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one of the best gynecologist in bangalore review, dr. asha s vijay . and constant dating and to be a fantastic role version for youngsters. Find a recommended gynaecologist in your city! Posted by Labels: contribute, doing it right, gynaecologist, safe city pledge Bangalore. Dr. Chaithra Harish MBBS, DGO Gynaecologist, Bangalore .. gynaecologists are of the opinion that some females possess a predisposition to this disease, and.

And I also had a boyfriend at the time. I was finally confident again that my made vagina was still working. I knew that after that appointment, I could meet with him and he would just hold me. I knew emotionally it would be a hard day. But I didn't have a boyfriend to do that by the time the appointment came. I arrived on time to the appointment and checked in at the front counter. I sat down and launched my computer and started working, only that I was called back into the room after I got my computer booted up.

I went back into the room and the MA started asking me questions about my last period and sexual activity. I told her that I had a congenital condition called mullerian agenesis. She didn't know what that was. She asked me to change into the gown and wait for the doctor. I didn't have to wait very long when the doctor arrived. She introduced herself, Ann, and she asked me about the congenital condition that I had. I was so thankful and relieved to find out that she studied under the specialist that I was not able to get an appointment with anymore.

I wanted to sing into the heavens. When she asked me about sexual activity, I just about cried as well because that has been such a difficult thing for me to just relax through. With my few partners, I always worry about everything working. I was a bit relieved and also kind of sad in a weird way when she told me that I would never have to have a pap smear because I don't have a cervix.

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She did a brief digital exam and commented to me that it is amazing how far the vagina has come from nothing.

She asked me during the visit if what she did hurt me in any way. I told her no, but that I was used to pain down there. After I said that, it struck me. I should not be used to pain down there. Following this, she was given pre-conceptional counseling and folic acid was started. Her basic antenatal blood test and scans dating and nuchal translucency were un-remarkable.

Her anomaly scan revealed normal-appearing fetus with molar placenta covering the internal os completely. Other biometric parameters were normal.

There was no soft tissue or bony markers. Patient was counseled regarding the complication of molar pregnancy, complete placenta previa and chances of fetal abnormalities.

With written informed consent, amniocentesis was performed. Liquor was brownish in color.

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Decision was taken to continue the pregnancy. She was given steroids at 28 weeks. The growth of fetus continued to be satisfactory.

Planned delivery was done at 34 weeks. On table, placenta was extending anteriorly. So it was cut through, and a single live preterm female baby of weight 1.

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Baby was active and cried immediately after birth. Cord was cut, and the placenta was removed in total. There was no abnormal adherence of placenta, and it was assured that uterine cavity is clear. There was no PPH. Placenta contained multiple vesicles of size ranging from 5 mm to a maximum of 2 cm. Placenta was send for histopathologic examination. Postoperative period was uneventful. Patient was discharged on the fourth day. Baby was on minimal oxygen support for the initial three days after which the recovery was fast.

Baby was discharged in a week. Histopathology report showed normal-appearing chorionic villi as well as edematous villi with hydropic change and scalloping of villous membranes.