Kpop dating sim game dream boy 2

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kpop dating sim game dream boy 2

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After several missed calls or missed chats, the game will probably reconfigure its time schedule and the interactions between you and the suitor will happen only in more opportune times of the day or night. This special Ssum-one might even give you a call.

But you can also call this Ssum-one yourself! Voice calls seem to be a very dominant feature of this game. Are all the calls going to be in korean or will Cheritz give its audience calls in english language as well? Curious what your Sum-one thinks about you?

Another feature partially revealed: Last but not least: Now aim for your next requirement for good friends. After you became friends with one of the idols, you'll get a nice surprise. Each idol you're friends with have different surprises. So visit the centers every day for those surprises.

kpop dating sim game dream boy 2

Some are good but some are bad. And I don't have to explain the surprises. You're gonna have to play the game to find out more. Becoming Good Friends As usual, once you have enough exp, click on the idol to get his phone number. You'll finally get a call from him: Or the other way round, meaning you can call him too.

There is a mobile next to your PDA. If you get a call from any idol, be sure to answer the call for a chance of increasing your relationship with them. Be sure to buy the potion too for some fighting incident. Becoming Close Friends It's the same like the previous two. He'll give you his birthday once you reach exp and above. Now you are close friends with that idol and you're ready for your first date.

Before you go for a date, talk to him to see which day he is free.

The Ssum, Cheritz' new game, will be available at the end of March

And ask him about his personality his favorite colors, blood type, height, weight etc. Like the phone numbers, write down whatever he said when you ask him. He'll also ask you if you can remember his personality. If you are a fan of any of these three groups, then it's easier for you: Going On Dates Finally, you're going on your first date with him.

Put on your pretty dress and make up: There are three places you can go for a date. The beach, the restaurant and the park. And you need enough money for your dates, because you are require to pay for the dates.

kpop dating sim game dream boy 2

To complete the date, talk to him first. That's why you need to remember his personality and phone number. You'll see a bar below his picture. Get all his answers right in order to boost his mood. Do not hug or kiss him or give him anything when the bar is empty or half way! Otherwise, he'll reject you. If you get some answers wrong, he'll also reject you, because he'll think that you don't know him well.

If you do come to this, don't do anything else but leave. First dates are not always perfect sometimes: You can try again for a successful date. When the bar is full, you can give him gifts, hug him and finally You've succeeded the date and your idol has become your boyfriend. Now you can visit him at his house anytime you like. And you'll also get a token to buy the albums. I think I didn't mentioned this earlier.

There will be enemies who will try to ruin your date. Most common is the three mean girls you will see often after your date. And you have to beat them to protect your idol. What's good is that you just have to beat the enemy once and you win. There is a bar in the black box next to your enemy. Aim for the green area to win. If you run out of Hp, you can always use the potion. - Registered at

If you are against the three mean girls, you don't have to defeat all three of them. Just choose one that is easier to defeat. The easier one is the girl on your right because it'll ask you to defeat the torso where the green area is larger.

Maintaining Love Now that you and your idol are officially a couple, what are you going to do?