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After his death, Rome wanted to remember him with a bust to the Pincio, placing a marble bust of him close to that of other patriots. The newspaper was born on the initiative of Camillo Cavour, with the task of promoting among moderate liberals what Massimo D'Azeglio called "the Italian national opinion.

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With the transfer of the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy, the headquarters of the newspaper was first moved to Florencethen to th Rome The newspaper publications ceased on 10 April The th newspaper was closed on 20 December He was born of Francesco, a professor of law and justice of the peace. On 7 June was released, entered in the register of reliable politicians and obliged to forced residence in Moliterno until The events connected with the expedition of the Thousand still found him in Moliterno.

In he was appointed Director of Statistics to the Ministry of Agriculture, then he was regent of the Bank of Naples untilafter that he was councillor of the Council of State and finally he was elected senator in He enrolled himself in the Faculty of Letters in and he graduated in philosophy and philology. On 7th March he married Elvira Menicucci, a distant cousin, with whom he had five children.

A decree on 26th September was commissioned by the Minister of Education Terenzio Mamiani Della Rovere to hold the chair of Italian Eloquence, later called Italian Literature at the University of Bologna, where he remained in office until Then he established a reputation for himself, as a national guide of the Italian culture.

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Of those years was the abundant poetic production that will be collected in Rime Nuoveand in Odi barbare Induring a visit of the royal family in Bologna, he wrote the Ode to the Queen of Italy in honor of Queen Margherita, admirer of his verses, and he was accused of being converted to the monarchy, so that provoked deep controversies by the Republicans.

In he was appointed senator. In he published his last collection of poems, Rime e Ritmi; in he was forced to leave teaching for health reasons. In Aprilafter he shot at a national guard of his country, he decided to become a brigand to avoid shooting. He immediately distinguished himself by his coldness and his leadership skills. Caruso, in unclear circumstances, surrendered to General th Fontana on 14 September in Rionero. Imprisoned and interrogated in th prison in Potenza, the brigand betrayed his comrades.

istituto comprensivo avigliano pof dating

On 5 Octoberthe Military Court in Potenza sentenced him to seven years in prison, a sentence reduced because of his collaboration with the institutions.

For giving th a great contribution to the destruction of the banditry in Vulture, on 7 NovemberKing Vittorio Emanuele II granted him a pardon.

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For his efforts, the former brigand received various privileges and he was appointed sergeant of the foresters in Monticchio. Caruso died in at the age of 72 years.

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Giuseppe Verdi Giuseppe Verdi was born in the countryside of Parma, in Roncole, village of Busseto, of Carlo, landlord and seller of foodstuff, and Louigia Uttini, spinner. In those years Busseto and its territory were part of the French Empire. Even though he was a young man of humble social status, he succeeded to follow his vocation as a composer thanks to his good will. Later, Antonio Barezzi, a dealer who loves music and director of the local philharmonic society, convinced that the trust was not misplaced in the young, became his patron and protector, helping him to continue the undertaken studies.

Verdi was only fifteen years old when, inhis opening symphony was performed during a performance of The Barber of Seville at the theatre of Busseto. In Milan he tried in vain to be admitted at the prestigious conservatory. Finally inafter four years of work, he succeeded in representing his first opera at La Scala: The failure of the opera was due, in all probability, to the conditions in which it was composed.

A terrible pain gripped Verdi because of his family tragedy that had lived through the death of his wife and children. This had thrown the musician in the deepest depression, and ironically, the opera that was required had to be comic. Merelli tried to convince him not to give up the opera, personally handing him a book of biblical subject, the Nabucco, that Verdi agreed to set to music.

Thanks to the Nabucco Verdi began his upward. Giustino Fortunato th rd Giustino Fortunato September 4Rionero in Vulture — Luglio 23Naples was a writer, politician, historian, and expert on the problems of th Southern Italy. He was born on 4 September in Rionero in Vulture of Pasquale and Antonia Rampolla - descendant of a noble family awarded the title of Marquis. He was admitted to law school and after his graduation he decided to pursue a political career.

He devoted himself to Parliamentary activity, to the study of social and economic problems, and he wanted and knew to find comfort and relief in historical researches. In confirmation of his passion of literary man and scholar, his home in Naples became, for many years, a "literary salon" attended to scholars, politicians, intellectuals of the period.

After nearly a quarter of a century of parliamentary life in he announced his leave. He spent his childhood in Pontecchio, Villa Grifone, a town near Bologna, where he developed his first scientific curiosity and reached his great discovery, the invention of the radio.

Marconi devoted his life to the development and improvement of the radiocommunication. He studied privately; he was twenty years old when the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz died: Fortified by his discoveries and galvanized by the prospects even commercial that could open, in founded "Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Companie" in England, but not before registering, at only twentytwo, his first patent.

The benefits of his invention were immediately appreciated by all and there was a particular case that proves so in clamorous way: In the first wireless telegraph signals are transmitted between Poldhu Cornwall and Newfoundland North America.

The transmitting station of 25 kW power placed in Poldhu Cove in Cornwall, as an antenna is a set of fan-shaped hanging wires between two trees 45 meters high, while the receiving station, located in St.

