Lauren bedford russell kiyomi mccloskey dating

Lauren Bedford Russell Is A Beauty With A Cause | Girls That Roam

lauren bedford russell kiyomi mccloskey dating

Showtime's "Real L Word" star Lauren Bedford Russell creates “Real L Word” and of course her rocker girlfriend Kiyomi McCloskey, who is. My initial impression of Lauren Bedford Russell and Amanda Leigh . Related: amanda dunnilene chaikeninterviewkiyomi mccloskeyreal l. Lauren Bedford Russell. lauren. “Pretty much everything in my life has “About six months ago, Kiyomi and I went our separate ways, but are still friends,” Lauren said. Hunter Valentine appeared on another reality show, Vh1's Make or Vero is still with her girlfriend, Katie Murphy, and is happy to have.

And I thought, oh, huh. So you were thrust into it headfirst?

INTERVIEW: Lauren Russell Takes on Jewelry and Kiyomi’s Fans

Yeah, we just got thrown right in. It was touch down, and go. No time to breathe. And you had seen the show before, or were aware of it?

Lauren Bedford Russell Is A Beauty With A Cause

She had never watched it. When she came out to L. She asked me if I wanted to do it. But I had to admit that I had never actually watched the show.

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Our line producer said okay, here you go, better watch these DVDs. I watched the first season and half of the second.

I totally watched the third season before I filmed it. What did you think of the first two seasons? Without putting anyone down, I thought that they could show a lot more, and a lot more excitement, and a lot more fun. Andrea Kennedy What is it like having reality television cameras in your life all of a sudden? But seriously, after a week of that you realize you would literally blow your brains out if you had to spend four or five months of your life being a robot all the time, not doing anything.

Eating and going to the bathroom are the two things that are the most awkward. Email The Real L Word depicts its share of lesbian drama — Dinah Shore love-ins, impromptu same-sex weddings, girls who like girls who like boys.

Their narrative revolved around their increasing intimacy, i. One of the critiques of The Real L Word is the limited representation. Add to that the excessive focus on love and lust. There is much more to a lesbian than her relationships.

lauren bedford russell kiyomi mccloskey dating

Viewers may have known that Russell is a jewelry designer and the owner of Lyon Fine Jewelry. Yet that aspect of her life stayed in the background. It could have made for good television, because Russell has established herself as a socially conscious entrepreneur.

Her style is urban and urbane. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and other items made of black jade, black diamonds and sterling silver are priced in the thousands. However, Lyon Fine Jewelry asserts the gemstones are conflict-freeand Russell plans to offer affordable designs.

He's had a pretty amazing life so I am happy to celebrate that and include him in the business. Your line is unisex. And there are a bunch of pieces that I would wear. Do you find your pieces appeal to lots of butches?

That was a goal for my line to make sure it was unisex. Some of the pieces of course cater to women.

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A lot of the rings go both ways. Like bisexual rings, I should have asked. That was definitely a goal for the line. I am continuing to work on the masculine choices. Skulls have been done a lot, so I've stayed away from them.

Do you have a famous butch or celeb that you would like to see wearing your pieces on the red carpet? He has an awesome style. It was a dream come true. Hopefully she will wear it soon in public! But maybe it was a piece to wear in private. Let's talk about the charity pieces.

How do you decide who to benefit? Do they approach you? I have approached each and every one of them. I started off with the Equality Bracelet. And then I started getting in to it more and more because it turned out to be one of my most favorite things to do.

And then, after that I am going to do one for Autism. My half-sister is autistic, and I also get so many requests for these. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is pretty awesome about being involved in the Positivity bracelet, and I am sending them a bunch of bracelets to use for their fundraising efforts at the Maryland chapter. A black positivity bracelet is coming normally it's orange.

I did one for Obama that was called the Forward Bracelet. The campaign came to me to ask if I wanted to do it. Also, there's the Rock the Vote bracelet. I am very interested in keeping that going. It is my passion. How much jewelry is too much? I ask quietly counting all I have on a multitude of earrings, watch, several cuffs, my wedding ring, and a necklace There are a couple of rules.

If you are wearing a really big piece -- necklace, bracelet, or ring -- that should be the main attraction. Everything else should be little. If you are just wearing little pieces, then go according to your style. Some people's style is to wear lots. If you are walking out the door and you are questioning, then take something off. It's up to your own personal instinct. I love bracelets, though. I have always stacked them on my arm, I can never have too much of them.

When I backpacked by myself I bought a braided or beaded bracelet in each city or town and didn't take it off! OK, are you ready for the lightning round of questions? Mind block, can't remember the name of it. We played describe-it-to-me-and-I'll-see-if-I-can-guess to no avail. Is it a green bottle, does it have a big white and red label, etc. You are going to laugh. What would you drink if you were out? Tito's Vodka with cranberry juice.

lauren bedford russell kiyomi mccloskey dating

Oh, you don't have Tito's on the West Coast? I say something pithy like "Uhh, I don't know. We might, I'm not really a vodka drinker. It is a small batch-like vodka made in Texas, and you can learn about them here.