriorating. Can you tell me anything about it?

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I can find no mention of Delva Distillery anywhere on the internet. I really appreciate your help on this one. Sincerely, Joe Lyons Joe, I was not able to find out anything but a reader, Bill Richmond, recently sent this information.

The page is all photos and will take a while to load especially with older computers. It is light green in color. Inside screw on cap reads genuine Boyds porcelain in the center of the cap is a cross. I would like to know the value and year.

I also have a cobalt blue 6inc. The patent date on the base is Nov. Two variants are listed. One has letters in the four sections of the cross. The other does not. Often the Keasby bottle occurs a a very light color of cobalt blue called cornflower blue as well as the darker cobalt.

The bottle also comes in amber. The cobalt bottles come in both round and rectangular form. The rectangular bottle says "chemists" and the embossing is on the front indented panel. They are all very common. The company was located in Philadelphia about and moved to Ambler, PA in where they Henry Keasbey and Richard Mattison remained in business at least through One with a label said "Antifebrin and Chocolate compressed," but they probably made a wide variety of products.

None had a bid. Digger I recently came across a bottle of " Old Overholt " straight rye whiskey. I cant find a date, but I am sure it is older than 10 years.

I can have pictures of the front and back on request. I hope you can tell me what sort of little treasure I have.

I did find an advertisement for Old Overholt dated June so I know it could go back at least that far. If the bottle is machine made and does not say "Federal Law prohibits the resale I noticed a question today about Old Overholt whiskey and the Old Overholt bottle. West Overton still exists and the original distillery where Old Overholt was made is now a museum.

You can reach it via e-mail at womuseum westol. My sons recently unearthed some interesting bottles on our property and I was hoping that you could give me some info. The first bottle is approx. On the bottom of this bottle is the number "". The other bottle is also clear, it is approx. Thank you, Mary R. Raiford Daniel Fahrney, cousin to Peter Fahrney see earlier Month Question for article began marketing a teething syrup in In the company was listed as Dr.

The second bottle is a product of John F. Bauer Co, of Mt. It is a bit more common than the first one, but still a good bottle. It too dates to the turn of the century. Digger We were wondering if you could give us some advice. A local farmer has been digging up one of the fields where we walk the dogs, and hundreds of bottles have been uncovered.

We currently have about 50 here at home, but are unsure of what to do with them. We don't even know if they are worth collecting or are just rubbish. They are all different shapes sizes and colours and most have raised text on them. Here are a few of these texts. Hagues 9 Highfield Rd. They are all in a 'filthy' condition so we would like to know how to clean them properly.

Assuming they are worth keeping in the first place. We look forward to hearing from you. From what I hear of digging over there dumps can produce some pretty good finds. From your list, you haven't won the lottery but you've got some keepers. Look for bottles that have good color greens and cobalt and are in good condition. Soap and water with a little sand or kitty litter inside will take out most of the dirt.

Several of the names you mention are American probably made for export - Mrs. Enjoy the finding while you can. If on the other hand there is no open pontil on the base then it is a different story. I am also familiar with several other products of this company and the bottles including a Glycozone and a Hydrogen Peroxide bottle in cobalt blue.

All of the bottles I have seen from this company and all of the references I have found about this company indicate the time of manufacture to be the late s. To have an open pontil on the base would mean the bottle was produced prior to the Civil War. The Hydrogen Peroxide was advertised in I found listings for your product in I found no listings for the product in drug catalogs of and this does not mean it did not exist however. It also has a oval mouth. Check out my "Bottle Basics" to get an idea of the age of the bottle that would help.

However, I have recently had the most unusual thing happen to me in regards to a bottle. I work at a laboratory as a Chemist in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A few days ago a friend and I went walking on a beach outside our workplace that is not open to the public. While walking I found a beer bottle. This bottle is not what I would consider an antique, but you will be interested in the story behind it.

The amber colored bottle was filled with several rolled up pieces of paper which explained that it was a bottle that was thrown into the Atlantic Ocean in Liverpool, England in in celebration of the Guinness Beer th Bicentenary.

The embossing on the bottle reads exactly as follows: There is also an embossed image of the Guinness logo of a harp. The papers inside of the bottle included: It also explains that another thing in the bottle is a limited edition Guinness Beer label that would never be reprinted again. The label was included in the bottle.

There is also a brochure telling how Guinness Beer is made. Another paper telling about their label. An advertisement for Ovaltine. We have no idea why this was included!

