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Wayne Byrne All photos by Katarina Benzova The Dead Daisies are a band in their infancy yet collectively the band members have most likely already made a mark on your record collection.

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Having been part of the group since its initial touring incarnation, Fortus brings a vast history of stage craft to the milieu. Not to mention mounting local reunion shows for his earliest band, Pale Divine.

The man has an unrivalled appetite for music. Fortus is a prodigious multi-instrumentalist, a highly-skilled and much sought-after studio musician who has tracked for a kaleidoscope of artists across a wide spectrum of genres, and to see in him in concert one is witness to a formidable live player with a powerful stage presence, a reputation that precedes him.

I saw every concert I possibly could, whether I liked the band or not. Every second of my youth was focused on music. I was obsessed, body and soul. Louis cult act, Pale Divine. They swiftly became heroes of the local St. Louis music scene, with word of mouth extending to the offices of major label Atlantic Records, who signed the band and in released their debut album, the vastly underrated Straight to Goodbye, hitting the road with The Psychedelic Furs in support of the release.

Unfortunate corporate politics saw the band released from their contract while demoing material for their follow-up effort. That second album was never to be released and the group soon disbanded after Fortus left.

In the aftermath of Pale Divine, Fortus moved to New York City and collaborated with Furs frontman Richard Butler on a new music project entitled Love Spit Love, with the group releasing two excellent albums throughout the early-mid nineties, before once again getting lost in the shuffle of major label bureaucracy. Fortus is a busy man. Having toured the US and Europe with the legendary group, Fortus realised a dream of his youth in soloing in-harmony with Scott Gorham.

To see Fortus play on stage with Thin Lizzy is to witness a man lost in the throes of musical ecstasy, an eternal fan now sharing the stage with his idols and becoming part of their history and legacy.

Most recently however, Fortus has become a vital part of the musical juggernaut known as The Dead Daisies. Is it raw talent or something more elusive and intangible? There are a million talented players out there!

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We want to create new music for classic rock fans. We are trying to write music that can sit alongside all of our favourite classic rock music. We are trying to create grooves and feelings that have been missing from music for quite a while and the players that we choose to work with have to understand those things. So that is pretty limiting, finding guys that truly get that. For a band that consists of career stadium rockers, the Academy stage must have felt small, but The Dead Daisies are not resting on their laurels, they are fully aware that they are a brand new act starting from the ground up and paying their dues is what it takes to get noticed and to potentially win over the several generations of rock music fans who mostly attend the shows for the headline acts.

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katarina benzova dating quotes

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katarina benzova dating quotes

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