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group dating ideas

Now that we know the benefits of going out with other couples, let's discuss a few great activities for your next group date. Here are 20 great group date ideas. I know some of these dates are seasonal, but I wanted to give you a lot of ideas so that you could pick and choose. I really hope this helps. Have fun and may the . Jun 21, We have gathered the BEST group date ideas, as well as double date ideas! Invite over your favorite couples and friends for a fun group date!.

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The best part about skating with someone you love? Dinner And A Movie Dinner or dessert and a movie is our go to group date outing. We typically try to see the movie first and talk about it over dinner. For some people group movie dates are awkward particularly when it comes to seating but for us movie dates are always a lot of fun more movie snacks to share.

Go Kart Racing Start your engines!

group dating ideas

Going kart racing can be a lot of fun. It lends itself to a little friendly competition but tends to be fun for everyone. Play Miniature Golf If you are into activities that are slower paced, miniature golfing is a great option.

50 FUN and CREATIVE Date Ideas

Go Wine Tasting Schedule a wine tasting tour at a vineyard or winery. Plan A Weekend Plan an overnight or weekend getaway at a cabin or hip hotel. Rent a van or SUV and travel to your destination together.

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Before you leave stop to pick up a few souvenirs for the kids. Take A Class Take a group cooking class and learn some new recipes or sign up for a dance class and learn some new moves. Many places offer special group rates. Go Bowling Bowling tends to be a popular choice for group outings.

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We spent the afternoon riding roller coasters and snacking on theme park food. Here are a few experiences that youth shared with us.

Board Games with a Twist Playing board games is a simple date that lets everyone interact and usually results in laughter and good times aplenty. But have you ever considered acting out a board game?

group dating ideas

Yes, that means Colonel Mustard was in the house for real. It was also affordable. Food, Glorious Food Dates and dining often go hand in hand.

But you can shell out big bucks at a restaurant. Here are a couple of alternatives when it comes to meals and dates. That was really fun. I got to know the people.

group dating ideas

We were doing stuff together. Their solution was to have the first course, French fries, at a local fast-food place. Chicken nuggets at a different fast-food location.

group dating ideas

And the third course? Milkshakes at a third location. She and her friends regularly plan bonfires at the beach as creative dates. A picture with the mayor was worth points!

Simple, creative dates can be invented in a manner of minutes and can cost nearly nothing.

group dating ideas

How about feeding ducks at a pond? Or what about holding a snowcastle or sandcastle sculpting contest, using pots and buckets from around the house to help build?