John macauthor on legalism in young people dating

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john macauthor on legalism in young people dating

Main · Videos; Expatriate dating people dating john macauthor on legalism in young people dating insider internet dating video insider internet dating video. Two men, both strongly influenced by John MacArthur's teachings, came and Purity that women must never take the initiative in dating or. John MacArthur on How to Respond to a Homosexual Child Pete, yes, we are all sinners. and it's only by god's grace and his sanctifying work in our lives that.

john macauthor on legalism in young people dating

He uses those two verses — just two verses — to justify that a woman needs to be at home. And where Paul talks about singleness, Heitman offers the following: Yes, Paul spoke of singleness and used his singleness for the ministry. However, Paul was a man. Umm, Elisabeth ElliotGladys Aylwardanyone? Did they do it all wrong?

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I would feel a very large and heavy burden to mobilize the church Body and do whatever it takes to care for her, especially if she has no other family support behind her 1 Tim 5: Even so, that situation is extremely rare. Eve acted outside the authority and protection of Adam and, well, you know where that led to. That woman, Eve, messed it up for all of us. Ok, Heitman continues with his second reason his daughter might not go to college: Heitman goes into detail about debt, how bad it is to be in debt, that she will feel obligated to put off marriage and motherhood until debt is paid off.

And then we get to this part: The question then leads to this: What if she never marries? What if she wants to be single? This question is strictly asked with the presupposition that it would be utterly insane to stay home. However, that is precisely what women did until the feminist movement. Women employed their gifts, talents, and God-given abilities to benefit the home while being under the care, protection, and tutelage of her parents.

I pledged to myself that I will not sacrifice my daughter on the altar of men by sending her out of my home, care, and protection at age 18 just so that she can get a degree and achieve some worldly status. The job of being a wife and mother is a high calling and I would argue is the most important job under the sun.

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Now this part is important. I know this issue is very controversial and unpopular. At the end of the article, we get more words that bring down the gavel on what is biblical and what is not biblical. The bottom line is this: The individualistic hedonistic culture does. Oh boy, our family is really messed up. These were dark days for me. What was the truth? Crabb came back and shared there was little to no vulnerability among the elders while he visited.

I sat in class and this was my experience as well. If you look below the surface of life, you are getting into psychology. You will be attacked! This gets me to think about John MacArthur and a biblical view of emotions. John excels at biblical exposition, but does this always lead to wisdom? What is true reality, meaning, how do we really know how one lives unless you are close enough to experience these personalities their marriages, kids, etc.

If you do not attend GCC or do for less than several years, you will miss all this subtlety. It takes years to see through the external of this highly functional church. I will give you an example of a Nouthetic counseling experience I had at another church a sister church of GCC after I left. I think this reflects GCC as well overall.

You can judge for yourself. I was having great struggles after my mom died. I was not sleeping, had intense anxiety, and felt total despair.

john macauthor on legalism in young people dating

In other words, I hinted at suicide. He was formally an attorney and in my judgment, not qualified to counsel just because he was very smart. In fact, seminary does not train one to counsel well.

The standards in the secular world dictate you need thousands of hours of supervised training. Obtaining good grades in bible classes, studying the original languages and apologetics does not make one qualified to counsel!

The Nouthetic model allows for the biblically trained to counsel and feel they are competent. The conclusion of my counseling was to read a page book by a church father and to summarize each chapter every week together. I did this, and the counseling pastor forgot. In fact, he even forgot our next appointment.

He apologized later, but by this time trust was broken and I declined to meet. There was no awareness of topics like addiction, guilt, and the holy grail of emotions, shame! If there was, it was intellectual understanding. Forget about OCD, bipolar, and the like—this is all a sin problem and nothing more! Now there is truth to this which is why it is so hard to confront.

I believe this is the first step of humility. I might be too sensitive here, but guess whose kid in church paid the least amount of attention? So in the pulpit we have very high end almost idealistic preaching but in reality, we see very normal people dealing with the same hurts, habits, and hang-ups of others, but, with little to no vulnerability.

Thus, things are overlooked or swept under the carpet. There is a Pharisaical feel at this point and again I ask, "How do you measure spiritual maturity? When there is a strong defensive posture than someone is hiding something and we are only as sick as our secrets! The minister of music had a baby. The child was less than six months old. In the parking lot after church a friend and I met the first time father with his wife and baby. Something is very wrong here!

I could go on and on over examples like this. Then years later, there is that one child in the family that rebels and almost always there is NO connection to parenting and driving the child away from the church. Maybe the truth is the child has no respect for the parent because of their "death by a paper cuts" experience in the home. Again, no humility, but blame to remain in control.

Pastor taught on the holiness of God. The assistant pastor also taught 29 year old who was also a counselor and wore many hats at the church. A very intelligent and ambitious man. Both the pastor and assistant pastor came from dysfunctional homes alcoholic father and single mother home.

I listened to the pastor share a little of his story this was a rare glimpse not seen in the pulpit at church and he told a story about being in middle school and the battle with his dad over doing chores after school. Either get a beating or give in and do the chores.

He discussed his anger and how he memorized scripture to deal with this. That was the level of vulnerability anger he shared. This pastor was a very disciplined man! How would someone test if he was balanced? This was a man who was hard to get close to personally. He was always in control and distant. He seemed more comfortable studying while sharing his emotions in the pulpit a place of control.

He did a course on presuppostional apologetics. Guess who started a food fight that hit a young believer in the eye and did not lend a hand in cleaning up or offer an apology to this young woman who was hurt and confused?

john macauthor on legalism in young people dating

I confronted him on this the next day. We need to learn to have fun. So the message was clear once again, in the pulpit we preach a very high view of life, but in real life, we cannot come close to this standard. When we are confronted, we rationalize and make excuses. Hmmm, sound a little hypocritical? This is how a church like this survives. You are either part of us, or against us. Do not cause us to look within with all that psychology nonsense!

My point here is if you walk with these folks, there are great inconsistencies. It takes time to get inside this culture! Listening only to podcasts or Mp3 messages will never unpack these nuances. If you look closely at the marriages, you will see highly functional homes but little real intimacy.

You will rarely hear any vulnerability or talk of emotions. Everything is very rational and intellectual. The head is very strong, but the emotions muted. You cannot shut off emotions, so they will leak out in subtle ways that manifest in control issues.

Again, how do you maintain control in a huge mega-church? Most people want the security of knowing they are right. If you get sick for a few weeks, you disappear without getting a call. If you need a bible based question answered, you can call 20 people. If you need a ride from the airport, you go blank, much less if you are really struggling emotionally.

There is a lot of immaturity in this sense. Keep the submarine on surface, and all is well! This is my biggest issue with the strong expository church, the issue of emotions and the lack of vulnerability. Why would someone share any weakness in this culture? Where does the bible discuss bipolar, OCD, depression, sleep problems and so many disorders? There is a giant umbrella to cover a broad range of issues summarized in one word, SIN.

There is no public confession of sins. What is the result?

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Hold it all inside, work hard, keep busy, stay shallow, judge others, and stay within your own world…never risk or dare to question the culture! Ever wonder why MacArthur attacks the Charismatics so ferociously? I sometimes wonder if this is more than a theological reaction. There is another big issue—cessation Vs non-cessation argument. This tells me the great dysfunction in his world growing up was legalism he has stated this.

Literally, horrific stories of profound shame! If the church is to be exclusive to only healthy families who thus reproduce healthy families, where do those suffering go?

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Where does a man go if he struggles with same sex attraction? They have to go elsewhere, and when they do, they are criticized. This is where they cross the line. Offer a solution in your church which they do, but nobody would ever risk being really vulnerable.