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joe chen dating

#JoeChen wishes #XieNa a happy birthday with sweet message on Weibo + a gif of the two sharing a kiss. Joe wrote, “Dear sun goddess, Happy Birthday. Joe Chen or Chen Chiao-en (Chinese: 陳喬恩; pinyin: Chén Qiáo'ēn; born 4 April ) is a Taiwanese actress, singer and television host. Known as the. Joe Chen or Chen Chiao-en (Chinese: 陳喬恩; pinyin: Chén Qiáo'ēn; born 4 April ) is a Taiwanese actress, singer and television host. Known as the.

The best thing about the drama of course was our OTP.

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They had really great chemistry as well as the most comical scenes whenever they were together. It literally made you laugh out loud. He rejoined his idol group SpeXial for their very first concert on May 22, He held her hand while she continued the rest of the song.

I will continue watching over protecting you. However, Pinocchio proved to the doubters that she definitely can kiss and initiate skinship well.

joe chen dating

Our OTP had a strong intense chemistry between them and it immediately made fans fall in love with the couple. The on-screen chemistry seemed to have translated into an off-screen romance when a news outlet released pictures of the two on secret dates, as proof of them dating after the drama had finished airing. Fans of the drama were sent into a frenzy of excitement, but both of their agencies were quick to deny the rumors and stated the two were only close friends.

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However, despite the denials, the news outlet went on to release more pictures of the pair and insisted they had been dating for four months. Being opposites, Li Li is an academic achiever while Pei Shang Xuan is a bad student who is only concerned about soccer.

Eventually Li Li develops a crush on Shang Xuan for the longest time, but never confesses due to her low self-esteem.

joe chen dating

As his unchanging best friend, Shang Xuan begins to realize how important Li Li is in his life. Additionally, I am always a sucker for those stories about long time friends-turned-lovers.

Even though our OTP starts off on bad terms, the chemistry becomes evident right off the bat.

joe chen dating

Who is your favorite drama OTP? But Chen Qiao En ernestly clarified that she is still single.

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Chen Qiao En said that she understands that all these news are part of life of artistes. She does not mind and won't get upset over them.

joe chen dating

If she gets involved into a love triangle, she will give up as she is afraid that it will be troublesome In 'Let's Dance', Chen Qiao En and her sister was involved in a love triangle. When asked how she will react if this happens in real life, Chen Qiao En replied: Because I will not get involved in this kind of situations.

joe chen dating

But as she is afraid that it will be troublesome, why not give up if they are not yet married. Currently independent, said that she does not have the ability to set up her own company After her contract with J-Stars terminated last year, Chen Qiao En regains her freedom and people are curious about her future plans.

Even though some media reports that Chen Qiao En will be setting up her own company, she said laughingly that they think too highly of her.

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I don't have the ability to set up a company. Now I am just trying to choose a good script and does not think about money. The most important thing is that the role must be challenging. She revealed that all along there are movie offers and she will consider them. However, the busy Chen Qiao En intends to take a vacation after she finishes her current work load and takes the opportunity to think over her future plans.