Literary speed dating

literary speed dating

Mar 10, Speed dating with books is the newest way to find love. Apparently. Emily Wight gave it a try - and found it wasn't exactly what she'd expected. Apr 24, Other conferences use the “pitch-slam,” or “speed-dating” format to connect authors with agents. Several dozen literary agents are seated in a. Then start your search for love with a night of literary speed dating! Whichever of our speed dating nights you feel comfortable attending, we will be glad to.

literary speed dating

I guess I'm not so nice, because I say 'no' a lot -- especially when they're pitching me for something I don't handle. When that happens, I'm not only going to turn down that author, I might even be grouchy about it. Says author Teresa Hayden: But rather than deal with the pressure of rejecting you to your face, they'll say something like 'Well, I don't know.

literary speed dating

For something like this, it's all in the writing. Once I stopped congratulating myself for not fainting, farting or collapsing on the floor in a puddle of flop sweat, I realized that the only thing I'd done was risk being turned down for what I said about the book rather than the book itself.

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However, we soon discovered that this yielded a line of waiting authors who looked like they were about to undergo root canals, and a passel of agents who complained about how much they disliked pitch sessions.

We vowed to find a better way. Pitch Sessions The next year, we offered "Skip the Pitch" sessions: Authors got individual feedback, and by listening to the agents' comments on the other' materials, they came away with a better sense of what worked and what didn't. Many were asked to submit their projects, and a few signed with agents.

Literary Speed Dating 101

And because these were workshops, and not pitch sessions, the authors whose work was not as ready as they'd hoped could go home, make the changes that resonated, and submit a stronger project to these same agents later. This workshop format has become a regular feature at our conferences ever since, and forms the heart of the Neverending Backspace Writers Conference that's now available online.

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Agents have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the industry that aspiring authors are hoping to enter. Emily Wight gave it a try - and found it wasn't exactly what she'd expected So it makes sense that dating apps and websites are all about creating matches where you have things in common.

literary speed dating

OKCupid, for instance, asks users to answer questions such as: But no matter how much we have in common with an avatar, sometimes we do miss that human connection. Enter Original Datingan events company that combines shared interests with face-to-face interaction. The whole thing might sound cringeworthy.

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But I knew it was worth a try when I spied their next event: Simply, I'm a bibliophile. I grew up an avid reader, and studied literature at university.

literary speed dating

Some participants had brought books with them, displaying them as though they were back at school doing 'show and tell'. My tome of choice was Alice Munro's collection of short stories. It doesn't say anything about my personality especially, but it was a useful prop when conversation faltered.

literary speed dating

When one man kept my book gripped in his hand while he coughed all over it. Around 30 of us had gathered at Nordic, a Scandinavian themed bar in London's Soho -an equal split of men and women.