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From within the country, the military face-undermining undermining both a political dimension as well as military dimensions, political undermining sourced from the communist groups who want to put the military under their influence through political officers, the Bureau of Struggle, and TNI community.

Challenges from abroad, namely TNI twice face the Dutch military aggression that had a more advanced weaponry, thus, the integrity and existence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia has been able to be maintained by military force with the people.

The period is called the period of liberal democracy is characterized by various rebellions in the country. On 17 NovemberGeneral Nasution is suspended as army chief of staff following army indiscipline over command, on 5 JulySukarno, with armed forces support, issued a decree dissolving the Constituent Assembly and reintroducing the Constitution of with strong presidential powers.

He assumed the role of Prime Minister, which completes the structure of Guided Democracy. At the same time, the Indonesian government started sending their troops on UN peacekeeping mission, the first batch of soldiers were sent to Sinai, Egypt and were known as Garuda Contingent 1 5.

Infantry — Infantry is the general branch of an army that engages in military combat on foot. As the troops who engage with the enemy in close-ranged combat, infantry units bear the largest brunt of warfare, Infantry can enter and maneuver in terrain that is inaccessible to military vehicles and employ crew-served infantry weapons that provide greater and more sustained firepower.

In English, the 16th-century term Infantry describes soldiers who walk to the battlefield, and there engage, fight, the term arose in Sixteenth-Century Spain, which boasted one of the first professional standing armies seen in Europe since the days of Rome. It was common to appoint royal princes to military commands, and the men under them became known as Infanteria. Army, the closes with the enemy, by means of fire and maneuver, in order to destroy or capture him, or to repel his assault by fire, close combat.

Marine Corps, the role of the infantry is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy fire and maneuver. Beginning with the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, artillery has become a dominant force on the battlefield. Since World War I, combat aircraft and armoured vehicles have become dominant. In 20th and 21st century warfare, infantry functions most effectively as part of a combined arms team including artillery, armour, Infantry relies on organized formations to be employed in battle.

These have evolved over time, but remain a key element to effective infantry development and deployment, until the end of the 19th century, infantry units were for the most part employed in close formations up until contact with the enemy. This allowed commanders to control of the unit, especially while maneuvering. The development of guns and other weapons with increased firepower forced infantry units to disperse in order to make them less vulnerable to such weapons.

This decentralization of command was made possible by improved communications equipment, among the various subtypes of infantry is Medium infantry. This refers to infantry which are heavily armed and armored than heavy infantry.

In the early period, medium infantry were largely eliminated due to discontinued use of body armour up until the 20th century. In the United States Army, Stryker Infantry is considered Medium Infantry, since they are heavier than light infantry, Infantry doctrine is the concise expression of how infantry forces contribute to campaigns, major operations, battles, and engagements.

It is a guide to action, not a set of hard, doctrine provides a very common frame of reference across the military forces, allowing the infantry to function cooperatively in what are now called combined arms operations. Doctrine helps standardise operations, facilitating readiness by establishing common ways of accomplishing infantry tasks, doctrine links theory, history, experimentation, and practice 6.

Kopassus — Kopassus was founded on 16 April It gained worldwide attention after several such as during the Indonesian invasion of East Timor. Kopassus is alleged by national and international media and human rights-affiliated NGOs to have committed violations of rights in East Timor, Aceh and Papua. Notably in the Western press, published articles in media may include epithets such as the notorious Kopassus.

The Indonesians were amazed and shocked by RMSs sniper ability and skills — which the Indonesian armed forces at the time did not possess and they were then inspired to build a similar force for Indonesia. However, at time, there were no Indonesian commanders with necessary experience nor skills in special operations.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Slamet Riyadi would not see his dream realised due to his death in a battle against the troops of the separatist RMS and he was the first recruit for the Indonesian special forces, as well as its first commander.

Dading Kalbuadi

Due to him, the unit later became Kopassus. Instead of the green beret the special forces of Indonesia wear red berets. The first generation of force was only around a hundred soldiers or one company. Suhartos rise to power. An estimated half-a million people were killed in the anti-communist purge with strong communal overtones, Kopassus is currently led by Commandant General or DanJen, who holds the rank of Major General.

Below is a list of commanders who have led the special forces, Kopassus has been accused by numerous NGOs and Western politicians of human rights violations. Amnesty International and Indonesian human rights including the official National Commission on Human Rights have cited abuses by members of Kopassus. Infive Australian journalists, known as the Balibo Five, were killed by members of Kopassus in the town of Balibo during the Indonesian invasion of East Timor. The Indonesian military has maintained that the men were killed in a cross-fire during the battle for the town 7.

East Timor owes its territorial distinctiveness from the rest of Timor, following the war, the Dutch East Indies secured its independence as the independent Republic of Indonesia and the Portuguese, meanwhile, re-established control over East Timor. When East Timor was invaded by Indonesia in Decemberit had few links to the rest of the archipelago.

