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Money Attraction Hizib Oil Code: Magick21 A very unique oil! .. Antihypnotism; Telepathy; Lembu Sekilan; Ilmu Sabdo Mandi; and many other powers! later date: Marifatullah or Divine Gnosis-Initiation Transmission This. Main · Videos; Korean culture dating facts australia. We'll accord a lot more to plop on shayan sampling infusion inside taxing nights as the infusion disburses to. Dating pops again hizib air berlin boardshop online dating sabdo dating. a Mníchova (air Berlin). Letenky z Viedne, ktorá je najbližšie k hlavnému stanu našej.

Prepare the below items: Betel nuts clove and lime e. A large tank with water collected from natural source 2. The 7 pieces of Limau Kedangsa and the coin must first be thrown into the water tank. Once completed, the pulverized substance is spit into the water tank. Bath with the water in the tank until finish.

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Keep the coin as a good luck charm. This ritual is best to be performed under the full moon. This is a ritual used to identify the culprit of stolen properties. There are many variants of such a ritual in all cultures: When you have lost something or you suspected that it is stolen by someone, perform the below ritual: Prepare a clean white porcelain plate and apply with some coconut oil. Burn a piece on white candle. Recite Surat Al-fatihah 3x. Recite the key prayer: Now hold the plate with your left hand and bring the plate over the white candle; ask a kid of below 10 years old to look on the surface of the plate.

The prayer must be recited repeatedly until the child can see the face of the thief. If the God is willing, you will know who has taken your belonging. A Ritual For Life Sufficiency I post the below ritual specific to people who find difficulty in getting enough life necessities, everything seems just not sufficient. Although there is income on and off, but it is just difficult to make ends meet.

Or for people who always feel that they are always in bad luck and cannot see a bright future ahead; then do this ritual as a means to get out of your current situation. It is believed that this ritual is originated from Wali Songo long time ago. In old days, people who practised this ritual would fast in the jungle for 40 days consume only leaves and wild fruits.

Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim Urubin dzatullaah metu murub, Allah mobah jroning ambengan, Allah mosik jroning ati, Ya Allah kagungan rasa, Rasa mitulungi, Rasa nyukupi, Rasa maringi, Ya rasaning Pangeran Ya Rasul kang dadi wasilah lantaran mukti mulyo kecukupan, Duh Pangeran kulo nyuwun gampil, gangsar pados sandhang, tedho, kebeneran kamulyan tansah lumintu kecukupan lestantun kersaning Allah.

Laa Ilaaha Illahhaah Muhammadur-rasulullah For the people who have practised this ritual must not over sleep, try to do something useful no matter how small the matter is. Always keep busy such as clean your house or help others to do work. The main requirement for the success of this ritual is that you must be diligent with your religious practices. This is to ensure that only the angels will come to your assist and not the jinn or devils.

Attracting Wealth With Gendam Harta "Gendam Harta" also known by the name "Gendam Bondo" is a ritual to attract wealth through trading either by one self or by learning from others for those who do not have enough starting capital. Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim Niyat ingsun bebakulan dedagangan Sing adol lan sing tuku kipo-kipo, Sing adol murah sing tuku nglarangi Kemrubut tekane koyo tawon agung — ninggal madune Saking kersaning Allah Laa ilaaha illallah Muhammadurrosulullah.

Teja Asmara Love Spell This love spell belongs to one of the powerful Javanese love spell since the Dutch colonial period. At that time the Javanese youngsters use it to attract Caucasian virgins. It is said that whoever hit by this spell will be difficult to cure. So you are urged to exercise caution and not fool around. Very bad consequence will happen to the practitioner if the person is not sincere.

In order to master this spell, you must not sleep for one day and one night. Recite the below prayer for times: The purpose is to strike your enemy within a 10 feet range. The victim will feel pain and fall sick within days after being strike by the invisible arrow. If not cured after a period of time, the weak ones may die. The power of destruction is very much depending on one's Chi really.

This ritual is normally used in conjunction with other medias such as poisons, Phi Pop, santau or the like. You must have the empowerment.

