Ishihara satomi yamapi dating

Ishihara Satomi takes a trip to Okinawa with SHOWROOM president Maeda Yuji |

ishihara satomi yamapi dating

J-news Reporting that Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi's that Dorama Costars Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi are Dating. Ishihara Satomi moved on from that commoner guy to Yamapi huh Even if they date for a long time they can't get married anyway In a recent issue of tabloid magazine 'Josei Seven' it was reported that actress Ishihara Satomi (29) and singer/actor Yamashita Tomohisa (31).

Takehara Sho-on advises her that she could transfer to the fashion editorial department if her work in the proofreading department gets recognized.

Ishihara Satomi spotted attending Yamapi’s home party | AllThingsJpop

So, Etsuko decides to work hard, hoping to eventually transfer to her desired department. Her seniors in the department sneer at her and say she is unsuitable for the job. Unlike her other colleagues, Etsuko goes out of her way to explore the manuscript by going to actual locations to verify facts. Meanwhile, she is asked by her editor to look for a candidate to be the first exclusive male model for their magazine.

ishihara satomi yamapi dating

She helplessly falls in love with his dashing good looks. Yukito declines at first since he has no interest in being a model, and it turns out that there is a very good reason why. In spite of the worries Etsuko has, she works hard as a proofreader in her own unique way and discovers the charisma of proofreading little by little.

ishihara satomi yamapi dating

Suda Masaki plays as the eccentric chosen model, Orihara Yukito. She is an editor in the fashion editorial department and the editor who invited Orihara Yukito to be an exclusive model for their magazine.

Aoki Munetaka plays Kaizuka Hachiro, an editor who works at the literary editorial department.

Actress Satomi Ishihara reportedly dating an IT company CEO

He looks down on the proofreading department. Kishitani Goro plays as Takehara Sho-on, the main head of the proofreading department. He hires Etsuko as a proofreader and watches over her. Satomi Ishihara reported to be dating Yamashita Tomohisa? Background[ edit ] Yamashita was born in Funabashi, Chiba.

ishihara satomi yamapi dating

His parents separated when he was a child and both Yamashita and his younger sister were raised mainly by his mother.

After graduating from high school, Yamashita was accepted into Meiji University 's School of Commerce. He graduated with a Commerce degree major in marketing in autumn [7] Career[ edit ] Yamashita joined Johnny's and Association in He was 11 years old that time.

He started as trainee or in johnny's called "Johnny's Junior".

Tomohisa Yamashita

In few years, Yamashita popularity rise and he was one of most popular junior. From then on, he began his acting career, started from small roles to more important roles.

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The single was the soundtrack for the drama Nobuta wo Produce starring Kamenashi and Yamashita, and topped the Oricon yearly charts in He subsequently made his widescreen debut with the Kurosagi film sequel Eiga: Days after Code Blue 2 was wrapped up, Yamashita began filming for the live-action film adaptation of Ashita no Joe. Asia Tour " kicked off on January 29, in Hong Kong.

ishihara satomi yamapi dating

Ending Planner where he portrayed the role of Ihara Masato, the reluctant heir to a funeral parlor. Yamashita started his new job of variety host by co-hosting Fuji TV's primetime Japanese variety show Shogeki! It was the only movie with less than screens screens which managed to earn over 1 billion yen in He paired with popular actress, Ishihara Satomi.

ishihara satomi yamapi dating

JanuaryYamashita returned to music activities after a two-year hiatus starting in January 27, he released his first best-of album YAMA-P including previously released songs and the original song "Dreamer".