Japan dating sim hetalia fanfiction

The Nation Dating Game, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

japan dating sim hetalia fanfiction

Aug 13, Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Friendship - [Japan, Greece] This dating simulation game was released only two days ago, but was. Jul 6, A visit from Italy makes Japan try to make things less awkward between himself and America. . way to go about his plan, he didn't notice that America had paused the game. I don't know go on a date with me some time?. Jun 9, Disclaimer: If Axis Powers Hetalia were mine, I wouldn't need to write fanfics. . Confused, he wandered over to Japan's house; after all, he heard of many him end up with one of the cute little anime girls on the dating sim.

japan dating sim hetalia fanfiction

You had me worried there. Can't you sharpen up a bit in the future? I can't believe I used to live with you. Sometimes your enemy knew what best to do.

After ranting about himself to a bored looking Sweden, Denmark continued on to ask what he should do about Norway being so strange toward him.

Confused, he wandered over to Japan's house; after all, he heard of many games coming from Japan that involved some sort of form of 'flirting', so maybe he knew about it best. It was a highly amusing game, Denmark realized, as picking certain choices suddenly made him end up with one of the cute little anime girls on the dating sim. Japan stared at him, fiddling with his newest RP game. You just have to know how to answer. For example, if someone asks you the time, you could respond in a few ways.

Three choices appeared on the box: There were little colored lights floating around him but Denmark ignored them as he rushed up to Norway. When it didn't, he frowned and poked at the air at a bit. Strange; it seemed to come so naturally at Japan's house. Norway stared at him. What else could you be doing?

It was rather sloppy and Norway felt an epic blush creep across his face as he felt Denmark's tongue thoughtlessly invade his mouth.

It's Not Teasing If It's True, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

Gripping the latter's brown trench coat, Norway reluctantly responded, kissing back with increasing fervor. He couldn't help himself. In some of Himaruya's official art, his hair is dark brown and his eyes are a lighter brown. Personality and Interests A shy, quiet and hard-working man, Japan doesn't know very much about the outside world and needs time to adjust to other people.

But he's very curious and interested in learning things from other nations.

japan dating sim hetalia fanfiction

His distinct island customs may seem mysterious to others, although he finds them perfectly normal. He tends to have the behavior of an "old man," and was a hikikomori for a long time Japan had spent about years in isolation, only keeping contact with Netherlands.

Though he appears to be horrified at the idea of nudity or intimate contact, he has erotic woodcuts in his possession, which he tries to hide secretly between his non-erotic books and was said to be very comfortable with nudity in the past. Japan also voiced his preference for 2D girls over 3D girls to EnglandGreeceand France in one strip, hinting that he has an otaku side.

His otaku side is further shown when he decides to buy a Shonen Jump magazine in his preparations for the New Year. Japan seems to be fond of food in general, very similar to China 's fondness, his country's food in particular, as evidenced by his annoyance of having his salted salmon taken off Germany 's diet plan. He expressed dismay at the increase of the price of eggs due to a bad economy.

He also had the urge to touch the Italy brothers' ahoges due to them reminding him of vegetables. It is said that cockroaches are one of the things that Japan hates the most, to the extent where he could cry over them.

Some say it may be a Japanese Spitz due to his white and fluffy fur in some sketches and fanarts. He also eventually gets a rabbit and a guinea pig. He tends to have a weakness for things that are soft and fluffy. When Prussia came over in attempt to clean his home, he'd already cleaned it by nine in the morning, causing him to explain that, in his old age, for enjoyment, he tends to Bonsai trees, cleans, gazes, plays video games, reads Shounen Jump, tends to Pochi-kun's fur, goes for walks, draws manga, and makes soba.

As these are very relaxed and simple things, Prussia remarked that he must have fun every day. America Japan first meets America in Black Ships have Come, when he is basically forced to accept America onto his formerly isolated island. Agitated at first, Japan eventually confessed his fear of not being able to get along with other countries to America in Japan and the footsteps of Westernization.

With the help of "table-turning", America is able to assure Japan that he will be fine. In modern-day strips, these two get along well, sharing a love of technology and video games, and are frequently at each others' houses to play them together.

I've Got a Crush on You!, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

In the Hetalia Fantasia series, America and Japan have created a video game together, in HF2 America says that for a limited time only, when fighting enemies a colored hamburger has the possibility of falling out, with Japan stating that collecting all seven colors enables them to buy bunny ears. Japan has also apparently learned how to appease a crying, devastated America, as in HF2 he offers him "some candy that old ladies always carry with them but you don't know where they buy them from," calming America down.

When asked about his method, he replied: It has been said that Japan always sides with America's decisions. China Young Japan left and China right After being discovered by China as a small child, Japan was raised by him, who taught him how to use kanji which Japan used to create the hiragana alphabet. One day, Japan turned against China and attacked him with a katana, leaving a disfiguring scar on China's back.

From this point, the two were enemies in war, with China despairing over how war changed Japan. It can be inferred from a reference made about the Battle of Keichou that their relations were already starting to strain before the betrayal, combined with their differing views and Japan's vow to "become stronger".

The day had started as normal, with him walking into a meeting room full of bored and counter-productive personifications. He had started working on official papers from his boss, and it definitely appeared that he was one of the few that actually had any work. Everything had been completely fine, until France tried to get him to go on a date with the wine loving nation which probably would have ended in France dragging China to his bedroom.

Then again, that was kind of normal… Within the last several minutes, China's angry meter had risen from 'relaxed' to 'I want to kick those nations where it hurts' because of how everyone was flirting with him. Sure, it might have been normal for France or even Russia to be trying to score a date with him, but… Starting to take several deep breaths in so he wouldn't explode, China continued signing paperwork and tried to think about what was going on.

Well, it was rather simple to know what was happening: Besides, he wasn't even looking for anyone! Well, possibly because he already had someone.

After the past half an hour with more nations flirting with him than people existing back when he was young, China had finally managed to understand the situation of what was happening. Apparently, many of the nations were playing some sort of dating game, with him as the bachelor! Don't they understand that he wasn't a bachelor? The irritated nation released his grip on the ballpoint pen in his hand so he wouldn't crush the object like a potato chip.

If just one more nation even walked within 20 feet of him with the wrong kind of look on their face — by that, China meant any kind of face — he would get out his wok. Then, he would borrow Hungary's frying pan and Russia's lead pipe just for good measure. Glancing up at the sound of footsteps, China gritted his teeth very slightly. At this point, China didn't really mind who the person was, as long as he could kill them.

japan dating sim hetalia fanfiction

Soon though, China's anger started fading away when he noticed the nation's messy blond hair, emerald eyes, and scruffy eyebrows. England whispered something in his ear, and China immediately stuffed his paperwork into the messenger bad on his shoulder, standing up from his chair.

Nodding happily, the nation took England's hand and began to follow him out of the meeting room. Sure, he was vaguely aware of the other nations gaping at the Brit. He just knew that he wanted to get out of that meeting room. Better yet, he was walking with England. The ending was rushed. I seriously hated how I took so long with this oneshot.

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