This is important because this is basically a black magic ritual and the empowerment will ensure that you have the necessary protection from back fire. This ritual is practised once every morning before sun rise for 49 days non-stop. Very important that this ritual MUST be performed outside of your house. First burn one joss stick and three pieces of paper money. First, facing the East, draw the above talisman on your palm 9x, then turn to South, West and North.

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Recite the mantra 1x and draw the talisman 1x: After you have drawn 36x, close your palm as if holding something. Now choose a target at a distance and release your energy towards the target. Now burn another 3 pieces of paper money.

Go home without looking across your shoulder. After 49 days, you can try to strike the candle flames at first at 3 feet away.

When you can extinguish the candle flame, take a step back and do the same. You have to perform the exercise until you can extinguish the candle flame at about 8 feet away.

Now you can try to strike at a bag of cotton or something light. Do as above until you can move the bag at about 8 feet. Try to strike a small animal until it falls with a single strike. For the santau practitioner, the poison can be hid under the projection hand's finger nail and strike out as before. You will be able to see the release of the santau as a flash of golden or blue light. It would take at least 3 years of continuous hard work to have initial success. If you are really persistant, after 10 years of practise; a single blow will bring down the toughest guy on this earth.

It take too long? Well, in old days, people only master one method and not like our modern times that we have all sorts of choices. I post this method for your reference, I have not included the detail practice and the cure. Javanese Wings Of Flies Ritual Evoking the presence of supernatural varies according to methods, location, media and timing.

This said method takes a long time, but if you are patient, then at the end of the ritual, if God is willing, you will see the result. During the days of old Islamic government, this is an opening ritual to the supernatural at sea. I think the more appropriate title for this ritual would be: A fair word of warning: It is best just to keep the ritual in your occult library. Fast consecutively for 40 Thursday, breaking fast at Maghrib by consuming non-meat products.

Forbid to sleep at night until dawn. The smoke right wing is said to be medicine for human and food for sea jinn. The smoke left wing is said to be disease for human and poison for sea jinn. The wings must be burnt in burning charcoal, do not use benzoic or perfume. You must perform the ritual for 40 Friday night consecutively. During the 40th night, recite the below mantra: First perform tawasul to: Malaikat Jibril, Mikail, Israfil, Izrail iii.

Recite whatever Sholawat while waiting for the presence. In time you will notice a fine thin mist forming and nearing you slowly, gradually it will thicken.

Do not be afraid, continue to recite the Sholawat. When the mist thickens, you will feel your body stiffens but become lightened. These are the signs that the spirit is uniting with your body. Continue to think of God so that you will not lose control. This sea spirit will completely unite with your body but your mind is still clear. After the union is completed, then you will experience abnormal events: Able to see many sunken treasures in red, yellow, blue and white lights.

Able to see all sorts of sea spirits. Invulnerability to sharp objects 2. Able to within extreme cold temperature iii. Able to breathe in water a. This ritual was used for the divers to obtain pearls or fish, now it is used to search for sunken treasures.

To release the sea spirit from our body: I got this ancient spell from the said king of Inderagiri in the interior of Riau. Some people say that he is also one of the kings of the weretigers of Sumatra because the king has no notch below his nose. I have seen him fishing by only murmuring three sentences and the fish would become tame and he would only fetch the fish from river. It was on a Friday night of July, that he has invited me to see him in his dwelling place for a chit chat.

According to him that he has foreseen that I will be returning to my home country soon, so the king of Inderagiri indicated that he would like to pass me his knowledge so that he can die in peace. Indeed after that, I have not seen the king since So you think I am a member of weretiger huh? According to the king, the origin of this ilmu pukau: At that time, Hawa was buried in a cave in the land of Thursina. The cave was sealed by 3 stone gates. So Adam prayed to God so that he could open the gates.

So the God gave Adam the 3 sentences.

