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ISU World Figure Skating Championships photos--Aleteia

la notte cappellini dating advice

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la notte cappellini dating advice

Who chose the music and the theme? Why did you decide to work Wight Jeffrey Buttle for the choreography? How was working Wight him? For the short program I picked out the music, I have always wanted to skate to Nothing Else Matters by Apocalypta, but we decided that it was overused a lot. I had mentioned the music idea to a friend and he mention the artist David Garrett who had done a version of the song on a rock violin. The title of the piece kind of says it all, the character I am portraying just looses a close family member and is battling with their loss and depression.

The theme is a lot more serious than I've done in the past and I wanted to show a different side of my skating than I did last year where I had more fun upbeat programs. The opportunity to work with Jeff came when he was coming to Colorado Springs to work with two other skaters and said he had time to fit in one more program. I asked my coaches about it and they asked him and he agreed. Working with him was an amazing experience, he knows what level of choreography is needed to be competitive at the top level and pulls the best out of you.

I hope I can continue working with him in the future! What about the LP? For the long program Tom Dickson picked out the music, but I had suggested the theme of wizard or magical to him. He played me two pieces from the planets, Uranus and Neptune, which are not commonly used is skating compared to Mars and Jupiter. I liked that the music choices were original because I always want to do things that have never been done, and sometimes we get a little too abstract with our music choices.

The main theme of the program is the battle between good and evil. It is something I think that most people go through in life whether it be as a child or an adult. The program begins with an evil act but then your conscience comes in and you think about your actions, to then you switch back to good.

The program is a constant battle between the two but ends with a little mystery, letting the viewers decide whether the good or evil forces took over in the end. I've always enjoyed working with Tom Dickson because he always listens to my input and works with my ideas to create an originality to the program and he is filled with knowledge about skating. I've worked with him the past four seasons and each program has been unique and challenging in their own ways to help me portray different sides of my skating.

We are impatient to see these programs in the upcoming competitions; many thanks to Paul Bonifacio Parkinson for the interview. An interview with Paolo Bacchini: This time is Paolo Bacchini's turn, and we'd like to thank him for being so nice to us.

We meet again for the beginning of a new season. What are your expectations and goals? About the competitions I want to attend or the results I want to obtain I want to concentrate on skating wellthe outcome will be just a consequence of that. You will start to compete in early October, at the Finlandia Trophy. How are your physical conditioning and your programs proceeding? How many competitions will you attend before the Italian Nationals? The programs are ready and the physical conditioning is proceeding according to the schedule.

Obviously, as it is just September, the workout is still quite tiring, as the core of the season will be in December. I will decide later with my coach, according to my training plan.

The seasons are now quite long for the skaters, from September to the end of March. How do you plan out your strategy in order to peak at the right time? Do you previously set your goals on a particular competition or you decide as the season goes on?

The preparation is set at the beginning of the season according to the competitions' schedule, although as the competitions we attend are always at the same time of the year, the plan is usually similar every season. Anyway at the end of every season we evaluate the outcomes and try to change something in the training, if it's possible. Although we don't want to make very big changes as this system has worked pretty well so far.

The past season has been particularly long, with the World Championships in April. How did you live that situation?

La notte cappellini dating advice, Cappellini, Lanotte win ice dance world title

Were you able to go on vacation? Did you have any negative effect on your summer training? We can say that the past season has been infinite I was just worried about going to Japan, as there was a critical situation going on. I took some time off, but anyway I think that being a skater, that is your passion, and being able to make the latter you job, well I think that's a privilege and that therefore it doesn't need such huge sacrifices smiles.

How and where did you train this summer? As every summer, I went to Oberstdorf, it has become the main place for my summer training. Last year you obtained your best placement at the European Championships, you were very close to the top ten, and at the World Championships you had a personal best in the free skating and total score.

We can assume you are satisfied with that season. Did you expect that? Yes, I'm happy with how the past season has been. I trained a lot to being able to be competitive at an international level, although I will still need to work a lot. When you are in the most important international competitions European or World Championships you understand how much you still need to improve, and how that competition is not a goal anymore, but another starting point.

