Jon bon jovi who is dating lady

Jon Bon Jovi admits 'I was in a dark place for three years but my wife saved me' - Mirror Online

jon bon jovi who is dating lady

John Francois Bongiovi Jr., aka Jon Bon Jovi, has been one of the in high school, and at the time Hurley was actually dating a friend of John's. . and isn't needy or possessive helps and she is just a very strong woman.”. Jon Bon Jovi credits his wife of 27 years Dorothea with helping him beat his just over a month into a ten month date world tour in Diane Lane opens about youthful fling with Jon Bon Jovi She revealed to everyone that they dated for: 'Five months, I was ' The Paris Can Wait actress continued: 'And I think every girl should have such a wonderful.

The median age of the hotel's clientele is approximately 97 and should said rock god take it upon himself to trash one of the hotel rooms, you can be sure that he would be met with stern disapproval from the other guests. But the residents needn't worry, for Jon Bon Jovi is the rocker in question, and, after 24 years in the music business, he's one of the industry's official elder statesmen.

One baffled guest, encountering him in the lift, coos "You look just like that Jon Bon Jovi", to which he coolly replies: Frankly, though, there can be very few people on the planet who don't know who he is.

The lead singer of Bon Jovi, he and his fellow band members Richie Sambora, Tico Torres, David Bryan and Hugh McDonald have shifted huge quantities of records when their cumulative album sales passed million three years ago, they released a box set entitled , Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong.

The critics have never been particularly enamoured of the band's blue-collar ethos and determined unfashionability they can sing of working in diners all day and women being akin to loaded guns apparently without ironybut with those kinds of sales, frankly, who cares? Certainly not Mr Bon Jovi himself, who ambles on to the patio looking terrifically rock godular in shades, pin-striped jacket, jeans and a tight - T-shirt which ably shows off his honed physique.

Scroll down for more At 45, he looks unfeasibly youthful and healthy for someone who has spent all of his adult life in a band, though he says: By Monday, I couldn't get out of bed as my back was killing me. I'm Humpty Dumpty," he says, rubbing his right knee which appears to be giving him some trouble.

jon bon jovi who is dating lady

When he lopped off his locks some 15 years ago, it was deemed so significant that even CNN reported on it. I'm so blind, I can't even spot a toupee.

jon bon jovi who is dating lady

Go on, you can pull it! I do - it's very real and soft. If fading looks are the downside of ageing for everyone apart from Bon Jovi then its benefits include a certain mellowing of temperament which Bon Jovi appears to have acquired.

jon bon jovi who is dating lady

The band's latest album, Lost Highway, which Bon Jovi co-wrote with guitarist Richie Sambora, is a thoughtful collection of songs, some way removed from the air-punching anthems normally associated with the band. But seeing what was happening with Richie and Dave in the band kind of inspired me to write.

Jon Bon Jovi Turns 50… Still On His Starter Marriage

Richie's subsequent relationship with Denise Richards former wife of actor Charlie Sheen ended shortly after his father died of lung cancer this year. Indeed, Sambora has just been admitted into a rehab facility in California for an undisclosed problem. The subject matter for the album just presented itself. For Richie, it was about missing his father.

For me, it was about missing my girl when I'm away. Although in the past he has admitted that when the band initially took off, he might not have been altogether well-behaved on the woman front "I've not been a saint. I've had my lapses"the motto for the band now appears to be: Not the perfect one! Not on any level!

I want to see them in cowboy boots and blue jeans and not with so much liposuction that they can't even close their eyes. You see women with it everywhere in Hollywood and, urgh And although everyone says we're about the only couple still together in the rock business, it's not really true. We're not the only ones.

Amazing wedding proposals] Of course, Springsteen had to go through one starter marriage before he seemingly got it right. But the Bono comparison seems particularly apt, as he and Bon Jovi have a lot in common besides their early-fiftysomething age, the enduring status of their first marriages, and the first three letters of their monikers.

The year before that, Bon Jovi was in the top worldwide spot.


Did it matter that the band's latest album didn't even go gold? Not any more than it would affect stadium grosses if one of U2's albums flopped. These are the two bands that millions of international fans turn out to see every year, whether they've got a hit record or not.

jon bon jovi who is dating lady

Believers in romantic karma could claim that these are the kind of spoils that come to big rock stars who can manage to keep their marriages together instead of succumbing to a wandering eye or heart. But maybe there's something more practical and less spiritual at play.

jon bon jovi who is dating lady

In both cases, you've got a frontman with a mind for business as well as hooks, and someone who knows how to hold marriages and bands together. U2 has had the same lineup since emerging onto the scene in Bon Jovi can claim almost the same record of group fidelity. They've only lost one member along the way bassist Alec Such, who split in The remaining cast — guitarist Richie Sambora, drummer Tico Torres, and keyboardist David Bryan — is the same as upon the group's formation in Judging from his success rate with group and marital lineups, Bon Jovi has exceptional skills as a peacekeeper as well as leader, and he's more prone to living on practicality than a prayer.

When he says woman are smarter than men, that's something he apparently believed as a high schooler, too, as he has admitted to copying her answers in history class. They drifted apart as the band found stardom, and Bon Jovi had his noted romance with Diane Lane, though that came to an end as Lane and Sambora circled each other instead.

Jon Bon Jovi book lifts lid on his past with Diane Lane

A happy reunion came when Jon tracked Dorothea down at her parents' home, stood on the front lawn, and called out to her to be his date at the band's Meadowlands arena show that night.

That fateful "Say Anything"-style moment led not just to nuptials but four predictably attractive children — Stephanie, 18, quite a looker herself already, judging from the bikini-clad shots the paparazzi recently got in St. Bart's; Jesse, 17; Jacob, 9; and Romeo, 7.

InBon Jovi discussed his marriage in the context of his then-burgeoning acting career. I have basically been doing them for a living for years. Trying to seduce an audience is the basis of rock 'n roll, and if I may say so, I'm pretty good at it," he declared to Movieline, matter-of-factly. The only thing I like more than my wife is my money, and I'm not about to lose that to her and her lawyers, that's for damn sure.