Libra woman dating aquarius man

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libra woman dating aquarius man

The combination of an Aquarius man and a Libra woman can be very good. They both often manage to fall in love with each other in their first date itself. Based from Astrology, Libra just love the zany antics of Aquarius. There is a natural and romantic connection between you, and Aquarius also has a touch of . When the Aquarius man and the Libra woman fall in love, what results is an air and air sign mix which pits dependence against independence in quite a.

Both are air signs with a somewhat detached view of life that is complementary. But the real reason a Libra woman can manipulate an Aquarius man is because there is a conservative side to Aquarius, a la Ronald Reagan.

libra woman dating aquarius man

An Aquarius man can be very attracted to a Libra woman because she can be an asset to his career and social standing. He may be painfully aware of his lack of social skills and he knows a Libra woman will come in very handy. The symbol for Libra is the scales. They like the middle ground. You should be neither too cold, nor too ardent; neither too fast nor too slow; neither too trendy nor too old-fashioned.

If this sounds too hard, get out now. If you veer a little bit too far in one direction and then correct, she will be very understanding. Libra has the reputation of being a superficial romantic, and while there is some truth to that, many Libra women are astute politicians, great strategists, and natural business partners. Many Aquarians, delightful as they are, get stuck in outer space and need someone to play Loop-de-Loop with them.

This means that you need to be tolerant of his dating skills, rudimentary though they may be.

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You can train your Aquarius man quite easily. He is very amenable to suggestion and does not object to specific commands for your pleasure.

In other words, if you have thought things over — as you are wont to do — and you have decided that a pearl necklace is what you would like for Christmas, and that it is within the realm of possibilities for him to buy you one, go ahead and suggest it.

You might even mention a specific one that you saw in XXX store. Surprisingly enough, he will be grateful for this information, and probably run right out and do it. Aquarians can be surprisingly passionate, precisely because they make a point of being so dispassionate. You will find this amusing, Libra, because of the power it gives you over him. Use that power wisely because of the tendency that you have to create immediate payback karma.

These two can be absolutely best friends. There is a graciousness and mutual respect between them that is very special. They seek pleasure in materialistic things and always crave for lavish and attractive comforts of life. A Libra woman is also always very positive about everything in life. This attitude of hers helps in creating positive vibes even about something that looks ugly or depressive. She is very independent and never too clingy in love, neither is she a controlling person.

This attitude of a Libra woman gels perfectly well with an Aquarius man. He respects her for this freedom and this attitude.

This freedom does not mean that she is aloof.

Aquarius Man Libra Woman Compatibility

A Libra woman is often quite supportive of her partner's goals and helps him to make correct decisions. Both a Libra woman and an Aquarius man have different views on different things but they are also capable of compromising for each other resulting in a serene relationship.

They both love music, art, religion, travel, children, and philosophy. Their combination results in compassion and warmth on both sides.

On values and ideals, an Aquarius man would good-naturedly follow a Libra woman towards her ideals and values only to show her that he was actually right about it since the beginning.

He does not mock her about it but instead takes it rather in a good-natured way. A Libra woman can aptly read her Aquarius man's mind and gives him the love and support whenever he requires. She never lets her possessive nature come in the way of his freedom.

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility - Zodiac Compatibility

Their combination is a magnificent blend of romance and friendship and is almost perfect from every angle. An Aquarius man brings excitement and happiness if he has a life with a Libra woman. He gives her wonderful dreams and a life full of pleasures. He also gives her space. She feels that he has a half-witted reasoning blended with witty imagination and brilliance. She is almost always in awe of his intellect and does not let his half-witted reasoning bother her.

He feels she can keep up with him on an intellectual level. They never run out of conversations. They are both mentally and physically bonded well with each other. Both of them appear to be besotted by each other's assets.

The Aquarius man sees only beauty in his woman and she finds him the smartest man on the planet.

libra woman dating aquarius man

Their arguments dissolve quickly and their strong bond never lets any misunderstandings crop up for long. Their love instills a feeling of warmth in their lives.

Their romance delights them and makes each moment of their lives gratifying. Their sexual life is also highly satisfying and fulfilling. Their sexual connection is often calming and peaceful as their minds run in harmony with each other.

Their intellectual relationship is completely different from their bed room one. Their lovemaking is beautiful and almost like a piece of art. They both can go wild on the bed. An Aquarius man has the most innovative way of lovemaking and she admires his art. While in bed, they forget their differences and manage to get lost into each other.

A relationship in bed is not that important for both of them, but they also enjoy sex thoroughly. Negative aspects They do have heated arguments from time to time but otherwise, their relationship is very smooth.

libra woman dating aquarius man

Their arguments can arise when the Libra woman feels neglected by her Aquarius man. He finds this behavior of her as childish and possessive.

A fight could develop between the couple when the Aquarius man is not ready to make amends with this lady leaving her feeling hurt. Other than such small problems, theirs is a chemistry which can be strengthened over with time.

As a Libra women loves to watch people, planning dates at unusual and posh restaurants will delight them.

Aquarius Man And Libra Woman

A Libra woman often holds the first impression as her last and it is very necessary for them to be complimented and courted. For a Libra woman to attract an Aquarius man, she needs to communicate. You will also need to be interesting and independent.

Dates for them could be ideal at concerts or sports events. Never nag or complain to him about anything if you want to attract him. They both have a liberal thinking and patience in their sexual relationship.