Johns Newfoundland, is only composed of a kite that carries an th antenna of metres. So Marconi, not yet thirty years old, is full of glory and his name already famous.

Those were the first transatlantic transmissions. Inhonoured and celebrated everywhere, Marconi made some experience on the Royal Charles Albert ship, demonstrating the possibility of the radio link between the ships and the land. A few years later, the survivors of the well-known Titanic disaster owe the salvation to the radio and, also for this reason, England conferred the title of Sir upon Marconi, while Italy appoints him Senator and Marquis Inincreasingly obsessed by the desire to broaden the potential of the instruments born from his genius, he improved the first radio-telephone set.

Then it began the study of short-wave beam systems, which enabled him to make further progress and the possibility to continue those experiments that never tired to do. In that period he was also interested in the problem of radio-echoes. In he was appointed president of the Royal Academy of Italy. In the same year he began to study the microwaves, a prelude to the invention of the radar.

Guglielmo Marconi died in Rome at the age of 63 years, on 20th Julyafter he was appointed doctor honoris causa by the Universities of Bologna, Oxford, Cambridge, and other Italian universities, without forgetting that to the University of Rome he was a professor of radio communications.

The Lucan rising Lucan rising is the name of a series of events of the Risorgimento occurred in Basilicata in August In that period the province was the first one, of the continental part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, to declare dethroned King Francesco II of Bourbon, and to proclaim its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy.

Montemurro, centre of action of the revolutionary committees Owing to the concession and following abrogation of the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the Lucan Liberals had gathered in committees, led mainly by Giacinto Albini wanted by the Bourbon guards because of had already promoted and founded the Constitutional Club inwho in Montemurro founded an anti-Bourbon committee.

From this, that was the head one, they were born committees of the same gender in all major towns of the region. Inafter the battle of Milazzo and the capture of Sicily by Garibaldi's men, Giacinto Albini, together with Camillo Boldoni and Nicola Mignona met in Corleto Perticara, to organize a rising in the province.

Rising in Corleto On the 16th of August in the town of Corleto Perticara, at 5 in the afternoon, Albini and his men, officially proclaimed the unification of Italy, in a popular and religious demonstration held in Piazza Del Fosso, then renamed Plebiscito Square. They were placed the arms, the Bourbon coat of arms and in their place images of Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy, were erected, and flags of the Savoy dynasty. The ceremony was accompanied by music, military parades and fireworks.

At dawn on the 18th of August about men gathered in Corleto went to Potenza. On 18th August At dawn on 18ththe men entered the city, resisting the engagement against the Bourbon National Guard. Formation of proto-dictatorial government On 19th August it was formed the proto-dictatorial government of the province of Basilicata.

On the 19th of August it was ordered the institution of a insurrectional council in all municipalities in Basilicata. On 20th August it was suspended the collection of indirect taxes to the population of Potenza. Propagation of the rising in the rest of the province The head of the National Guard was the major Emilio Petruccelli. Main task of the Guard was, as well as maintain order, that of putting down any armed revolt. A counterinsurgency attempt was already put down in Melfi on 19th on the following 22nd August, from Salerno, the Bourbon troops advanced towards Potenza, passing through Auletta.

Colonel Boldon, gathered the National Guard forces, was waiting for the royal troops to resist near Vietri of Potenza. He was senator sincein the XII legislature. Judge of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, he was intolerant to the tyrannical acts that the Bourbon government caused to the people under its sovereignty.

Based on those feelings, it was obvious for him to participate in the risings of Their substantial failure cost him his removal of the magistracy and the sentenced to "seven years in irons.

He was appointed member of the Senate of the Kingdom and chaired the commission that elaborated the new mercantile law.

istituto comprensivo avigliano pof dating

Successful was also his work as a law scholar. In he began practicing the study of medicine. At the age of 19 he moved to Naples where he abandoned his medical studies and devoted himself to law, graduating in He moved to Potenza where he participated to the risings of He retired to Senise where he lived devoting himself exclusively to literature and study. He died in Senise in because of the tuberculosis.

Author of poetry and especially of sonatas, among his writings we remember: Ninco Nanco Giuseppe Nicola Summa, nicknamed Ninco Nanco, was an Italian brigand; he was one of the chief protagonists of many battles against the army of Savoy.

He was known for his great skills of strategist in battle and, above all, for his coolness and his brutality. The criminal acts of his family also influenced the behavior of the young Nicola. Become a wanted person, Ninco Nanco began living of robberies and thefts, taking refuge in the wood of the Vulture. Her wife, Maria 'a Pastora, brigand from Pisticci, was always next to him during the attacks and ambushes. About a month after the brigand and some of his followers were captured near Lagopesole, by the National Guard of Avigliano.

He was arrested and convicted for acts committed in Potenza inthe penalty, th however, was reduced in life exile. On 13 August he came back to th Potenza. He became vice-governor in Lagonegro, then he suppressed the legitimist demonstrations in October For many years he was president of the provincial council of Basilicata.

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istituto comprensivo avigliano pof dating

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