Your programs have been appreciated by the public, a lot of people liked your artistic side and the fantasy of your exhibitions. What have you prepared this season? Did you change both programs or did you keep one of them? I kept the short program, because I think it still has room to improve. The long program is new, and I've also changed style. This time it has a more classical feeling I will be the Barber of Seville. I won't say anything about it also because I can't see myself from an outside point of view But I can say that I'm having a lot of fun while skating to it.

Is it a coincidence or do you think they suit your programs? I don't follow or do a particular genre, during training everything happens in a casual way.

la notte cappellini dating advice

Every day my coach uses different CDs as background musics for our practices, and if I find a music that I like, I try to interpret it on the ice, improvising part of a program. What are your opinions about the men's figure skating? Do you see it growing, improving, or stagnating? And what do you think about the new rules for the ISU championships qualifications?

I think that figure skating has been subject to a big revolution. I'm not a fortune teller, I can't say if this will further develop, but what I think is that at the moment there could be an excess of rules, that tend to excessively enchain figure skating. Have you made any changes in your staff? It is the same as before: Do you have any news, aside from skating? The important news this year is that I've become part of the Fiamme Oro a category of the italian Police, the sport groupafter passing their tests.

My entrance in the Police has been great and fundamental for my career, as finally now my passion for this sport coincides with my job. I want to thank doctor Salmieri and police inspector Igor Cigolla that gave me this wonderful opportunity.

We can now only wish Paolo Bacchini to have a new brilliant season! Jeremy talked to our correspondent Laura Sciarrillo.

Le nostre interviste - Our Interviews

For how long have you been here in Paris? Did you decide to come here with your coach? Yes, Yuka [Sato] went to US Sectionals and Jason [Dungjen] came here, and it was better for me to come here because there's only one rink in the area where Yuka was going, so I wouldn't have been able to work with her very much. The venue is so nice here, I can train next-door so I would have Jason every day, and there's not a lot of time difference between here and Russia, so I can adjust to the time.

How was working with Yuka, how did the program build during the summer? We had a late start on the long, I got the SP done, and we had some trouble finding the right piece of music.

But at the end I didn't end up skating to it an I'm glad I didn't because there are a couple of US skaters skating to it now. I instantly fell in love with it, I brought it to Yuka ad she loved it too. I told her that I wanted to do the choreography with her, because we've done a couple of exhibitions pieces together, and working with her is always nice, she can keep an eye on my program because I work with her every day.

So we worked really well together to create something that's very comfortable for me. Once we got the foundation of the program, we brought in Roberto Campanella - he's a dancer from Toronto - he did Takahiko's SP last season, and as Yuka really enjoyed working with him, she brought him to work on the piece.

He took what we had done and made it richer. It was a great collaboration, I think we created a program that's very unique and special. Was it more difficult for you to learn the SP choreography or the LP's? The SP for sure. The LP was built on the ice and around my skating, so it came very easily and naturally, especially since I had a part in choreographing it. You know, it's my own movements. For the SP I worked with dance choreographers, people who are strictly involved in swing dance.

I learned some basic stuff off the ice and we then took it on the ice to try to translate those steps and it was actually very difficult because a lot of it is made of hops and steps. Skating is much more [made of] edge and glide, so it was really hard to make that translation. The program isn't a strict swing program, I mean, in one sense it is, but it's a skating version of this movements, otherwise I wouldn't be able to skate.

We spent a couple of days back and forth between the floor and the ice and it was very fun but very challenging at the same time. By the last day before we would starting to choreograph I was out of my mind, I thought: This is not working! The first couple of days it was just me and them, Yuka was not there so I was trying to figure out how the steps were and how to make them work on the ice. My mind was going into ten different directions, and I thought my head was going to explode!

Then finally she came to work with us, and it was such a relief, because she worked on how it could work on the ice, and I could just focus on learning it. Are you comfortable with your SP and LP now? Yes, they still need a lot of polishing work and more time in training. I spent a lot of time in my off season working on jumps as I didn't have a lot of time last season, and my technique was messed up a little bit. I had to rework it and focus more on the technical aspect of skating.

