La casita del horror xxiii latino dating

la casita del horror xxiii latino dating

Original air date, November 7, (). Guest appearance(s) · Daniel Radcliffe as Edmund Hugh 'Struck by a' Lorry as Roger. Season 22 episodes [ show] Lisa reads the instructions, which are in Latin, and says the two must beat all the Homer and Dracula track them down to a cathedral in "Dracula-la Land". "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" is the th episode of The Simpsons, the Español, "La Casita del Horror XXIII", Little House of Horror XXIII Country, Date, Channel , Note. Hispanic Latin America, March 31, , Fox Latin America. Animes: Los Simpsons - La Casita del Terror!!! [Mega] The Sexy Geek's House of Swag: The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror- Literature parody Simpsons.

Marge informs him that it is the thirteenth Baktoon. Just then, the doorbell rings and three giant Mayan Gods wait behind the door. Homer offers them Halloween candy, before being squashed to death. The Gods then begin destroying Springfield. Lava pours out of the ground and fire erupts all over town. The Gods then proceed to destroying the rest of the world, which eventually blows up.

Mayor Quimby says that Professor Frink will throw the switch - which will reveal if the 'whatamacalit' will answer some obscure questions of some atomic physics or destroy the universe. The super collider is switched on - but nothing happens. Frink says that the collider is too small to tell anything important, causing everyone to moan and heckle Lisa. The citizens leave, but soon afterwards two things are traveling in the pipe of the super collider - a red light and a blue light.

They end up crashing into each other - creating a black hole. The black hole travels out of the pipe and into the center, where Groundskeeper Willie is asleep in a chair. It sucks up his mop, and then him. Outside the center, Lisa is sitting on the ground, crying in embarrassment and shame, when she notices that her tears are traveling in the air.

They are sucked up by the black hole. Lisa is astonished, but then realizes that they have got to move it before it sucks up more kids, after Ralph and Nelson are sucked up by the hole. Lisa uses a stick to drag the black hole home, and it ends up sucking up Cletus' home along the way. Oil spurts up from the ground, but Cletus' excitement soon dies when the black hole sucks up all the oil.

Lisa finally gets the black hole home - where it sucks up about a quarter of the things in the basement. Homer asks Lisa if she's got a stray dog down there, and Lisa says that it's much worse. Homer then asks her if there is TWO stray dogs, and this time Lisa says that it is a black hole - which was going to be Homer's 'next guess'.

Later on, the Simpsons are in the basement admiring the black hole. Lisa tells the family that scientists believe that what goes into a black hole never comes out, or that it is a gateway to another universe. Homer asks if it can open a pretzel bag.

The black hole opens the pretzel bag - and then all the pretzels in it. Lisa tells the family to not put things in the black hole because it will get bigger and more dangerous if they do. Homer is about to pat it, but before Lisa can stop him, Homer gets his fingers extended, grossing out the entire family.

Marge puts a baby gate around the black hole, but that doesn't stop the family from feeding it. Marge feeds the black hole grease because it attracts raccoons. Bart tries to get the black hole to eat his math homework, but when it won't, he brings Edna Krabappelhis teacher, to the house where he pushes her into the black hole.

The next day, the Simpsons are having breakfast while the black hole - now even bigger - sucks up everything on the ground floor of the house. Lisa notices that the black hole is looking a lot bigger, and asks if anyone wants to admit to throwing anything in. The family says no, but then Lisa asks if anyone has seen the cat. Santa's Little Helper then whines and lies down on the floor. Outside, many of Springfield's citizens are waiting to throw useless junk into the black hole because Homer opened his own business - Magic Craphole Waste Removal.

Everyone runs away from the house when they see the house sucked up by the black hole. Many of Springfield citizens take that as their chance to throw away their junk - Comic Book Guy throws away a DVD of Disney's The Black Hole and Horatio McCallister attempts to throw away a skeleton before Lisa stops everyone, saying that if anything else is sucked into it, the black hole could reach critical mass.

