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List of the best Robot Chicken episodes, as determined by voters like you. ranker home people entertainment sports culture channels videos create a list about us advertise press ranker insights . Some girl dates the Frankenstein monster which makes her father uneasy. Lance Armstrong gets revenge on France. Robot Chicken is an American stop motion adult animated world or situation ( such as Stretch Armstrong requiring a corn syrup transplant after losing later kills the mad scientist when he kidnaps his hen girlfriend, Cluckerella. America's Funniest Home Videos, featuring a host with exaggerated spastic. Lance Armstrong gets revenge on France. Britney Spears as Citizen Britney as the final segment of this reedited episode. Robot Chicken (–). /10 . Release Date: Explore popular movies available to rent or buy on Prime Video.

Joe Parodies - Different parodies of G. Joe featuring the G. Joe Team and Cobra Command. The Nerd - The Nerd is an awkward middle school student with broken glasses who lisps. He also has a major fondness for nudity. Strawberry Shortcake Parodies - Different parodies of Strawberry Shortcake which even featured characters exclusive to this show. The sketch ends with a promo for the next episode. Where Are They Now? A nerd is stuffed into a locker and into the magical and confusing land of Narnia.

Unicorns Aug 12 The Defenders of the Earth accept their limitations. People can lose at The Game of Life.

lance armstrong robot chicken video dating

Cameron Diaz has just 24 hours to live. Some girl dates the Frankenstein monster which makes her father uneasy. Calvin and Hobbes have fun therapy adventures. That Better Not Be Poo: A man catches a kid before he could light a paper bag of poo on fire. A nerd got laid. Good way to get rid of the Godzilla takes a rookie out for T and the Foo Fighters forge an unlikely alliance.

lance armstrong robot chicken video dating

Stretch Armstrong needs a corn syrup transplant. A guy dates his GPS navigational system. Learn the untold origin of Alvin and the Suddenly, a fight occurs outside his room where the boy's mother catches his father cheating, waking up the boy.

The father murders his wife, and then the tooth fairy goes to confront the father and kills him. The fairy goes back to the boy, hands him his quarter, and tells him, "You be good now.

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Then he goes to the boy with a bloody shirt telling him to pack his stuff because they are going to have a vacation in Disneyland. When the boy asks if his mom is coming, the father just replies "Disneyland! The father refuses to drop his weapon because he killed the tooth fairy, and "you know when I drop a fairy, I'm just gettin' started, motherfucker! He shoots at the police, who then shoot back.

The father is taken by the police and the boy is left alone in his house. A moment later, a band, the tooth fairy, the boy's father, a Hawaiian dancer, and a man in a suit enter his room, give the boy a check, and tell him that this is "the darkest sketch in television history" and chant "darkest sketch darkest sketch" to the Robot Chicken ending theme.

Guy jumping over car A teenage boy jumps over a car coming right at him, looks at his friends telling them "Did you see that?

A man proposes to his girlfriend, who then sneezes onto him. The Last Straw A zombie is carrying a human head, grunting. Then, he takes a large straw, puts it in the head, and drinks from it.

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Immature Pilots An airplane is entering turbulence and the captain lets everyone know it's okay. A woman on her first flight is sitting next to a frequent flyer who lets her know that turbulence is normal. Then the captain comes on the PA again complaining that the co-pilot wont stop touching his steering wheel.