This was a very interesting find. This bottle traveled all the way from Liverpool, England to Cape Canaveral, Florida and it took 41 years before it was discovered! Please let me know if you think this bottle and its contents would have any value.

Thank you, Carlton Hall Interesting story. I really couldn't tell you if the bottle had any value, but the company might be able to tell you. You might see if you could contact them. Whatever the case, it gives you a great story to tell when the wife invites the new neighbors over. I have had it for many years and have not been able to identify it.

Thank you, Dan Hi, don't know if you can help me or not, i have been trying to find out the origin, age, background etc. On a bottle that was left to me by my grandmother when she passed away. To no avail, I have not been able to find anyone who has responded to my e-mails on identifying this bottle. Thought you might know? Let me describe as best i can: Sure hope you can help me, it is quite unique. Deborah, I did a search with a search engine on "Bols". Interestingly I got a question answer site on which a lady had posted a question exactly like yours.

There were three responses to her question each one another lady with another Bols Ballerina bottle.


I have also done a search search on Ebay for the bottle and every time, I have found at least one for sale. Add together that this is the third time I have had this question about this bottle, I'd say they are very common. The sales price listed above is probably accurate for an empty bottle. Full it might bring a bit more, but I suspect there are more sellers than buyers so the value is going to be low. I have not been able to find out the age, but I expect they were made in the last thirty years.

Digger Pat galan I have a bottle I would like to know some history on but can't find any information. It is a very heavy approx 3 lbs clear glass bottle that has 4 different chambers inside of it and 4 different openings. It has bubbles in the glass and has two glass rings hand applied on the neck. This can only be read when the bottle is standing because the word are etched backwards on the bottom. Can you give me any history on this?

I also would like to know what the value of a repro Madonna bottle is and a genuine Madonna bottle. I have seen these still for sale in liquor shops. Your second question about the Madonna bottle a figural of a praying Madonna. I am not sure what an original would look like. The ones I have seen have been blown most often in blue glass.

To my knowledge these are Mexican in origin. Some have a date. I am not aware of any being made in this country at all. Digger Hello Digger, Could you provide some info on value and rarity of the following two bottles? There are also two raised dots one on either side of the shoulder. Cannot locate any trademark info either foreign or domestic for P. Regards, Allan Tiltti Tough question Allan. I checked all my poison resources to no avail.

Poison collectors are usually very particular about having the word poison on the bottle or raised bumps to indicate a poisonous substance. Many bottles containing Carbolic Acid are labeled poison.

Carbolic acid, an ingredient in Trikresol was a disinfectant used in many 19th century households, so it seems possible that yours was also a disinfectant. I found listings for Trikresol from I'd guess the labeled bottle to be quite rare. As for the second bottle, The P. The little raised dots are mold vents. When companies began using compressed air to first blow bottle is was necessary to vent the molds with tiny holes.

You will find these mold vent dots on bottles produced between about and Dear Digger Odell, Got a bottle here I need to get a value on. Hope you can help me. They encircle the skirt but stop at the paper label. Above the skirt on the neck are 4 rows of a nice, embossed scalloped or shell-like motif. The stopper has the same scalloped motif embossed on it.

The stopper is a round, ball-like object. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Tommy Peak Guerlain is one of the famous names in the field of perfume collecting.

They were in business and my still be for all I know about They seem to have produced a wide variety of products and some sell for quite high prices. I am not going to make an estimate since my knowledge in this area is limited. You can find the book for sale on Ebay.

Digger Hi Digger, I recently found a bottle on the beach, it is 11 inches high blue green in colora blob top and BIM, seams up the side to the blob. On the front are the words Hartfelder and Haab, a picture of a Stag, and under that Brooklyn, under Brooklyn it says Registered. Do you have any idea how old this bottle isits very beautiful and very heavy. Thank you for your time, Your bottle is a soda water bottle produced about The bottle is indeed a handsome one and I have owned a couple of them over the years.

gold digger dating jemima boone

The bottle is obviously a dug item. I looked everywhere and asked a few people about it so here it is the bottle is 2. Jim Lewis Jim, what an interesting bottle. It is definitely old probably about It looks somewhat like a Kewpie doll. Rose O'Neill designed this fame doll. It was as famous then as Mickey Mouse is today. Your bottle may have been a child's toy, a candy container, or even a perfume. Maybe a reader has an idea. I think it is really neat.

