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inazuma eleven 22 latino dating

In Inazuma Eleven GO, Endou has grown taller and his hairstyle changed slightly , In the Brazilian and Latin American dub, he is called "Satoru Endou". His birthday (22nd August) is the date of release the first game Inazuma Eleven, too. Inazuma Eleven is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tenya Yabuno based on Additionally, the European Spanish dub merely translates the English dub. There is a separate Latin .. Release date, ISBN. 1, September 11) e-mail recalls: condemn whether or actively to condemn e-mail tabori dating games kristoffer tabori dating games inazuma eleven 22 latino dating.

She is close friends with Kazuya Ichinose and Asuka Domon. She also has a crush on Endou and had a crush on Ichinose when she was little. In Go series, it is hinted that she is in a relationship with Ichinose. She is the sister of Yuuto Kido. She has not had any contact with him for 6 years, however. She becomes a manager because of Endou's passion for football.

She is shown to have a romantic interest in Endou and strongly believes that he is the best goalkeeper around. She later leaves the team under the pretence of going abroad to study, but it is later revealed that she was in fact investigating the case of the accident involving Endou's Grandfather, Daisuke.

She gets married to Endou in Inazuma Eleven Go. He's also one of the smallest of the Raimon Eleven. His individual technique is Kung Fu Head, later he does a combination technique with Shishido called Shooting Star when both of them were in the Dark Emperors at the end of season two. He is admired by Endo Mamoru. He was involved in an accident, which was caused by Kageyama a man obsessed with vengeance on the way to the district finals, and everyone believes that he died in the accident.

His whereabouts are still unknown. In the later episodes he is revealed to be alive. Giving Endou some ideas like, "If you can't block it you just need to protect the goal. He usually plays as a defender, but sometimes he goes to being forward. Megane joined the team before they played against Teikoku Academy claiming himself to be "the hero who saves the team".

But when he saw his teammates fall one after another, he ran off, abandoning the uniform and letting Gouenji wear it. Ever since he's almost always on the bench. Megane has a habit of deciding cool names for every new technique his teammates create, for example he was the one who called Someoka's first technique Dragon Crash.

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He later becomes a Manager. In the FFI Arc it is shown that he has a little brother who is much better than him in football, but more emotional. He has a dark aura and is very negative at peoples comments.

Endou Mamoru

His teammates revere him, and Kageno's always willing to help. Shishido is versatile and often does a little of everything. He excels at all sports, and was often involved in many other sport clubs. Max joined the football club to "help cure his boredom" when Endou was gathering team members, but he actually starts to enjoy the sport.

He is often seen wearing a pink and blue cat-design cap, which is his 'trademark'. At a sleepover training camp, it is also revealed that he wears a different hat to sleep.

inazuma eleven 22 latino dating

His combination hissatsu technique is Revolution V with Handa. He has a buck tooth and a bandage across his nose. His hair resembles that of the X-Men character Wolverine comics. Kurimatsu along with Kabeyama are best described as a comedy duo, ending or including almost every sentence with "deyansu" "actually". Kurimatsu becomes the new captain of Raimon Junior High after the graduation ceremony of Endou and others. She joined the Inazuma Caravan in episode 29 to battle against Gemini Storm.

From Cloister Divinity Junior High in Kyoto, he was often off the team most of the time due to his lack of trust towards others and his pranks. However he joined the Inazuma Caravan due to Haruna's urging.

Kogure joined in the nick of time when Epsilon attacked his school. Kogure's most noted technique is Senpuujin, later he does a technique with Touko and Tsunami called The Perfect Tower when they went up against Genesis the second time.

She first appeared when the Raimon Eleven came to Osaka believing that Aliea Academy had a base hidden in an amusement park that was somewhere in Osaka. When Rika first met Ichinose she immediately fell head-over-heels for him and claims him to be her husband after he eats her "Lovey-Dovey Dish" which was just a simple Okonomiyaki that she made.

She joined the Inazuma Caravan to help them in their second match with Epsilon. After their match with Epsilon, Rika decided to stay on the team hoping to be with Ichinose. She calls Ichinose "Darling". Although she wants to try and keeps on insisting on it, she has never done Butterfly Dream with Ichinose before.

inazuma eleven 22 latino dating

Tsunami originally didn't know anything about football at first, until he released a powerful shot at his first meeting with Endou called Tsunami Boost. He began to take more interest in football and joined his school's football team. His individual hissatsu techniques include The Typhoon and he has a combination technique with Touko and Kogure called Perfect Tower. In episode 98, Tsunami has a new hissatsu technique called "The Tube".

Tachimukai originally played midfielder, but changed to Goalkeeper because of his great admiration for Endou. He was able to master God Hand just by watching tons of videos of Endou performing it. He also masters the Majin Hand by copying Endou and training. Later, the children in the orphanage start learning football and are manipulated by the elderly man who is vengeance-hungry, and he uses a meteor that enhances human capabilities on the children.

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He is shown to love his 'father' a lot and goes through pain for him, like when he released the limiter, knowing that afterwards they would experience excruciating pain, and also shielding him from a ball, which in anger, one of the children kicked at his 'father'.

He's best friends with Midorikawa. He pretended to be an alien, and often used sayings beginning with: Later, it is revealed that he improves and is better than those in the first rank team, Epsilon.