I have been training my program but it was more for the stamina, for getting in shape. Both programs are still a little bit raw, but I'm able to do them well and I'm finally able to start training details so that they can become smoother and much more polished. The LP has been appreciated by the judges and the public.

Did you expect this, and do you think it can positively influence your skate? To be honest, I was not sure how it could have been received, but I actually didn't care smiles.

I knew we had made something really special, it has been a real labor for me, it's like my baby. I picked out the music, and I helped choreographing it, a big part of it, which I've never done for a competition program. I actually didn't end up designing the costume but I had a part in the design for the whole vision of it.

But the emotion, choreography, music, I had a big part in it, and I've never had so much involvement. I'm always very involved in the program and in my skating, but much more so in this particular program, so I feel like I'm very attached to it and I know we've created something very unique and very special. I love it, and that's all I care about smiles. I was not sure if people were going to like it but because I loved it so much, I really didn't care.

Some people will get it and some people won't, but, you know, it doesn't matter. Are you planning to participate in the creation of the next programs in the same way you did with this one? I just don't know, I'm just focusing on this season, so maybe I'll start thinking about next season once I'll be close to worlds.

For now I'm very much on this season [smiles]. Did you already know about that before choosing it? Actually I didn't watch a lot of skating last season. I knew that they had skated to Muse for an exhibition, I didn't realize that they had used it in competition and that it was the same song.

After I picked the music and we talked with the musician about adding the guitar for substituting the lyrics I was looking for the music on youtube and I ended up finding their program.

But I usually try to pick up musics that are not generally used a lot in skating. Something that maybe you've heard before, but not every season by every skater. But it's ok because it's ice dance and they're the only people who have skated to it so far. Being a single skater, I knew I could bring something different to the music. They brought something special to it, that I think a lot of their fans will remember, but I think people will think of them very separately.

When Adam Rippon started to train in Detroit you said that there wouldn't have been any problem with that. Is it the same now? It's going well, I enjoy having Adam. We have three sheets of ice and as his first GP was SC, which had an NHL size rink, and CoC had an Olympic size rink, we were skating on different rinks since the beginning of the season.

Until a week ago I hadn't actually skated with him for over a month. I still saw him every day and it's nice to have him around the rink, he's a great person, he works very hard. The first month he was there I was very competitive, I felt like every day was a competition. But now I see him every day, and he's jut a person I train with.

If I'm having a bad day or I'm feeling lazy it's a good reminder to push myself, but at the same time we're both very friendly and there's not a fierce, vicious competition every day. It's nice to have a high-level energy at the rink. When I first moved there Alissa and I were the only elite skaters, the past season the Detroit Skating Club got a ton of ice dancers and Jason and Yuka got a ton of elite level skaters.

The atmosphere in the rink has raised a lot, and I like the energy that we have now, it's nice. I saw a picture of you and Adam doing the goose [Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir lift], did you try to do it on the ice?

No, I can't actually do a spread eagle, so I would never try it on the ice!! The Men's field is very deep now, both on national and international level. What do you think about that? Who are your biggest opponents? Skating is incredible now, the level has increased tremendously. Almost everyone is doing a quad now, and every quad but the Axel has been attempted at a GP this season.

But I also think that there's a larger group of Men who are expanding the artistic aspect of the sport as well. Maybe it's my biased opinion, but I think that is the most interesting discipline to watch in skating right now.

And I'm happy to be a part of it smiles. I think with the demands of the sport, the rules, no one is perfectly consistent and doing clean programs every time.

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Your biggest opponent could be anyone on any day, but when it comes down to everyone's biggest opponents, it's always ourselves.

I've always been my biggest opponent. When I can keep myself under control I have a chance at being one of the best in the world. There are just two spots for qualifying for the US team, are you nervous about that? I feel very confident about my chances to go to worlds this year, I've been working really hard and I have two programs that are incredibly special. I think the Men's field in the US is really deep, but in terms of the programs I think can no one can match mine.