Omilarkdig I was tearing down a house in Tenn. It is clear with a swirly design. It has a circled 6 on the front or back which ever the case may be. On the bottom it has a rectangle with a capital I in it with Lyric under that and an 8 on one side and a B on the other. Any info and value would be helpful. Thank you very much, Omil The important clue is the "cc" this identifies your bottle as a prescription bottle. I have posted a picture of a similar bottle on an earlier month of questions I get.

The bottle was probably made sometime between Digger hello digger, I recently dug up an old bottle on a construction site in Philadelphia Pa. It is olive green 8 inches tall single collarnot sloping seams up the side stop one inch from top. The closure is threaded on the inside of the bottle ,the piece that is left seems to be maybe metal. The last word translated means emperors well or fountain, cannot find the translation for the first word. Any info would be helpful thank you start up bottle collector.

Inside screw threads are not common nor are they typically American. This is not to say that they are never American see the above illustration of the Whitney Stopper, patented in for an inside thread screw. The stopper was indeed metal and screwed into the mouth of the bottle.

I know of only a few American bottles with this type stopper. It is more common on European bottles. The name on the bottle you found together with the olive color suggests a European probably German origin. From your translation, I'd guess a mineral water bottle. I check all my American sources and there was no listings for Aachener.

Update from a Reader December Hi, I recently happened upon your interesting website answering questions about bottles. It turns out I have a bit of information about one of your questions. You were asked about, "an old bottle [I dug up] on a construction site in Philadelphia Pa. It is olive green The nearest big city is Bonn. Aachen is the birthplace of Charlemagne, and was his capital city.

Antique bottle bug We have attached a Polaroid snapshot of several of our antique bottles. Descriptions from left to rt are as follows: The Laxol bottle is nice.

They come in other colors as well. One variant is embossed Patented April 10, The company Andrew J. White is much older and produce some good bottles from the s. This was a castor oil product. The green flask could be a good piece, and unembossed bottles are tough to evaluate without see them, but most unembossed bottles of that age sell for very modest amounts.

Kennedy's comes pontiled and smooth based. Donald Kennedy of Roxbury, MA supposedly discovered a miraculous plant which is commonly found in pastures and possessed great healing properties. You can learn more about this one in my Pontil Medicine Encyclopedia. I have a Hutchinson bottle metal stopper and on the front I think its called a slug plate is written W.

Its light green can you tell me the year and value? Could you refer and good bottle book im looking for description and value Your bottle dates between and Hutchinson sodas are so common some collectors have fifty state collections of them. A couple of the states are very tough to get but you can get them all.

Some collectors are trying to get colored Hutchinson's from all 50 states. That would be very difficult, expensive and probably not possible as every state did not produce colored hutches. I assume by light green you really mean a shade of aqua. Aqua runs from a blue-aqua to a green-aqua. If it were really green even light green apple green, emerald it would be in ten times more valuable. As for a book about Hutchinson's that would be very ambitious.

The book would be very thick because of the large number of bottles from many states. I have seen a few books over the years that have included a few hundred, but I'd estimate there are probablydifferent Hutchinson's. I doubt we will ever see a complete listing. Digger Hi Digger, Ray E. I have two of your books about inks. I got a name on an umbrella ink that I just can't find info on. It is embossed horizontally on four of the panels with "E.

Thanks for any info you can forward me. Ray Emerson Vicksburg, MS Colored umbrellas are very collectible For our readers who might not know what an umbrella ink is I have three different ones shown at the left. Yours is extremely rare and possibly unique. Embossed umbrellas are few and far between with perhaps only a dozen or so different ones known. I check a few sources and could not find the name you gave.

Your other one is very common for a pontiled bottle. It probably contained Essence of Peppermint or something similar. Digger I have one decanter used for brandy that was given to me by my mother some years ago please just open the attached file and let me know whether it has a value, I need to know for insurance reasons I am sure that the decanter is silver plated it is getting rather tarnished and I am frightened to touch it on the bottom of the decanter there is an inscription that reads distillerie buton Bolongna Italia casa fondata plus another insignia I thank you and trust that if you can not give me an answer that you will pass this on to someone who can Malcolm These are modern collectibles.

I don't have much of an answer for you. I found nothing in my references to the company. I suspect it to be less than about 60 years old. I have not idea about value.

