Is paola andino dating nick merico

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is paola andino dating nick merico

She is dating Nick Merico I think they are perfect for Eachother. Sorry to the ya well your wrong did paola ever call Nick babe no i dont think so honey she only called rahart Babe and on my instagram i have prove Paola Andino; Edit Topics. Paris: If I could pick anyone, I would pick Paola Andino, who plays Emma, or Nick Merico, who plays Daniel. Paola's really good at drama as well as comedy, so I. Nick Merico leaned in to Paola Andino for a kiss! I guess Naola Paola Andino and Nick Merico are officially together! We didn't confirm that we were dating.

is paola andino dating nick merico

A lot of young people get to see what a real friendship is like and the qualities they should want. I think she portrays that really well.

Kids this generation get to see more magic. Q Have you been enjoying the instant feedback from fans that being a part of social media has provided you? A I love the fans so much! They are so extremely supportive and they make really great drawings and cute collages. They are always speaking with us and interacting with the whole cast.

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Q You were recently nominated for an Imagen Award. What does it mean to you and the cast?

Paola isn't dating Rahart

I love that it recognizes those roots and people can know where I am from. It makes me feel I can be a good role model for other young, driven Latinas. Q Is there anything else you would like to tease about the upcoming season and say to the fans? A Obviously, I would like to thank the fans for their support. The ones you love are always first to get hurt so maybe she will realize that Daniel is the one who has her heart and they can fight together through anything.

Love is the strongest thing and could get through everything so later in the show i would hope to see that Daniel keeps fighting for her and she tells him that it was to keep him safe but she loves him and always will.

Every Witch Way Then And Now 2018

Jax is irresponsible and only uses his magic for well…. Emma liked Daniel because his resposible, kind, athletic and normal. I wish there is a season 4 to go back the way it was with Emma and Daniel being the cute and care for each other couple, Jax being a good friend, Andi with his ex-zombie now human boyfriend Phillip.

Team Daniel and Demma. BTW But overall, there was always a connection in Jemma.

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I did feel bad when Daniel was alone, but if there is a season 4, I hope we get to see Dia for the first time! I think Dia would be much better than Demma. Guest jax4lyf Emma made the perfect decision because ever since JAX came on the show he has always been there for Emma even when he was evil.

But JAX changed and for Emma and because of that he is perfect for her.

is paola andino dating nick merico

In the season JAX was the only one who truly cared about her from their time in boot camp to Daniel breaking up with her to Daniel siding with Mia even when the seal came off to standing up for her to the wizard counsel. JAX supported her even when he had doubts about her decision. How have your guys' characters changed through the seasons? But she definitely has conflict, especially with Emma who she's grown to respect more as friend.

He knew that rules are meant to be bent and broken and he understood that. We see his true self and in this season you get to see a side of Jax that no one really expected to see. His family brings a whole new side of his personality that no one has seen before.

Paola Andino – Every Witch Way

We've heard a lot of rumors about Jax's family this season. Can you tell us any more? We've also heard some crazy things about Daniel disappearing.

is paola andino dating nick merico

What's going on with that?