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la casita del horror xxii latino dating

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Marge invites Edmund and his father, Count Draculato dinner. Edmund and Lisa are both embarrassed by their fathers and decide to leave. Homer and Dracula track them down to a cathedral in "Dracula-la Land". They see Edmund climbing up a tower with Lisa, so Homer forces Dracula to carry him up. Lisa wants to become a vampire, explaining that she wants to be a part of their rich culture and to organise events to prevent unfair vampire stereotypes, but has second thoughts after learning that she would be eight years old forever.

Edmund says that "the blood-lust is upon him" and he has to bite something. Homer stops Edmund with a cross, and is amazed to learn vampires love their kids also when Dracula grabs the cross to save Edmund. Edmund and his father reconcile, and Homer saves Lisa by offering himself up in her place as the two vampires feast on him. However, they both die from the bad cholesterol in Homer's blood as he is turned into a vampire. Transforming into a bat to fly home, Homer's fat causes him to fall to his death.

His body is carried off by were-poodle Milhouse while Lisa watches in dismay. Production[ edit ] Daniel Radcliffe left and Hugh Laurie right guest starred in this episode, with Laurie playing castaway Roger and Radcliffe playing vampire Edmund, respectively The episode was written by Joel H. Cohenand it was his first sole writing credit for a Treehouse of Horror episode. Daniel Radcliffestar of the Harry Potter film seriesguest starred as Edmund in the third segment which parodies the Twilight novel and film series.

Back in the present, Lisa is shocked because she thought she was the favorite. And so, Satan gives Maggie to Marge and picks up Lisa. Lisa says "Not the favorite! Homer steps forward, asking Satan if they is another deal he can accept - which is three-way.

La Casita del Horror XXII

Homer asks if it is him, Satan and Marge. Satan then says that it's actually Homer, Demon and Demon. Homer groans saying that it's one of those things a dad has to do. Satan says that it is "cinnamon". Homer says that he wants to try something new and he throws his dressing gown at the camera. Comic Book Guy tells Bart that the only way to purchase the comic at the cover price is to go back in time to Bart says that's impossible, but then he looks over to a comic, Fantastic Foreshadowingwhich features him on the cover and says "The Boy Who Went Back to ".

Bart skateboards out into the street, where he meets Professor Frink - who has just tested out his car time machine. Frink tells Bart to hold his keys while he grabs some lunch - but Bart gives this as the chance to go back to InBart goes to the Android's Dungeon's grand opening and purchases the comic.

Bart reads the comic - but throws it in the bin, because it's too preachy, outside the boy's bathroom at Springfield High School. Bart is shocked - as it's Homer before his boobs came in. Bart goes into the high school. In the detention hall, Homer meets Bart, who explains to Homer that he's his unwanted son from the future who killed all his fun.

la casita del horror xxii latino dating

The young Homer then strangles Bart. A young Marge then enters the room. Homer is still strangling Bart while Marge sits down. Marge tells off Homer, saying that what kind of jerk would strangle a young child. Homer asks Marge to the prom, but Marge refuses. Homer tells off Bart because it was love at first sight and he ruined it.

Marge then says that it wasn't love at first sight, and Homer says "What do you know? Marge calls Homer an idiot, and Homer returns the favour - shocking Marge. Homer tells Marge to not act like it's the first time someone said that to her - but that backfires, because it IS the first time someone has said that to her. Homer tells Marge to shut up and go to the prom with him.

la casita del horror xxii latino dating

Bart "aye caramba"s, and wonders what will happen if Homer and Marge don't get together. Bart checks his myPhone photos, and a photo of him outside the Simpson House disappears - making him think that he won't exist. But then, another picture appears, which features Bart outside of a bigger and more fancier house - which prompts him to think that his life will be a hell of a lot better.

Bart goes upto the young Marge, telling her not to marry "that ape". Meanwhile, young Homer is writing two choices for Marge on the chalkboard: A Go With Me to the Prom. B Cry So Hard Forever.

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Marge tells Bart "Whatever you say, little boy", and Bart runs off. Homer chases after him. Bart runs into the time machine and tells himself to go to a future where his rich, or a future where he is allowed to stand outside a rich guy's house.

While Bart is about to set off, young Homer gets into the trunk of the car. Just as he closes the trunk door, Bart sets off into the future. InBart skateboards off, and young Homer gets out of the trunk.

He also comments that the globe is so warm and that he is in awe at the future. Chief Wiggum then passes the street, asleep on a Segway. Homer says that that's not so great. Bart walks up the steps to his house, where he opens the door and finds Marge giving a smoothie to Artie Ziff. Bart is shocked that his dad is Artie Ziff - which makes him Bartie Ziff. Bart goes over to the mirror and lifts his cap. He has curly hair, and now says "Oy, carumba". Bart's sisters and mother are having breakfast at the table, with Bart's sisters all having curly hair.

Artie says good morning to Bartie, and tells him to enjoy his luxurious life - and his own bully butler - Nelson Muntz. Bart tells Nelson to give himself a wedgie.

Unbeknown to them, a young Homer is watching them from their window. He says that he missed the jive turkeys in the '70s, but that turkey's a jivis. Homer - the present Homer - tells off young Homer because this is his peeping tree.

Homer then realizes that the teenager on the other branch is actually young him. Homer asks why he is in the present.

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Young Homer says that he traveled through space and time to make Marge settle for him because she doesn't know better. Homer tells Young Homer that if they put their heads together they can think of a plan. Young Homer stares down at Present Homer's stomach and asks what happened - and asks if he was in a forest fire. Homer tells him no, and then the two continue watching the Ziffs. Later, Ned Flanders tells the Simpsons that Maggie needs an exorcism, but when he tries to hold her down, he gets killed by Maggie.

Homer and Marge succeed in tying the possessed Maggie down, but then she starts to turn her head degrees.

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Eventually, an Irish Priest arrives, and, after testing how powerful Pazuzu truly is, performs the exorcism that purges the demon from Maggie, but Pazuzu ends up possessing Bart, which he fearfully regrets, declaring that Bart has the evilest soul he has ever seen.

Bart tells Pazuzu to grow him some horns, which Pazuzu does. Homer, however, sees that the horns are nubs, not horns, to which Pazuzu grows the horns even longer that they impale through Homer's nose. Uncomfortable, Homer says that at least the horns will get him out of jury duty, but later, Homer is eventually in jury with a dismembered horn still through his nose, to which he shouts, " D'oh! In Lisa's room, Snowball V takes her through a secret tunnel that brings her to another version of the family, with buttons instead of eyes on their faces.

While the alternate family are like a dream, Lisa runs back to her world in terror when she learns they want to sew buttons on her eyes so she can remain with them forever. Lisa reconsiders the alternate family's offer after Homer had killed a snake with Lisa's saxophone. A few days later, the family finally realizes Lisa is missing with Homer accepting it and saying Maggie that gets Lisa's room and clothes, while Bart gets her homework.

Upon hearing this, Bart escapes through the door and is accepted in the alternate reality. After Marge follows after the kids, Homer follows suit and a meeting with the alternate family results with him killing the alternate Bart while alternate Homer injures himself on a pair of scissors trying to avenge him. This irritates alternate Marge as she transforms into a spider-like creature to attack Homer, who chooses to take advantage of the situation to benefit himself: Lisa accepts this outcome, claiming that it could have been much worse.

Homer gets comfortable, but ends up eating his food supplies, ending up with only vegetables before finding a frozen hot dog. He discovers how tasty it is, losing interest in other food when invited by Ned for lunch, and starts to cannibalize himself by cooking parts of his body before his family come back.