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holodeck simulation dating

La Forge sets up his quarters as if he's going on a date, picking La Forge runs to the holodeck, hoping in vain that she hadn't seen that last simulation convincing but plenty of things that the holodeck would have missed. Seven of Nine programs Holodeck 2 to be a rustic cabin where she practices the Later, she attends a simulation of B'Elanna Torres' baby shower, where she her quarters and put herself in an alluring dress for her date with holo-Chakotay. Star Trek's Holodeck technology could conjure up pretty much any Next Generation came as part of a holodeck simulation of Utopia Planitia.

holodeck simulation dating

She tells Geordi that she was once taken care of by a bald man when she was hurting and therefore looks for that. Geordi says that's what he wants too, to take care of someone. Galek Sarthe Captain of the Cleponjitakes full responsibility for what happened to his ship and its crew.

Booby Trap (episode)

The feedback ends, and the away team returns. The Enterprise tries to leave, but a Menthar booby trap begins to drain the power reserves of the Enterprise, which is unable to move, and creates a deadly radiation. The ship loses power and while Ensign Crusher tries to reverse course and leave at warpthe ship is still stuck. La Forge says that everything is running as it should, but he suggests that the ship slow down not to burn out the reaction chamber.

Act Two Edit The Enterprise has three hours until energy reserves run out. In the observation loungeRiker suggests sending another away team to the ship to check their records. Worf says the radiation is inhibiting the sensors. Lieutenant Commander La Forge does not yet have an explanation for the energy loss.

Picard goes back to the bridge and leaves La Forge to research the problem. Crusher wants to set up emergency life support in case the ship does lose all power and is exposed to the radiation.

holodeck simulation dating

Unfortunately, the crew will only be able to live for 30 minutes after exposure. This matter is known as "holomatter", and usually disintegrates when the virtual-reality program is ended.

holodeck simulation dating

However, examples from some episodes show holomatter persisting beyond the confines of the holodeck. In the episode " Encounter at Farpoint ", for example, Wesley Crusher falls into a holographic stream, but is shown to be wet even after exiting the holodeck. The most commonly depicted type is a program in which the user of the holodeck is shown to be able to interact with the virtual-reality environment and its characters.

holodeck simulation dating

The lesser-depicted type is a passive mode, in which the user is shown to be an 'unseen' observer in the simulated environment. Characters in Star Trek are shown to use holodecks for recreation and for work. By simulating settings and events, undertakings in science, logistics and law may be carried out.

Human Error

A wide variety of settings and situations have been portrayed on the holodeck, including a 19th-century American West adventure, and the experiences of Captain Jean-Luc Picard playing the part of one of his boyhood heroes, fictional detective Dixon Hill.

The holodeck is usually shown to be controlled by voice commands, though physical controls have also been shown. Later, Icheb comes to Astrometrics to relieve Seven, because the Doctor wants her to spend more time regenerating. But instead of going into her alcove, she takes a belated baby shower gift to Torres in Engineering, and tries awkwardly to engage in small-talk. Then she modifies her holodeck program to fully decorate her quarters and put herself in an alluring dress for her date with holo-Chakotay.

They prepare dinner together, and the mood gets increasingly romantic until they kiss. Suddenly Seven is distracted by a shrill noise, but she ignores it as she embraces her new simulated boyfriend. The next morning Seven has disturbing dreams where she sees herself as a drone and her metronome appears as Borg technology.

Real-Life Holodeck? 'Star Trek' Tech Uses VR to Solve Global Problems

She wakes up when the real Chakotay summons her, which is odd because she's next to the holo-Chakotay. She arrives in Astrometrics where Icheb has picked up a warning beacon revealing that Voyager has entered a munitions testing ground. Chakotay is concerned that Seven was late for her duty shift, but she denies being distracted. Later Seven is back in Holodeck 2 playing the piano for holo-Chakotay to the beat of the metronome.

He's impressed by her flawless technique, but then he stops the metronome and tells her to play with more feeling.

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  • Real-Life Holodeck? 'Star Trek' Tech Uses VR to Solve Global Problems

She's frustrated and anxious at first, but gradually she's able to play more from the heart, without needing to be perfect. Just then three alien missiles emerge from subspace and destroy a target probe, sending out shockwaves that rock Voyager.

PERVERT SIMULATOR - VR Kanojo (HTC Vive Virtual Reality Gameplay)

The real Chakotay calls on Seven for her sensor calibrations, but she needs a moment to return to her station. While the ship shakes hard, Seven gives Paris coordinates for other warheads about to emerge, but they turn out to be wrong.

Star Trek's Holodeck: from science fiction to a new reality

She corrects herself, and Paris is able to re-orient the ship to withstand the next shockwave. In her Ready Room, Janeway chides Seven for being late with her sensor calibrations and for being away from her post, and asks why she's logged so much time in Holodeck 2. Seven tells a direct lie — that she's been running a simulation to improve ship systems — and apologizes for dividing her time while the ship is on alert.

Janeway accepts her story and her apology, and looks forward to seeing her simulations.