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Adam subsequently was able to open the 3 gates and met with Hawa. Recite the above prayer for x for 9 consecutive nights outside of your house while facing the night sky. On the last night, put a napkin on your head while recite the prayer. Upon completion, throw the napkin into a river while reciting: In order to maintain the power of ilmu pukau you must recite the below key prayer 99x at the moment you are falling asleep: First you kick his ass and see his reaction … But seriously, for your reading only.

This is a dangerous spell, for the sake of all our daughters out there, the empowerment is not given. Unless if you are a weretiger. His grandfather was a descendent of a harimau jadian. You know best the reasons for declining … So.

Below is what he has narrated to me: First, prepare item as below: Some leaves of kafir lime that have been exposed to morning sun 2. Weeds 3 pieces Crash all the ingredients to fine pieces into a half glass of plain water. Clean yourself and bring the mixture outside of your house. Find a quiet place so that you will not be disturbed. Put the glass directly onto the floor a few feet in front of you, and then take posture as if a tiger.

Craw until your belly is directly over the glass. When you have done so, recite the above prayer slowly for x. After that, blow four breaths towards the water. Now you can sit cross-legged on the floor and use your right hand to squeeze the mixture in the glass until the aroma is released. After that, wipe the liquid all over your body, pay attention to your face. This is because the heart of hypnotizing power is hidden in the face. But remember, you must control yourself so as not to roar like a tiger … or you will be part of the weretiger family J.

When you have completely rub the water all over your body, then my friend, you will feel your body hair stands up straight as if touched by small static electric charge.

Let it be as your body is in the process of absorbing the nutrients and power of a tiger, you are allowed to return home once you feel calmer. If you heard a second roar, then do not respond as this is the challenge of other weretigers. You can clean yourself once you are safely inside your house. It is advisable to perform this ritual once a month if you want to further into the world of weretigers.

To activate the power: Recite the prayer above 4x then release your breath to your right index finger. Rub your index figure on the part between your nose and lips: Rub your finger from top down. For business, interview etc: Rub your finger from down up. To be invisible from your enemy: Get a piece of weed and place it horizontal below your nose, recite the prayer 4x and break the weed.

Throw one half to your right, and the other to your left. But you are forbid to touch the body of your enemy, if you do so, he will be able to see you. You must recite the prayer 4x before you sleep every night to maintain its power. It is said that once you have mastered this spell, you can even tame a wild tiger. I post this ritual for your reference only. I am not responsible if you became one of the weretigers if you really follow the above ritual.

Below is the how to: This tiger guardian spell will give you a tiger khodam and it is originated from Banten, Western Java. This tiger guardian spell is a very rare and powerful spell. It is kept secret because on the inherent danger that comes with it.

One side effect of possessing a tiger guardian is that the practitioner will become very sensitive and easy to get annoyed by small matters. As such the emotional may be out of control and attack other persons as if a wild tiger is attacking. One remedy is to recite Istighfar constantly to bring down the temperament. The benefits of obtaining a tiger guardian: Protection from physical and non-physical attack 2. Able to perform long distance attack 3.

This khodam can be commanded to split apart your enemies 4. High level authority fit to a leader 5. Healing of medic and non-medic illness 6. This tiger khodam can be commanded to perform various tasks etc. You must perform this empowerment at night. First prepare a cup of black coffee, a cup of plain water and some benzoic incense.

Perform a short prayer to express your intention to master this tiger khodam. Do the breathing exercise slowly for about 30 minutes. You will feel a vibration sensation in your body. Drink the coffee and water. Now you are ready for the actual practice. Fast for 7 days starting on your birthday. Forbid to consume meat products. You must perform the ritual starting 12 midnight.

Before your ritual perform Solat Hajat 2 rakat and then tawasul to: Syekh Abdul Qodir Zaelaini c. Malaikat Jibril, Mikail, Isrofil and Izroil d. Syekh Abdul Muhyi Pamijahan e. Fakhrurroji Banten 3x Al-Fatihah f. Ustadz Ruhiyat Abdul Rohman Tasikmalaya g. On the 6th day, it is forbidden to sleep from Maghrib to Maghrib of day 7 thand you must perform the recitation throughout. Starting from the 4th night to the 7th, after the recitation, you can sit cross-legged and perform this breathing exercise: Stretch both of your palms as forceful as possible until you feel a search of energy within your body; relax and your body will perform movement as if of a tiger.

