Iit bombay girls dating

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iit bombay girls dating

A boy tells about rare breed of girls at IITs and life cycle of romance for IITians. IIT JEE, as you know, is one of the most difficult exams in the world that Warning for the Guys: Don't ever dare date or even talk to a faculty's daughter. . IIT Bombay Students Create an Authentic Railway Map for Mumbai». Date IIT Bombay guy/girls. 1K likes. Outsiders can post anonymously that they want to date any specific or any random person with some qualities and IIT. Writing about women in IIT, starting off with my memory of being there almost . alumni awards till date – five out of the total of (merely %). by faculty as “incomparably the best girl student we have has at IIT Bombay.

How we achieved the change was just that — we did it. It was our hostel. We decided how we wanted to live in that space, what we wanted to call it and we just started doing exactly that.

We did not have other examples before us.

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We just did not accept the fact that we were being treated differently. We saw ourselves as students of the campus. This particularity of being treated different just did not seem right to us and we were using the logical training that we were getting to address it.

iit bombay girls dating

The interesting thing is that we managed to do all of it without active intervention from our teachers or the institute. We were happy to have a non-interfering warden, someone who was an independent woman and treated us as autonomous young women. And much to the credit of IIT authorities then, we did not face any backlash for deciding our own rules and nor did we have to agitate a lot.

One needs to say this because in the present moment there are many universities where the authorities have been ruthless in the ways in which they deal with such actions. Obviously it was a different time. It was post Emergency when it looked like anything could happen.

It was the beginning of this new articulation of feminism, unlike the present when there is a steady backlash against feminist articulations, as the world realises the full potential of what real equality means to the existing social order. So while gender equality is a catchword, the meaning of equality is different especially for those in authority.

The confusion around the meaning of equal access, leads to inclusion that is half hearted.

iit bombay girls dating

In this context I wish to initiate a discussion on the issue of number of women students in IIT. And so one of the suggestions for achieving a larger percentage is of increasing the number of seats for women who qualify the JEE Advanced by addition of supernumerary seats in addition to the existing seats. This is a scheme that shall be implemented by While I do agree that part of the problem is the steadily increasing cost of preparing for the JEE to get into IITs, and the reluctance of parents to send women to the coaching classes to bring them on par with the men students who they compete with for admission, there are many other issues as well.

We need more data and analysis. We need to compare data of all the IITs to see if the trends are similar. We need to compare programmes and disciplines with other enrolments in public institutions of repute across the country. The total number of women in IIT also is lower than the national numbers for science and engineering. It looks like those who succeed in IIT are usually men. Look at the number of women awarded distinguished alumni awards till date — five out of the total of merely 2.

From How Often They Bathe To How Frequently They Have Sex, A Peek Into Life At IIT Bombay

She rightly asks what is it that the IITs are doing to show that these institutions are safe and welcoming of all genders. This included but was not limited to showing to the world the kind of facilities that exist for women students, featuring women alumni in material about the Institute, getting alumni to persuade women students to join IIT, and also exempting women students from fees as well as providing scholarships to them. Essentially what both these analysis ask for, is more reflexivity within the Institute about its own practices and policies towards women students.

And for this it is not enough to just look at the number of women students coming in through the JEE.

iit bombay girls dating

A more detailed analysis of all courses and number of women within these is important also. It is these low figures for women students coming in through the JEE, that prompt measures like extra seats to address the disparity in the intake for the B Tech programmes. A closer look at the other figures, however, shows that the situation is not much better for those that do not come in through the JEE.

The number of women students at the M Tech level or in the MSc programmes and even the PhD programme which includes the HSS does not show any marked improvement over this same time period. There are some unusual dips in the numbers around and These need to be explored further to know if there were any reasons why these sudden plunges happened. This data is from this millennium, a time period in which IITs have been in the news thanks to the active alumni network that has been activated consciously for fund generation.

Could this be a possible deterrent to young women aspirants? I decided to check this further as I was writing for the alumni newsletter. The isolation of Hostel 10 from all other student activity stands out and this is the present hostel which is a much larger version of what existed in and even till the early s.

The distinguished alumni awards were started in and have been regularly given as an annual feature since The first woman gets it in and she is a Physicist. The next woman was awarded in and since then there have been three more, so some efforts are definitely being made, but there need to be much more.

Maybe we need a real analysis of number of students and their proportionate representation in the success stories. Till date, I have met only one IITian who had an affair with the daughter of the Dean and married her too. Life at IIT can be bearable only if you have of two things to keep you occupied: They are good in studies and have a girl too. Then, there are Punishment departments like Mechanical Engineering where you hardly get a glimpse of a girl. God metes out His justice by assigning you the departments according to your karma.

As you make your way through all sorts of people — grumpy to good-natured, stupid to smart, shy and reserved to Greek Gods, your eyes will automatically drift to the most beautiful face in the crowd. This, Miss Fortune, becomes the prize of the day. There are lots of factors that decide the fate of a guy: She must be a candidate who has successfully cracked JEE and not a relative of someone else, She must choose the IIT you choose at the time of counseling a 1: This Miss Fortune soon becomes the Centre of Attention of the campus.

Nerds flock to the social networking sites and apps like Facebook and Whatsapp and check out her entire profile and pictures to know anything and everything about her. Some go to the lengths of gathering even more information about her through their sleuths in various cities, schools and colleges. She starts receiving cute testimonials, e-cards, carefully decorated picture messages and is followed with all the dedication and loyalty of a dog. Naturally, in due time, the girl acquires high air about herself.

iit bombay girls dating

Fashion wave sweeps the academic premises and shops nearby enjoy a good business. I have seen such a Miss Fortune closely and I could make the different shades of skin above and below her neck — probably borne out of her hostel-turned-beauty parlour. Such girls live the life of a celebrity. They come out of the hostels looking perfect and never repeat a dress — Oh no! During this first month, guys behave like crabs and get merrier over the failure of others regarding their own success.

As girls pick out their guys, a number of hearts break in the background. A Tip for the Gals: If you are looking for a true friend, wait till the end of the first year to find one. As the first year of IITs ends, number of heartbreaks is at an all-time high. You get to see all range of emotions here — love, lust, frustration, long term investment of time and money, and above all strategy.

During the next two years, you will see people scoring a girl, getting frustrated and dejected, and even turning to spirituality for solace. Some vow to stay single forever after several attempts of trying to get hooked up with their seniors, batch mates and even juniors. Some join hard-rock metal bands and scream out sad songs until they are hoarse while some remain like free birds and have a lot of fun.

A small fraction manifests traits of homosexuality too! As semesters progress, the number of couples keep on increasing.

iit bombay girls dating

The fourth year at the IIT is a test of fire for all the love in the air. As students gear up for their internships, careers, placements and preparation for CAT, love takes a backseat. It becomes difficult to maintain long-distance relationships and many couples break up over the year.