Josh hartnett diane kruger dating

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josh hartnett diane kruger dating

Sep 3, that it involves a romance between Matthew (Josh Hartnett) and Lisa (Diane Kruger) that is the Real Thing, They start dating each other. Release date. September 3, (). Running time. minutes. Country, United States. Language, English. Budget, $30 million. Box office, $ million. Wicker Park is a American romantic thriller drama film directed by Paul McGuigan and starring Josh Hartnett, Rose Byrne, Diane Kruger and Matthew Lillard. Download this stock image: WICKER PARK DIANE KRUGER AND JOSH HARTNETT Date: - K38G48 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution.

Wicker Park is a stylish mystery love story told in the present with intermingled flashbacks that help unravel the storyline.

Wicker Park

While there are some coincidences and plot points that stretch credulity to nearly the breaking point, it manages to hold itself together enough to be an enjoyable film. On the eve of a business trip to China, he thinks he catches sight of Lisa Krugerthe woman he was in love with two years earlier, but who disappeared without a word of explanation shortly after he asked her to move in with him.

josh hartnett diane kruger dating

Secretly bailing out of his trip, he enlists an old friend Matthew Lillard in a fairly normal role for once to help him discover if the woman he saw really was his lost love. The story is told with some fancy editing that blends the past with the present so that the story of Matthew and Lisa's first meeting is told as he follows a string of clues to the woman he saw in the bar.

josh hartnett diane kruger dating

However, when he finally arrives at her apartment, it seems that things are not as clear-cut as he thought they would be. Visually, this movie is beautiful to watch. The scenes of a snow draped Chicago — even if some of them are actually a snow draped Montreal — are artfully used.

josh hartnett diane kruger dating

Director Paul McGuigan has an eye for the artistic shot, making good use of camera movements to emphasize the scene. This process raises an array of questions, some relevant to the central plot and some just irritating. If yes, is she purposefully avoiding Matty?

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Is she being stalked by a crazy rich guy who may or may not have killed his wife? This last is instigated by a funeral scene, followed by Matty's surveillance of the apartment where the-girl-who--might-be-Lisa appears to be living, where the rich widower is also skulking in the hallway, a few steps down from where Matty himself is skulking, in deep shadows no less.

The film is all about such repetitions -- of images, actions, and obsessions, all made visible in many, many mirror images and artfully shifty split screens. And in case the visuals don't make this theme absolutely clear, the movie also includes a pile of metaphorical and structural references -- each character is watching or living voyeuristically through the experiences of another Luke, for instance, listens enthusiastically to Matty's romantic woes, Alex observes Lisa through her window that happens to be directly across from herseach has some stake in remaining unseen while watching, whether selfishness or insanity.

josh hartnett diane kruger dating

Gradually and quite tediously, the movie captivating reveals the details of Matty and Lisa's past their meeting two years ago, their evolving mutual affection, their afternoons in Wicker Park, her dancing in red dress through a series of increasingly repetitive flashbacks: While it might have been a point of provocative strangeness that Luke works in a shoe store with a red-dragony "Chinese" theme or that Alex is acting in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and so rehearsing lines like "I am not what I am," Wicker Park's kaleidoscopic fragmentations start to look more interesting than any figuring out process.

He bumps into his old friend Luke on the way into a meeting at a restaurant, in preparation for a business trip to China. Once inside, Matt thinks he overhears Lisa, the beautiful dancer he was in love with two years before, who had vanished overnight. Unable to confront the woman he believes may be Lisa, he blows off the trip and instead embarks on an obsessive search for her, as the story of Matt and Lisa's romance unfolds in flashbacks.


A key card which the woman leaves at the restaurant leads Matt to a hotel, where he finds Lisa's silver compact and an article marked in a newspaper.

He leaves a note for Lisa at the restaurant bar, borrows Luke's car, and trails the man from the newspaper article to an apartment.

josh hartnett diane kruger dating

There Matt discovers a note to Lisa under the door, with her key enclosed. The apartment is deserted, but he leaves Lisa a note himself, to meet him in Wicker Park, and keeps the key.

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An ecstatic Matt returns the car to Luke, who is furious because he has missed a date with his new girlfriend Alex. When Alex calls, Matt takes the blame and Luke is mollified. The next day, after waiting in vain at Wicker Park, Matt goes back to the apartment and is caught by a woman who is also named Lisa. She says the apartment is hers, but she has a coat and red-soled shoes with a broken heel identical to Lisa's—shoes that came from Luke's shop, where Lisa first met Matt.

She says that she was at the hotel because the man in the newspaper was stalking her, and asks Matt to stay the night.