For best result, prepare a cup of black coffee and a cup of water to be consumed after the prayer recitation. Activating your tiger guardian: Perform a short prayer to God Almighty expressing your intent. If you want the tiger guardian to enter your body; do the above breathing exercise. If you want the tiger guardian to materialize in front of you, call its name repeatedly until it comes: Prepare a cup of black coffee and water. Your room must be dark. You must perform the prayer x every day.

The Sacred Tiger Harimau Keramat In Indonesia and Malaysia, a sacred tiger spirit is believed to be the guardian of a holy place such as the tomb of a saint, the tomb of ancient heros, mountain etc.

People who has seen this sacred tiger spirit said that it looked like a white tiger, have breasts that of a woman, with black eyes and walk up straight as if that of human.

This sacred tiger can only be seen if someone with bad intention has intruded into its guarding compound. In this case, the intruder will see the ugliest form of this sacred tiger.

It is believed that the story does not end with the retreat of the trasspasser. Because the sacred tiger will haunt this person where ever he or she may go and it will even disturb this person in the sleep.

This attack will only ceased if the intruder returns to the place and make offering of apology. People believe that this sacred tiger spirit was from the spiritual world and it is rared by the saints or ancient heros while they were alive. The original purposes of keeping this sprititual pat were for protection from enemies: There is a ritual from Garut, Java West for evoking the presence of this sacred tiger guardians of an area.

Perhaps you can try out if your durian plantation has any tiger spirits watching over? Below is the ritual: Prepare the below offering: One cup of sweet and bitter black coffee 2. One cup of sweet and bitter red tea 3. One cup of plain water 4. Cigar one piece 5. One chicken egg 6. Some benzoic incense and white candles. Go to the site on Thursday night, lay the offerings on the floor, and ecite the below prayer: Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohim Ashadu daun waru sahadat daun dadap klenang kleneng.

You must recite the prayer until the tiger spirit materializes. You will be able to hear a tiger roar. Leave the place at once as this spirit is only within 12 feet away from you.

Unless you have means for protection, you may be harmed by this tiger spirit. Best still, just a friendly advise: Whose function is to seduce human and mislead human by the way of black magic. Not only that, which revealed in detail the life from childhood to why he came to be known as Nyi Blorong capable of providing property or richness. Having so said, Aji Nini Blorong is a type of spell that will get you sustenance and clothing with ease. With that, all your effort in find a job will be much easier and with more success.

Normally, people who have achieved success with this type of spell are merchandisers, bill collector, farmer etc. It is quite easy to cast this spell. What you need to do is first to perform Mutih fast for 7 days and 7 nights, starting on Friday. After you have done so, then you should continue with Patigeni fast for one day and one night. During the fasting period, after you have performed daily obligatory prayers, below prayer is recited 7 times; and at night, after you have completed the sholat sunnah hajat; recite the below prayer for times.

After you have completed the above ritual, when you have a need; just stand in front of your house at 12 midnight and recite the prayer for 3 times. This spell is originated from Southern Sumatra that was once known as the land of Srivijaya. It is believed that there are still many hidden teachings since the olden days. There is no need to fast, but you must be a person of very patient. Able to bring down a concrete wall with a single strike. Able to burn your opponent's body Mantra: Prepare a large wok which is used for cooking during the party, and an inch thick rattan.

Overturn the wok on land and sit cross-legged on the convex part. While reciting the mantra, start squeezing the rattan as if you are doing laundry. Once you have successfully break the rattan, then you have mastered this spell. There is no specific time to begin this ritual, the most important thing is that you must not be seen by others; and you must in clean condition. Get yourself a split tail lizard.