After joining Inazuma Japan with Hiroto, it is also shown that he constantly overstrains himself as he wants to get stronger.

inazuma eleven 22 latino dating

In the manga, he is a bit of a hothead with a loud voice and a fiery personality. Also, he has shown a lot of determination and confidence, as shown when he tried recruiting Gouenji and Tamano Gorou in the manga. He's also shown to be more emotional compared to the game and anime. For example, when he heard that his grandfather was killed by Kageyama Reijihe became emotional over that fact, so much so that some people were doubting whether he's Endou or not.

But because one of the students said, "that kind of captain won't win the match", Endou tries to hide his sadness from his teammates. In GOten years later, he is much calmer and smarter than he used to be, but he still loves soccer as he did 10 years before, as shown when he told the Raimon team that he came back to bring back soccer to the way it was before. After marrying Natsumihe started to become more mature.

His romantic feelings towards her are shown, unlike in the original series. He doesn't overact or is that noisy unlike 10 years before when he would start talking about soccer endlessly. He knows his time to talk or not, showing his maturity and calmness. As the coach of Raimon, his attitude towards the members of Raimon is kind and caring, stating that they will not have a future if they follow Fifth Sector 's soccer management.

Though during matches he is rather serious, at the same time he's a motivational coach who can boost the team's morale as shown when he was able to encourage Shinsuke to use Buttobi Jump during the match against Teikoku. In Inazuma Eleven Reloadedeven after his team lost he starts laughing about how good the world is.

Plot Season 1 Endou Mamoru is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japanwho supposedly died before Endou was born. Throughout the first season, Endou's passion for soccer sparked the ambition of his teammates dreams of winning the Football Frontier Championship and later, the Football Frontier Internationals.

In episode 1when he called everyone to practice they neglect him, saying there are only 7 members and that they will be laughed at, so he trains with the Inazuma KFC team. During the training, two boys appear at the field, mocking Endou, kicking his stomach and spitting on the ball, which shocked Endou. When one of the boys shoots the ball in the direction of Kisaragi MakoGouenji appears and surprises Endou by shooting the ball back at the boy's head. In that night he asks his grandfather to let him encounter Gouenji again, which becomes reality the next day.

He becomes happy when his professor says that Gouenji comes from Kidokawa Seishuua well-known school for their soccer level. Even though his skills are incredible, his school originally lacked a real soccer club as the six other members don't appear very interested even in merely training.

He had to find four more members for a match against Teikoku Gakuen or their club would be closed; the team would also be disbanded if they lost the match. However, as soon as Gouenji moves to Endou's town, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team.

He encounters a problem since Gouenji doesn't want to join but shortly after, he helps Raimon against Teikoku when everyone was heavily injured; because of Gouenji, Endou's team was able to score a point against Teikoku. After that, they had many requests for matches against other teams. This follows through to the addition of new members like Domon Asuka but it was revealed that he was Teikoku's spy; however, he was forgiven later.

After progressing, they finally fought against Teikoku Gakuen in the preliminary finals; Kidou Yuuto of Teikoku was having problems over whether they would still follow Kageyama or not. In the end, Kidou warned Endou and the others to be careful; at the starting whistle, steel pillars fell on Raimon but because Kidou warned them, they were able to avoid the pillars. Ichinose Kazuyathe field magician, who was originally thought to be dead by his friends, also joined their team later on.

Endou then found out that the one who might have presumably killed his grandfather could have been Kageyama, but he was able to overcome the anger, and in the end defeated Zeus in the Football Frontier. Season 2 In episode 27after winning the Football Frontier, Endou and the others found their school was destroyed by a soccer team from Aliea Gakuencalled Gemini Storm.

Endou fought the team led by Reize ; because of the difference in skills, Endou and the others lost. Most of the team got injured badly, and so they started training and travelling to beat Gemini Storm. Later, Touko and Fubuki Shirou joined the team and with their help, they were able to beat Gemini Storm. During the course of the journey, they met a number of people who also liked soccer and joined their team. But new teams like Epsilon and Aliea's master rank team, The Genesisdefeated them still.

Kageyama also came to destroy Raimon with his team Shin Teikoku Gakuen but was defeated. Throughout the season, his hyperactive personality tones down as he understands that his teammates are much more important and that he was only thinking for himself. For instance, while pushing his team to defeat Aliea Gakuen, Kazemaru became depressed about his inability to improve enough to fight against Aliea. Though when there was a time when he was badly depressed, he was able to overcome it.

They also came to know coach Hitomiko was the 'sister' of Gran The Genesis ' captain and Aliea Gakuen actually consisted of humans who used crystals of Aliea Meteorite to boost their power. In episode 60they engaged in a final match against The Genesis. In episode 61as Tsunami helps the goalkeeper to rise up again, Gran asks Endou if he saw which team is stronger. They had a tough fight with Genesis but in the end, they won.

When they return to Raimon, they had one final opponent: Dark Emperorswho were none other than their old teammates under the influence of the Aliea Meteorite; but because Endou's amazing spirit and willpower reached his teammates' hearts, he was able to free them and shatter the Aliea Meteorite crystals.

He still motivates his other teammates with inspiring confidence and encouragement.