Heroides 7 testo latino dating

P. Ovidius Naso, Epistulae, Dido Aeneae

heroides 7 testo latino dating

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Kenneywho produced the first modern critical editions of the Amores, regarded these two groups of manuscripts older and more recent as representative of two independent lines of transmission.

The dates of the manuscripts seemed to correspond closely with two separate pedigrees: S was, and still is, considered an inferior manuscript. S, in the words of Kenney A discovery and further research were soon to complicate this rather simple reconstruction of the tradition. It was not long after the appearance of the first edition of Kenney's OCT that Munari first called attention to the Hamiltonensis Ywhich hitherto had been ignored.

Credit for the rediscovery belongs to Helmut Boese. Because of a cataloguing error, which dated Y to the 14th century, neither Munari nor Kenney had taken Y into account in their editions. The accession of Y to our knowledge about the tradition has had two important results.

The Manuscript Tradition of Ovid's Amores

First, Y is a valuable independent textual witness—better than S and just as valuable as P. With Y in the picture, there were now two manuscripts of the 11th century—but their texts were quite different from each other.

heroides 7 testo latino dating

It even had authoritative readings not found anywhere else most notably, Am. The arrival of Y served as reminder of something else: Y had shown that the dates of the manuscripts did not closely correspond with the nature of the texts that they offered. A good reading—a good reading attested nowhere else—could appear in a later manuscript. They are not one family, but amount to an intertanglement of many individual families.

I would have said that differently if I hadn't started Metamorphoses before reviewing, and I would have had a vastly different impression of this if I hadn't read Amores and The Art of Love beforehand. Ovid's love poems introduced me to a hyper-witty and hyper-clever really knowledgeable but insincere poet. This was not that voice.

Heroides 7 Testo Latino Dating

Heroides is a collection of letters written mainly by spurned heroines in Greek mythology to lovers. Fifteen of the letters come from the likes Penelope, Ariadne or Medea, or more obscure women like Laodamia to Protestilaus or Canace to Marcareus.

The sixteenth letter comes from Sappho. And six more are back and forth with lovers. Paris writes Helen to woo her, and Helen writes back with what amounts to something that is not no.

I'm sure the modern ear can find much to make fun of, and any reader in any age will easily pick up the many levels of satire. But, oddly, these aspects don't color these letters.

The Manuscript Tradition of Ovid's Amores | Dickinson College Commentaries

On the surface they are sincere. The heavy satire is mostly in the situations, the set-up if you like. The letters themselves are straightforward And they are occasionally moving. Laodamia's letter to Protestilaus stands out. In mythology Protestilaus leaves for Troy shortly after their marriage, and becomes the first casualty in the Trojan war.

He is brought back to life for three hours to see Laodamia, who afterward commits suicide. She writes this letter as an unknowing widow.

heroides 7 testo latino dating