Take a needle and poke the first tail, draw some blood and smear on the first banknote. Now, poke the second tail and do the same to the second banknote. Find yourself a river, bury one of the banknotes and light a stick of incense. Bury another banknote on the opposite bank of the first banknote. Again, light another incense to mark the location. If your ritual is successful, one of the banknotes will fly from its place to get to the other one.

Use the one that has flown to buy things and it will return to you. Catch two frogs that are mating on Thursday. Tie the couple and draw some blood from the frogs. Smear the blood of the male frog on to banknote with the preceding number; smear the blood of the female frog on the following number.

The frogs are then kept inside a container after maghrib prayer and buried at an isolated location.

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The banknotes are then put on the burial site and covered with a black cloth. Burn black incense during the ritual. The burning of incense cannot be interrupted throughout. After the ritual, the money can be used.

Use the denomination with a larger serial number in your wallet while the one with lesser serial is used to buy things. The taboo is that you must keep the ritual a secret.

It possesses many valuable treasures and it is very generous to those who can conjure it successfully. Below are the terms and conditions: You must fast for 1 day starting on Tuesday.

But first, perform tawassul to Jinn Nasibin by reciting Al-Fatiha 41x. Recite Surah Al-Jin ayat 6 continuously until the jinn comes to you. Jinn Nasibin has a head of around 2m with bulging eyes such as that of the lime.

Its tongue is around 70cm long and 30cm wide. You will be asked to put your hands in its mouth to get whatever treasure is inside.

As usual, practise this ritual at your own risk. The other is fire, water and earth. Below high level practice, acts as fast as wind blow. For your eyes only. You must have a pure mind. You must work hard and sincere in learning. Forbid to pray for impossible things. Facing the direction of kiblat. Ali Imron Method of ritual: Recite Surat Al Faatihah, 3x 2. Recite Surat Al Issra ayat Subhanallahi wal hamdulillah, walaa illa ha illallah wa allahu akbar, 3x 4. Surat Al Ikhlas 3x 6.

We will always remember you. Oh God, grant us happiness, O God, grant us good luck, O God, and grant us safety and constancy of faith. O God, infuse the power of Aji Mahkota Alam into the flesh and blood, soul and body of thy servant, and open me to the supernatural power.

Kun you said to me, fayakun happened to me. Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim Basmallah 7x 9. Asyhaduallaa illahaillaullooh, wa asyhaduanna muhammadarrosuululloh Syahadat 7x Shollalohu alla Muhammad Sholawatx Laa illaaha illaulooh Tahlilx Ya Alloh Ya Qodim, x Asyhaduallaa illahaillaullooh, wa asyhaduanna muhammadarrosuululloh 1x 4.

Shollalohu alla Muhammad 3x 6. Laa illa ha illaulooh 3x 7. Sometimes the power reacts automatically. Illahi Anta Maqsudi waridhokal Mathlubi 4. Wa ufaw widhu amri Ilallooh 5.

Latudrikuhul Abshoru wa hu wa yudhrikuhul abshoru wahuwa lathiful khobiir. Continue with mantra 2 and so on. You can activate the Al-Hikmah power when you have reached level 3. The rest of the practices is to boost your inner power only. Inna Nahnu Nazalna Dzikro wa inna lahu laha fizhun 7. Alam taro ilallazhiina khorojuu min diyaa rihim wa hum uluufun hazarol mauut.

Ayat Qursy It is suffice just to recite the above mantras and compress your stomach dantian without the need to fast. Provide Protection To Others For 24 hours only a. Hold the shoulder of the person you want to protect while reciting any of the mantra in the main practice 3x then blow a breath of air to your hands.

Blessing Water For curing illness or possession a. Recite main mantra compress. After each of the recitation, blow a breath of air to the water. Return Of Stolen Goods a. Recite main mantra 3 or 4 compress and pray to God so that the stolen goods are returned. Recite mantra 4 from the further practice 40x at each egg. Then break the egg one by one at the place where your goods are stolen after 7pm. To Sell A House Quickly a. The first thing I noticed was that the battery was draining very quickly.

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