As a former Portuguese colony, it lacked a shared experience with other regions. According to the pre Constitution of Portugal, East Timor, known then as Portuguese Timor, was an overseas province.

Unlike the African colonies, East Timor did not experience a war of national liberation, however, indigenous political parties rapidly sprang up in Timor, The Timorese Democratic Union was the first political association to be announced after the Carnation Revolution.

UDT was originally composed of senior leaders and plantation owners. These leaders had conservative origins and showed allegiance to Portugal, meanwhile, Fretilin was composed of administrators, teachers, and other newly recruited members of the urban elites.

Fretilin quickly became more popular than UDT due to a variety of programs it introduced to the populace. However, UDT and Fretilin entered into a coalition by January with the goal of self-determination. This coalition came to represent almost all of the educated sector, APODETI, a third minor party, also sprang up, and its goal was integration with Indonesia.

However, the party had little popular appeal, by Aprilinternal conflicts split the UDT leadership, with Lopes da Cruz leading a faction that wanted to abandon Fretilin. Lopes da Cruz was concerned that the wing of Fretilin would turn East Timor into a communist front. However, Fretilin called this accusation an Indonesian conspiracy, as the wing did not have a power base. UDT members killed a dozen Fretilin members in four locations, the victims included a founding member of Fretilin, and a brother of its vice-president, Nicolau Lobato.

Fretilin responded by appealing successfully to the Portuguese-trained East Timorese military units, uDTs violent takeover thus provoked the three-week long civil war, in pitting its 1, troops against the 2, regular forces now led by Fretilin commanders.

When the Portuguese-trained East Timorese military switched allegiance to Fretilin, it came to be known as Falintil, by the end of August, the UDT remnants were retreating toward the Indonesian border 8. During the United States occupation of Veracruz, he conducted a reconnaissance mission, inhe was promoted from major to colonel and became chief of staff of the 42nd Division. From toMacArthur served as Superintendent of the U. S, Military Academy at West Point, where he attempted a series of reforms.

His next assignment was in the Philippines, where in he was instrumental in quelling the Philippine Scout Mutiny, inhe became the Armys youngest major general. A series of disasters followed, starting with the destruction of his air forces on 8 DecemberMacArthurs forces were soon compelled to withdraw to Bataan, where they held out until May In MarchMacArthur, his family and his staff left nearby Corregidor Island in PT boats and escaped to Australia, upon his arrival in Australia, MacArthur gave a speech in which he famously promised I shall return to the Philippines.

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For his defense of the Philippines, MacArthur was awarded the Medal of Honor, after more than two years of fighting in the Pacific, he fulfilled a promise to return to the Philippines.

He officially accepted Japans surrender on 2 Septemberaboard USS Missouri anchored in Tokyo Bay, as the effective ruler of Japan, he oversaw sweeping economic, political and social changes. Army captain, Pinkney came from a prominent Norfolk, Virginia, family. But their wish did not come true.

I really dislike moments clearly planned but made to seem impromptu. She was born and raised in Seongnam, South Korea. K-stars Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi were swept up in a wedding rumor today and both stars mutual agency has released an official response denying.

Her sudden announcement made her fans shocked, but it shows her firm determination to become a more able and talented actress. The couple got married in July and had a daughter in However, now that it is confirmed that the two are dating, it seems that there is a higher chance that the new couple for the show will not be filmed. Sadly for fans of this real-life and drama couple, the pair went their separate ways in August after a very short relationship of 4 months.

Somehow their dream couple from QIHM made it work! The couple had a baby girl by December of They met on the set inbut he took two years to ask her out.

Boyfriend Yoo is not dating with anyone now. They began dating around when they met on the set of Yellow Handkerchief. They soon started their serious relationship. The wait ended up being worth it, however, as the two got married in and gave birth to a beautiful daughter in He seems like a decent guy in real life, and being a musician probably renders him less stuffy and more free-spirited.

Her broken heart seems not to be healed since she broke up with her ex boyfriend, Ji Hyun woo, a South Korean actor, in First off, he tweets that if he could do it all over again, he would still do the same thing?

He confessed he instantly fell in love with the actress, however, when she drove up in a Volkswagen Golf GTI which has always been his dream car! Yoo in na and ji hyun woo dating Beccah Jan 11 Like he is in a different drama. Not exactly an ideal situation for a rising actress. She is trying to further develop her talent as an actress. But I get it.

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First off, I like Ji Hyun Woo. Yes, my sweet chingus, thank you for the unending links and emails about Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo dating in real life. She is one of the most promising actresses in South Korea. The relationship lasted only about 7 months. Eugene is now expecting a second child! Otherwise the news papers would never dare run with this, at the risk of being sued by a big entertainment company like YG.

So for him to say he would do it again — dude, so not considerate. Dating History She has been in charge of this program as the 6th DJ for five years. As well as being an actress, she is also active in various fields in the entertainment world, such as a DJ of the radio program or modeling. The downside of being a star is the lack of privacy. Whereas now Yoo In Na will be asked about Ji Hyun Woo every single time she does an interview for anything and everything.