Kymco like 125 review uk dating

Touring Tecnigas 4SCOOT for Kymco Like (disc brake): Car & Motorbike

kymco like 125 review uk dating

I had a think about approximate total costs to date, and when you add it all up . I was looking for some Kymco Like reviews and found your great lead in Australia had a good look at one when in the UK at beginning of year. With classic styling, chrome highlights and loaded with features, KYMCO Like is the urban scooter to keep you on style and on time. A twist and go CVT. Touring Tecnigas 4SCOOT for Kymco Like (disc brake): Car & Motorbike. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Customer Reviews, Be the first to review this item.

The side stand is one of those spring mounted self retracting jobs. The engine on the is a fairly spirited 4 stroke number that achieves a 7kw output. The weight, for what is a largish scooter, tips the scales at just kg. The fuel tank comes in at 7.

kymco like 125 review uk dating

All these well thought out features are relevant across the entire Like range, from 50 cc through to the upcoming version. You can really see the lengths that Kymco have gone to in getting this package right. Sure there is nothing new here, but Kymco have very much taken the best of everything and piled it into one sophisticated model.

For the price its exceptional value.

Kit Kymco Like Car & Motorbike

On the Road It makes my job pretty easy when a new scooter backs up features with on the road substance. The Kymco Like takes up the riding position of most classics.

kymco like 125 review uk dating

Comfortable and upright, and nice and low to the ground. The seat is broad and wide, the bars angling back for a short reach. The handgrips a nice and thin and its all very compact and neat. The front does angle back which may impede the knees of the really tall, for me and the majority, no problems at all. The seat is long and flat and doesn't lock you into place so its nice to be able to move around and find your own comfort zone. The Like is not small.

So you do feel you have a great deal of scooter around you. The front end is wide and angled back so protection from the elements seems a little better then normal for some reason. The motor kicks into life easily, its fairly quite. Acceleration and performance are pretty much on par with the competition and your daily commute wont find any boundaries.

Smooth and fairly brisk away from standstill you wont have any trouble at all keeping up with fast moving traffic. The suspension is oddly very firm.

kymco like 125 review uk dating

Cornering is sharp and this is all enhanced by the 12 inch wheel combination. The chassis certainly keeps up with the performance output of the engine. The Like is extremely dynamic on high speed smooth surfaces but can crash a little over slow bumpy stuff.

But that's the trade off in getting the Like extremely focused on the job at hand.

kymco like 125 review uk dating

The Kymco engineers build good handling scooters and the Like is no exception. Brakes are particularly good and its all because its disc up front and back. They pull up the easily. This could be the same braking package on the upcoming model and still be sufficient. Passenger comfort is pretty good also.

Like an Italian classic made in Taiwan? - Kymco Like 125

Top marks for the push button flip out foot pegs, nice feature. The Like will get away from the cars at the lights 8 times out of 10 and behaves itself on the road. With good under seat storage, plus glove box, and a top box that can hold a full face helmet, it should be a reliable commuter scooter that can keep up with the traffic, from back lanes to arterial roads.

The Kymco Like will be everything the Australian distributor and dealer network has been waiting for.

A top trio for trips around town

A terrific looking scooter, Kymco have gone to lengths to get this one right. You also get a rev counter, clock, fuel gauge, phone charging point, luggage rack and underseat lighting useful in the dark.

kymco like 125 review uk dating

The luggage space is huge, as is the seat, which is comfortable and spacious enough for two. The fold-in mirrors are an asset in snarled-up traffic and for parking in tight spaces. The engine is smooth and strong, and in most respects the Miler works well, but the chassis is unusually flexible. On a bumpy road the handlebars spring backwards and forwards in your hands and you can see the machine flexing about its middle.

Kymco Like Reviews -

Even so, Taiwanese Kymco is building a reputation for quality and reliability, although the dealer network is still spread thin in places. Masco Ltd, www. The Lead's other significance is that it is the first Indian-built Honda sold in Europe which has enabled that low selling price. There are no obvious signs of compromise, apart from rather cheap and distorting mirrors — the bodywork fits well, there are no nasty creaks and the engine works crisply, with an easy pick-up from the automatic transmission.

The company says the same standards are applied to Indian-built Hondas as those from any other source, and the Lead appears to back that up. In fact, because it was designed for India's dreadful roads, the Lead is likely to be tougher than most scooters.