The only thing I can find is that it was somehow connected to the Worlds Fair. Thank You Rick That is one I haven't seen. Maybe a reader will offer an idea. I'm still trying to find information on a cobalt bottle I have. It has a screw-on metal top. There doesn't appear to have been a label on it. The only markings on it are an M or W in a circle on the very thick bottom of the bottle. We think it came from a drugstore. No chips, cracks or scratches.

Any ideas on the type of bottle and value? It is tough to give you much information. I can guess that the blue color is inspired by the likes of Bromo Seltzer. These bottle came in large sizes which were inverted over a dispenser. Your bottle sounds to be too large a diameter for such use.

Perhaps it held something like cotton balls or swabs. I've got a bottle as described: Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Your bottle might be a bit earlier. There is a great deal of collector interest in this type of collectible. Digger I hope you can help me. I am trying to find out some information about a bottle. It is mold-blown and a lovely lavender shade. I am interested in finding out what was originally in the bottle and approximately how old it might be.

Terri So far Terri I have not been able to find anything but it is probably a cologne turn of the century in age. Maybe a reader will know. A picture would help. I have not been able to find it several books I have on bottles and another friend who collects Jumbo peanut butter jars says he has not heard of the apple butter.

I would appreciate any info on the bottle, including age and value. Age is around s. Digger Digger, I'm not a collector of bottles, but curious as to the worth if any of a bottle someone gave me. Caldwell's and below it says Monticello Illinois.

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Thanks for a quick e-mail Rob Your bottle is a product of Dr. William Burr Caldwell introduced in It became a very popular seller well into the 20th century. The bottle probably contained his Syrup of Pepsin. Bottles had a cork style mouth until when the screw cap replaced the cork top. Digger I have a one gallon whiskey jug from T. Bailey- Distiller, Ferrum, VA.

While I personally have never found the idea of collecting whiskey jugs appealing, I believe others might. I really do not have a good answer about value. Depends upon local interest or some whiskey collector's whim. My guess is somewhere in the middle. It has appeal being from the South to some. Digger Do you have any information on bottles and ceramic artifacts of St. Thanks, Chip Clatto There are many good antique bottle from St.

Louis, like Cincinnati a decade earlier was the last stop before a long trip West. There are highly collectible inks, sodas and medicines from the time period from St. There are probably hundreds of collectible bottles from there. You'll have to be more specific. Digger Dear Digger, My husband and I recently stumbled upon what we believe to be an old household burn pile. We dug up about eight milk bottles.

Some had the painted lettering on them, some had no lettering, and one was embossed with "Chestnut Farms Dairy" "Washington D. What is the best way to clean up these bottles? Some were actual terrariums. Also, do you know anything about this dairy in D. It was really exciting finding these bottles and I'd like to start collecting. Are bottles that are dug up from the ground even valuable at all?

Even if they aren't monetarily valuable it was still fun finding them. Sincerly, Phyllis Armel Sounds like you've found bottles from the period. Cleaning them is best accomplished with soap and water.

Many will be stained from contact with the ground and water over many years. This stain is not removable by hand. The rule is if you like it then keep it. You are correct about the excitement of finding them. I have been enjoying digging for many many years and some of my favorite finds are bottles without great value.

Digger I recently purchased a mini whiskey bottle from a digger at a show in Kansas City. Is is light purple in color. It also has tiny scratches all over its exterior. Is there a way to remove the scratches without damaging the bottle? What do you think about the color? Eric I have not seen this little beauty and I dig frequently in that area. I can see why you are so fond of it. I would tend to differ from what you were told about its color however.

Recently a few people have been exposing bottles to high levels of radiation, changing their color dramatically. Yours appears to be natural. The color comes from the ingredients in the glass manganese which reacts to UV rays in sunlight to give the purple color. To me, from the picture, the bottle appears to have been dug.

The scratches and light haze can be removed by a professional bottle cleaner. See my page about bottle cleaning. Digger Hi, i have a bottle that came from the family of great uncle, described in book and history of Lemuel Blanch late 's. Very deep brown in color, applied wrap lip. Thank you for your time and attention, look forward to hearing from you soon, van Send me a picture.

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I'll post it here. List the bottle on Ebay if it has value it will sell. If the bottle is of the age you describe it has value. I have about 30 Pepsi bottles and the wooden case to go with them. They are tall and slender with swirling up to the red and white label the says Pepsi-Cola and above that it has the words 16 ounce.

At the bottom of the bottle it has a 0 B 62 and below the number code it has a