I strongly believe that. I'm not where I want to be with my training now, but I'm heading into the right direction. My confidence is growing every day, and there's no doubt in my mind that I will be in Nice. Last year you missed the world team by 0. Did that influence your training, negatively or positively? That had no influence. I was very upset just because I felt a great lack of support. I'm not a World Champion and I didn't medal at the Olympics, but I've done an incredible amount for my federation and a lot to be proud of.

I don't like our criteria for [choosing the team for] Worlds, it's not based on just the top-three finishers from Nationals. They meet after the US Championships to decide who will make the world team, and I don't know what happened in those meetings, but when I was left off the team I was very upset, because I felt that everything I have done for the US and for my federation had been overlooked. Especially since I was so close to make the world team.

I didn't deserve to medal at the US Championships, and I'm aware of that. I didn't skate very well and I got the place I deserved, but based on how they choose the world and Four Continents team, I was very upset that I was left off of that world team.

Of course I could have skated better and then there wouldn't even be a question smiles: I would have been on the team and we wouldn't be talking about this, but last season was so difficult for me. I had so many issues with my equipment, I couldn't train, no matter how hard I tried.

I felt like a hamster on a wheel, I was running very fast and going nowhere. I was using a lot of energy and working as hard as I could, but I wasn't getting anything out of it just because I wasn't able to work the way I needed to.

It was very frustrating for me because all I wanted to do was being able to work, and I couldn't. So basically my focus for this season was to make sure that I didn't have those problems. The only thing I have to prove is to myself, not to anybody else. I'm the one out there, putting on the work, the endless hours of training.

I just wanted my skates to be OK so that I could work the way I needed to for the season. So far I've been able to do that. I've had some small issues again before the GP, but we solved them very quickly so I just had to lose a couple of days of my training, which was fine. Now my skates feel good, I've being working hard, China went well, I've being working hard here too and now I expect Russia to go well. You said you didn't like the way the world team was chosen, which way do you think could be the best?

The champion goes, and after that they take into consideration that season's Championships, the previous World Championships, the previous National Championships and the current international ranking.

Based on this selection criteria, I really felt that I should have been selected, so I was very hurt that I wasn't. In hindsight I'm actually very happy that it happenedbecause with what happened in Japan, moving worlds to Russia I think everything happens for a reason. I'm happy that I wasn't in Moscow because it allowed me more time to rest, plan the season and make sure everything happened the way it needed to.

I could get my boots fixed, I could find the right programs and get everything together for this season. I was very upset that I couldn't be there, and of course I would have loved being in Japan, and when that didn't happen I would have loved being in Russia, I love competing in both places, the fans are incredible. But I'm working hard this season, things are going well so I think everything happened the way it was meant to happen.

What are your goals for this season? I want to improve my performances from China and qualify for the GPF, go to the final and improve upon my performances form Russia. Each time I go out to compete I want to perform better than the previous. Not only technically, but artistically as well, I want to look more polished and I want my technical content to be more solid. You have been training with Yuka and Jason for a while now.

Can you tell us how is your relationship with them now, has it changed since you started to work together? We worked together every day, every session. Last season Alissa came to them and so I had a little less attention, as it was split between the two of us. Then this season a lot of skaters came. So I have a little more attention from Yuka and a little less from Jason than I used to.

I don't really like it but it's working well. It makes the training environment much nicer. There's one negative side and one positive side, so it works out well. Can you tell us something more about your Free Dance? It was really hard to nail down the music cuts. I think we had about four or five parts of the movie that we really wanted to show and it just got a little bit too choppy with the music, with only four minutes.

We finally narrowed down to three and got the cuts exactly the way we wanted.

La notte cappellini dating advice

I think the program really builds, that's a lot thanks to the music. I remember in one of the first session we did, we had Scott's iPad with the movie playing on it and we were trying to put on as many moves from the movie onto the ice.

A lot [of moves are] from that jazz-contemporary scene, where Audrey [Hepburn] is in a jazz club and she's dancing. There are some cool movements through it so I think we tried to get that onto the ice and just incorporate that throughout what was arms movement or actual footwork. That started the base of the program and helped to set a field to what kind of story we wanted to portray.

During the making of the program it was really fun to see Scott embracing the character, he really loves the movie now.

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