The Magic Craphole Waste Removal customers stand in wait to see what the black hole will do next. Somewhere, Milhouse Van Houten hits a home-run while playing a game of baseball, and the ball is sucked up by the black hole, enlarging it greatly allowing it to suck up Springfield's citizens.

All of Springfield ends up being sucked up by the black hole and the only people left in Springfield are the Simpson family. The family are sucked up - but not Maggie - who hangs on to a pipe. Her pacifier is sucked up by the black hole, which sucks the pacifier and goes off into the distance.

Maggie is left there - very cross. Springfield ends up on a planet where the junk thrown into the black hole ended up.

The aliens on the planet say that they have built their society on the 'treasures' sent to the planet. The aliens' favorite magazine is the Presidents' Day mattress blowout sale insert and their favorite food is banana peels. The aliens say that they listen to music on the most wonderful device ever created - The Zune. Marge stops Homer from telling the aliens that the treasures they have received is just their old junk, and then she says that it is wonderful stuff and "Enjoy it!

He says that he bought the camera because strange things are happening in the house in the dead of night. Homer films some of the strange things - "Beware! Homer says that if anyone finds this footage after they're missing or dead they should remember him as a hero.

Treehouse of Horror XXI

Bart then comes in the house telling Homer that he forgot to pick him up from Little League and Lisa tells Homer that he threw his car keys in Lisa's bean plant. Homer shouts "A hero!

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Homer asks Marge if she wants to snuggle, but Marge says that she won't with the camera on. Homer tries to convince Marge that the camera is off, but it doesn't work. Marge goes to sleep, and so does Homer. Also, the cupboard opens and a golf club is lifted up in the air and Homer is hit on the head with it. It falls to the floor. Marge rushes out of the bedroom, and so does Homer with the camera. He goes onto the landing, and then falls down the stairs.

Homer goes into the family room, which has been destroyed. Marge is breathing heavily, and Lisa asks "Why is this happening to us? Homer tells Lisa to go to bed because it's a school night. In the living room at 1: Homer asks the man if he's got enough cameras and extended warranty to catch the ghost.

The man says that whatever happens in the house the cameras will pick up. But, Milhouse is also asleep on the floor of Lisa's room as well - seconds later. In Homer and Marge's bedroom, Marge suddenly gets out of bed and walks to the other side of the bed - where Homer is sleeping.

She watches over Homer for 4 hours, when Homer wakes up and says hello to Marge. Marge growls, while Homer tries to get her into having sex with him. Marge looks anxious, while Wiggum says that the devil feeds on their fear. Wiggum runs out of the room, scared after the cuckoo-clock 'cuckoos'.

Wiggum enters, now a skeleton, saying that the devil feeds on more than just fear. Night 15, and at around 1: Maggie wakes up and watches her blocks pushed to the edge of the room. Maggie is levitated and is put into a baby carrier and a bag is placed on the baby carrier, which a bottle has been put into.

Maggie's baby seat is lifted up, just as Marge comes into the room and yells "Give me my baby back". The rest of the family apart from Bart follows Marge into the room, before something yells out "We had a deal! Bart rushes into the room and throws baby powder over the something - the devil which looks very similar to Moe Szyslak.

Marge starts crying, saying that she brought this on the whole family. It began when Marge was a girl.

la casita del horror xxiii latino dating

Patty and Selma were in the attic trying to hail Satan when Marge came up and asked the two what they were doing. They say that they are trying to summon Satan because there is nothing good on TV, they have no boyfriends and they are bored.

Treehouse of Horror XXIII

The two continue to attempt to summon Satan, and they are successful. Marge asks the devil if he can come back for her sisters later, and the devil agrees. But, Marge only has 30 years and when he returns, he will take her favorite child. Back in the present, Lisa is shocked because she thought she was the favorite. And so, Satan gives Maggie to Marge and picks up Lisa. Lisa says "Not the favorite! Homer steps forward, asking Satan if they is another deal he can accept - which is three-way.

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la casita del horror xxiii latino dating

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Treehouse of Horror XXIII - Wikisimpsons, the Simpsons Wiki

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